How to make kitchen tables do it yourself?

How to make kitchen tables do it yourself?

The table for the kitchen made by their own hands is one of the most popular creations of a homemade craftsman. Of course, you can purchase a finished product, choosing from an extensive assortment list of similar products. However, the homemade construction will not only save from additional costs, but also allows you to best use a small area of ​​the kitchen. With your own hands you can make a fairly uncomplicated table, and an extraordinary modern design. Everything is depending on the skills and availability of a certain experience.

Features of homemade tables

Furniture salons offer today’s consumers extensive table selection.

However, not all manufacturers have the opportunity to boast of their excellent quality and affordable cost.

In addition, it is not easy to choose finished furniture objects under the existing duration of the dwelling. Nevertheless, there is always the opportunity to make the table with your own hands. Such furniture has its own characteristics.

  1. Products made by hand are always something exceptional and unique, make up completely similar items will not. You can prepare a unique design of the table on our own in any designer style.
  2. Quality and ability to control. For the manufacture of homemade products, good and high-quality materials are chosen. All items are repeatedly checked, since it is a single job in a certain sense.
  3. Accounting Characteristics of the room will allow calculating the exact settings of the future table. Due to this, the table will be perfectly fitted into the room and it will be much more functional than the industrial original.
  4. The cost of the table made by your own hands will be cheaper than the store prototype.

And further, to save on the purchase of a new table in the kitchen, just enough to update the old.

Varieties of structures

It is likely that it will seem unusual, but such a normal product, as a kitchen table can have several ways to implement. They differ in constructive properties that identified 5 options for the kitchen table.

  • Typical table with four legs. This is the most ordinary structure having a round, oval or rectangular configuration, create which is completely simple. The main thing is to take into account individual technological details associated with the intricacies of design.

  • The transformer folding table requires a special toolkit and a mechanism that determines this design. The most common and simple option is a kitchen table, which can be made from LDSP.

You can use both wood, it will only need to cut an array on special equipment or order already prepared material.

And then it remains only to collect a folding table.

  • Sliding design. The meaning is to install an additional insert, through which the area of ​​the working surface increases. The usual mechanism spreads 2 halves of the table, and inside there is a challenge section.

  • Retractable table. Significantly releases space for the most necessary furniture. It usually performs several options:
    • Function as auxiliary table, which is comfortable to produce food cutting, or place electrical appliances (mixer, combine)+
    • small table for coffee shops or tea drinking uses a little space, in comparison with the main dining surface, having put forward this design, it is quite comfortable to eat.

  • Dining table with folding lid Similarly, it is considered a fairly conventional design that does not require for the manufacture of special skills.

In essence, it is a table cover with folding legs attached to the vertical plane.

Stripping from the foregoing, we conclude – a completely any design is suitable for making on its own.

What to do?

The table of wood is perfectly combined with the rest of the materials in the interior.

Quality, environmental safety and long service life make wooden tables one of the most sought-after.

Such products are used both at home and in various offices. Tables, as a rule, make the arrays of such breeds.

  • Medium hardness (birch, pines, limes, alder, cedar, spruce). They can be treated without any problems, they look beautiful, strong and relatively inexpensive.

  • Solid (ash, beech, cherries, cherries, oak, acacia, elm, larch), they are pretty strong, wear-resistant, look beautiful, only the price is higher than that of soft varieties.

  • Exotic (amaranth, suar, mahogany, eucalyptus, teak and others). They have resistance to humidity, dryness and mechanical effects, stand out by the original type.

To create tables applied Exceptionally dried material. The selection of rock is depending on what purpose and in where you will exploit furniture.

The kitchen table, for example, should be resistant to moisture and scratches, because it is best to use solid varieties.

In addition to the above-listed breeds, the tables are made from the following wood materials.

  • Wood-chipboard (chipboard), made by pressing crushed wood bars (deciduous and coniferous) bonded by resin. May include 1, 3 or 5 layers and be different density. Without much effort are processed, rather durable, have good insulating properties and low cost. Mostly suitable for office tables. Should not be used for children’s furniture due to the presence of toxic formaldehyde in the structure.

    • Similar plates, Polymer film coated, called LDSP. They can be used for kitchen, office tables.

    • MDF – Wood and fibrous plates made of dry and glued with each other sawdust. They are compact, perfectly retain the configuration and fasteners with their small thickness from 5 to 22 millimeters. The structure of the plates is characterized by uniformity and smoothness, freely lescribe to processing.

    • If MDF and chipboard with accuracy reproduce wood, LDSP in the power to stylize and other surfaces.

    • Not bad material for the manufacture of table – plywood. It is a multilayer panel of glued veneer. Produce it mainly from thin sheets of birch, poplar or coniferous trees. Characterized by waterproofing.

    Happens polished or unlightened. To create the table, it is advisable to take a laminated fane.

    It is wonderful for a desk or the most trivial solutions for a country house.

    • Another embodiment of furniture for the country house is a table of trees purified from branches, otherwise logs. For the manufacture of such a table, curled coniferous trees will be perfect.

    It has various diameters: small from 6 to 13 centimeters, medium – 14-24 centimeters, large starts from 25 centimeters.

    Chopped furniture can be placed in the garden, pre-banker, gazebo or in the yard. Sometimes stylized chopped tables can be seen in restaurants, summer cafes. Separate people equip the children’s room with chopped furniture made of thin rounding, as it is absolutely environmentally friendly material.

    • Wooden pallet table – simple and very curious solution in the design of the dwelling. Pallets, simply speaking, these are pallets. For a small table, there are several pieces. You can collect them like a designer and connect with each other. Beautiful choice for coffee table in the living room or as a kind of bedside attribute to the bedroom.

    • Original and durable tables can be made of timber. It is durable and will make any load. For the manufacture, any wood will be used. Specialized glue and screws can be applied to fix items.

    The table cover can be made from the bar and from the board.

    Such a sample will be an excellent solution as a dining table.

    • Nomuddy, fashionable and affordable table will come out of the furniture shield. It can be applied in any room. The furniture shield is one-piece or glued from planed bars sheet no more than 600 millimeters.

    It is safe, aesthetic, has a pleasant texture and color. It can be painted or covered with varnish.

    Domestic manufacturers of lion’s share of shields produce from beech, oak, birch, coniferous rocks. In essence, the shield is already a finished tabletop. It is only necessary to cut the right length and equipped with legs.

    • It makes sense to consider the sample of the homemade table of wood decorated tiles. The base of the product can be any, but the table cover should be decorated by means of ceramic tiles. For this you can use any mosaic elements or tiles. Just glue a tile on the cover. It is better to take a tile of large sizes, so there will be less docking seams and work.

    • Wooden Sleba Table. So used to be called exclusively monolithic plates of stone breeds. Today, this term is applied to the transverse and longitudinal heap of a solid massif. Each slice has a special drawing and shape. From it Create bedside tables, dining tables, bar, journal tables. It is successfully combined with glass.

    • Plasterboard. For a kitchen, you can make a rack, bar rack, table and whole kitchen set.

    Since the kitchen is a high degree of humidity, you should use Glevo or G Clac.

    The abundance of trimming methods makes it possible to emphasize on the design, highlighting its originality, or make it imperceptible, placing the surface in a single color palette with the design of the room.

    There are a lot of materials by which the original things can be created with their own hands. Separate artists construct furniture even from ordinary PVC bottles.

    To such unusual, but at the same time attractive products you can rank a table under the name “Glass River”.

    Such a name table acquired thanks to a glass insert or fill from epoxy resin in the middle of the table plate. Visitiously the table is like a mountain gorge, in which the river flows. It turns out a very beautiful effect.

    Required tools

    Along with the material of the structural elements of the table and facing materials to make it satisfying the requirements of an excellent appearance, During the work, the following will be required.

    • Furniture corners for interfacing elements.
    • Euro Shurus (Furniture Scrolls). If it is assumed to work with thick layers of wood, they will also be elongated. Together with them it is desirable to immediately acquire a specialized cone-stepped drill and decorative plugs.
    • Self-tapping screws.
    • Pencil for marking, roulette, level, sandpaper.
    • Electric jigsaw and circular end saw (it is manifold to cut the elements under the required angle).
    • Planked (if it is planned working with a woody array).
    • Screwdriver (it can be operated and in the role of electric drills).
    • Globlipoval machine.
    • Electric drill.
    • Construction hairdryer or iron.

    How to make?

    Manufacture of a kitchen table with their own hands we will analyze on the example of an ordinary dining table. First of all, we will prepare the tools and materials that are listed above and will be required to work. After that, we carry out the markup of the details of the furniture. Start from the table cover, because it is the biggest element of the product. By configuration, it can be: square, oval, round or rectangular. If you started to build an unusual configuration table, carry out the markup in the schemes, sketches.

    Further apply to the source material the drawing of the side supports – it will be the legs of the table being created.

    As a rule, on the configuration, they reproduce a chess figure. If there is a desire, you can make another configuration at your discretion. The main condition so that the design is stable.

    Then we carry out the layout of the lower and upper crossings that will contact the racks and in a similar way will give reliability structures.

    Remember that the lower crossing is invariably wider upper almost 2 times. Its configuration is diverse. Basically, legs are placed from the surface edge of the table at a distance of 15-20 centimeters.

    At the next stage we carry out the details. We put the material on the table. Cut the cover using the electroller. To prevent the occurrence of chips, it is necessary to put under the bottom of Phane. In the same way, cut out the rest of the elements. Do not let the material to sign. As a consequence, the toolkit may break, or it will happen to climb the cut part. After the parts are cut, their edges process a corner-glare machine or go on them sandpaper.

    Applying the edge ribbon and plastic profile, carry out. First, wear a profile on the edge of the surface.

    In places of angular breakdown, the profile must be heated with a hairdryer or iron and then perform its bend. For more reliable fixation, use universal glue.

    After that, we carry out the crossing of the crossbar and the legs using the edge ribbon. Pre-prepare the surface, clearing it from dust, fat and dirt. Heated iron add the ribbon to the edge, thereby sticking it. A pointed knife cut everything too much. Archings that appear gently remove sandpaper. Similarly, we process the edges of the remaining parts.

    Assembly work in the following sequence. Applying eurgowrup, connect the legs with crossings, placing the top of them in such a way as not to let the tabletop be fed. Low fixed at the level of 20-25 centimeters from the floor. On the finished reference design, we put the tabletop, fix it through the corners. On the racks fix legs-lining. Furniture screws Close the plugs. Build completed.

    How to make a kitchen table with your own hands, look next.

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