How to make candles from the coaster do it yourself?

How to make candles from the coaster do it yourself?

Candles from the coaster look very impressive, help to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation indoors. They are even considered magical because they can literally improve well-being. That’s just no magic here: in natural wax there are many useful components that are distinguished by burning, filling air phytoncides and even immunostimulating substances. Just that such beautiful and useful candles can be created with their own hands.


The carrier is called fader-yellow wax plates having extruded hexagons of the rams of bee honeycombs. You can buy a coat in a beekeeping store, you can order via the Internet. In short, it is not necessary to be the owner of a beekeeping economy to have basic materials. By the way, the price will not be very high: about 250-350 rubles per kg.

Wagon is stored for quite a long time, it is just necessary to wrap it in the paper, and then send to a dark suitable place. This material is good and the fact that it is completely natural.

It is from him bees make the walls of the hives.

Important moments of training.

  • Selection of sheets of traveler. They must be solely clean so that the candle can burn beautifully and do not crack. Sheet thickness is also important – if it is subtle, such a candle will quickly burn.
  • Preparation of filaments of wicks. It must be exceptionally cotton threads, the other composition will simply not support the burning. For example, perfectly copble with this goal of Muline. Better if it is one thick thread consisting of several thin. To make such a thread yourself, you need to bend thin thread half, one tip fasten, stretch, turn to the desired density state. Not letting the thread, you need to bend it again in half. This cord is used as fate. The length of such a lace is equal to the length of the candle with the leaving 2 cm for the allowance.
  • Color flame. Surprisingly, but it can be changed. It will depend on what solution is impregnated with the candle. So that the candle burns bright red, for example, a strontium chloride is used. But the copper vigorous will make the flame blue, magnesium sulfate – white.

In the work on the manufacture of candles there are many nuances. For example, finished fitlets should be alolved with melted wax. Heat it, using a water bath. Pieces are placed in some tank, a jug is suitable with a spout. It goes into a large saucepan filled with water. When slices melt at all, they lower the finished threads in the jug, and there they will stay 30 seconds. It is not possible to lower them, you can only a couple of centimeters of the tips. And they need to smalle them so that the thread is melting, but did not burn.

When the threads are already safely impregnated, they are placed on the clean board, they give dry. Long drying goes to favor the threads, because if they still have a little moisture, the candle can be a spoke that is unsafe.

Obviously, the preparation of materials and their acquisition is a process requiring immersion in the topic. But some special marks sell whole sets for forming candles that are supplied with detailed instructions.

That is, the creative process is already more predictable, is painted and designed for beginners including.

How to make a simple candle?

It will be a candle in the mold – very simple, designed for beginners.

Here’s how to perform a candle in the form of your own hands.

  1. Wax must be cut into small fragments, send to a water bath, put a small fire.
  2. We must wait until the Wack is melted. Without attention, this process is not to leave, because the wax is capable of fire. You can cover the saucepan with a lid, if it already happened.
  3. When the wax is completely melted, and the substance will become homogeneous, thread should be dipped into the wax. She, as already noted in paragraph above, should consist of several subtle threads that are tightly twisted.
  4. Toothpicks will help strengthen the wick in the form. And if the candle should be removed from the mold, the walls of the latter should be lubricated with vegetable oil.
  5. Species are often added to such homemade candles: the same vanilla or cinnamon.
  6. The wax must be pouring half, add spices, and then add the second part of the wax.
  7. When the candle is freezing, you need to remove the toothpicks, trim the wick to the required length.

All is ready! This master class of obtaining a fully natural candle does not form that cellular structure of the product, but there is no such task. And yet it is good because a completely unprepared person learns to be managed with wax, with additives, and quite quickly and without much difficulties will receive the result. And now you can create a success in the creation of a textured honey candle with herbs.

Master class on creating candles with herbs

Such candles from the commodity are often called the Coa. For the home they play the role and natural decoration, and the subject helps to maintain peace and calm in the house, support his healthy microclimate.

To make such a candle, harvested: Warfish sheet made in advance wick, any herbs (on your choice), brush for powder spraying, scissors, and another knife and ruler.

We will analyze how to make a candle.

  1. Preliminary stage. It is necessary to check (or organize) the readiness of all components. For example, you need to make a cotton wick, 2-3 cm which are pre-poisoned into melted wax, so that the fitting does not burn when Ignoring the candle, but just melted. But the grass must be pre-dried, and then grind in a coffee grinder so that they actually become dust. Large pieces should not be, otherwise, when they burn, they will strongly crack.
  2. Work with a train. It is necessary to cut off the fragment of the carrier, in this MK – it is 21.8 cm by 8.5 cm. It is convenient to make a knife, but some masters used to cope with scissors. The massacre will have a little heaving a little so that she gained plasticity for easier twisting. Do it both above the stove and on the street, under the sun.
  3. Work with phyel. It must be cut off this size that will be convenient for a specific candle. In this case, 11.5 cm. Fitil is put on the edge of the coaster, slightly pressed into it.
  4. Grass. Selected weeds can already be poured (they should be in powder form), no need to make a layer thick. It is convenient to distribute them by the co-career to a cosmetic tassel.
  5. Twist. Now the co-worker must be tightly twisted, not allowing to form emptiness. If there are emptiness – bad, the candle will not be able to burn without a balance.

All is ready! Very quickly, very simple, although newcomers can be worryively working with wax, do not overdo it with herbs.

Experts advise to do a small bowl of the candle with a knife. If the remaining candles are without herbs, you will have to somehow distinguish them. The Wagon is very smelling with honey, and simply by smell, before the start of the burning process, it will be impossible to distinguish the candles.

Important tips:

  • You can warm the wax in the oven, and even a hairdryer, it should be soft and plastic+
  • When the stripes warm up, they are put on the board, but if there are no boards, and the usual table is suitable, but covered with a loaf+
  • The process of twisting / rolling the plates does not tolerate delay, if the wax will cool, it will not be possible to twist them, you will have to warm again+
  • After the preparedness of the candles can be decorated with lace, braid and other decorative materials – in the process of burning it is unsafe, but when donating or selling such candles look more presentable.

No less interesting solution will be the receipt of curly candles.

Instructions for the manufacture of curly candles

To get candles, for example, a spiral shape, a trace of a diagonal sheet is cut into two triangles. And then, twisting the details, a visually interesting form is formed. The side surfaces of the candle are sometimes decorated with various decor, which is formed from thinly sliced ​​carrier strips.

How to make floating candles from the coat of heart, stars, christmas trees and others:

  • The easiest option is to use metallic (but also plastic will fit) Molds for cookies+
  • They are put on a sheet laid on the oilcloth and pressed into it, forming a figure – such figures should be somewhat+
  • Further, several figures formed (for example, asterisks) are put on top of each other, they need to be pretty pressed+
  • Between the layers of the figures you can make a decisive of herbal powder – just do it with a brush, so as not to fall out+
  • After the candle has gained the desired shape, all layers need to pierce the toothpick, and it is advisable to do this in the middle+
  • In an formed toothpick hole, a cotton thread will pull, rather thick, on both sides you need to leave 1.5 cm thread+
  • From the bottom side of the candle, the remainder of the threads must be closed by another asterisk+
  • To obtain a candle, it will take 8 stars, it is the optimal thickness of the product, and the trouble-free possibility to close the edges of the candle with a strip of 3 hundred+
  • Start closing the edges of the candle with a strip need from any depression, during the closing the massacre must be finished for better fixation.

In the same way, square and rectangular candles make, repeat actually any available form.

And to make a color candle, you can use wax shallow. Or purchase a special dye for wax, which is sold in online stores.

Pleasant creativity!

Master class on the manufacture of amazing floating curly candles from the workshop with their own hands, look in the following video.

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