How to starch bedding?

How to starch bedding?

Starching of bed linen is not a common procedure. Nevertheless, she has a lot of advantages. About what needs to stumble things, and how it can be done at home, it will be discussed in the article.

Why it is necessary?

First of all, the starching of bed linen makes it visually clean and gives a pleasant creak, crunch and fresh fragrance. Sleep on the starchy bed nice doubly. However, this is not the only dignity of this procedure, she has a lot of other advantages.

So, well-coated underwear significantly increases its density. Due to this, the wear resistance of the product increases, and therefore it serves at times longer. Conducting this procedure also allows you to give things a competitive form that will remain up to the next washing. The material will become more resistant to dirt, and therefore it will be done a much smaller number of times.

At the same time, the accumulated product is much easier to stroke, ceases to swear too much. If the thing was white, then after starch, it will return its white-whiteness even if it is yellow for all operating time.

How to make manually?

To cover bed linen by hand, first of all it is necessary to make the starch solution correctly. To do this, you will need directly starch. To determine the number of component, you need to know exactly what kind of solution is needed. So, To carry out a rigid procedure, 2 tablespoons of starch will need, for medium – 1 tablespoon, and for soft – 1 teaspoon.

If we talk about what starch is best suitable for the procedure, then it is potato starch. It best shows itself in the process of work and, plus everything is available in free access. Nevertheless, if you use corn, wheat or rice starch – not trouble. They are also suitable for carrying out products. All varieties of starch have similar properties and differ only in their degree of degree in the preparation of solutions.

The required amount of component is mixed with 200 milliliters of cool water and stir so that no lumps remain in the solution. Otherwise, the mixture is required to additionally strain through or gauze.

Separately, you need to boil the additional 800 milliliters of water and carefully pour the starch mixture there. Poured it with a thin weaving, while stirring constantly. In general, the mixture is almost ready. If it goes too thick, add a bit of warm water to get the necessary consistency. Next, the resulting solution is cooled and proceed to the execution of the procedure itself.

Before closing the product, it is originally necessary to wash and rinse. To close the bed linen by hand, without the help of a washing machine, the starch solution is required to pour into a large capacity, put the product itself so that it fully wet. After that, the thing needs to be pulled out, squeeze it well and send to dry.

Note that the accumulated products are not recommended to be sealing to dry in cold air, it is better to leave them for drying in warm room.

To close the thing correctly, it is worth considering some factors. So, if the thing is made of delicate material, it must be placed in the mixture for only a few seconds. Openwork things starch longer, about 20 minutes. Bed linen, napkins and other things of this type should stay in a solution for about 15 minutes.

If you want to starch not all the thing completely, but only its part, apply the finished starch mixture to the desired area, wait 20 minutes and go through this place Iron.

How to stumble in a washing machine?

To starch this or that product at home, you can also use the washing machine. Make it easy. It is necessary to follow the following sequence of actions: Starchs fall asleep in the compartment intended for liquid air conditioner. After that, it is required to run the washing in this mode, which is recommended for the fabric from which your bed linen is made.

After completion of the procedure, the drum washing machine will have to be cleaned. To do this, it must be carefully wired from the inside with a damp cloth, and then as thoroughly, but already dry.

When conducting a procedure, the rinse is not required. And so that the thing after starching had a beautiful shine, you can leak into a mixture a little cook salt.

Before conducting this procedure, it is worth considering that not every product allows such a washing method. For example, if there is an embroidery Muline on the product, the fibers will begin to lift and descend, which is fraught with a damage. Silk and synthetic fabrics are also not recommended to expose this procedure, but, for example, cotton, satin and flax starch can.

About how to stumble bed linen in a washing machine, look next.

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