How to wear a sofa case?

How to wear a sofa case?

Modern covers for upholstered furniture have many advantages. Some use them to hide old and fragmented sofas, others are used as protection against pets and other harmful effects. In this article we will look at how to wear such a product on the sofa.


There are 3 main types of covers produced for various models of sofas:

  • Corner+
  • Double+
  • Triple.

The protective cape model is determined based on the sofa size.

There is another version of covers for sofas without armrests, but they are much less likely. When buying a cover on an angular model, it is important to consider how the sofa is structurally performed – right or left-sided.

Step-by-step instruction

This accessory is best tightening together. This applies to any sofas. Correctly and quickly put on a cover one person will be quite difficult. When equipped, it is necessary to avoid distillauses and uneven stretching. To put on a product on a sofa, you will need to produce certain manipulations.

  • Make the sofa measurement. Using any measuring instrument, determine the length and width of the sofa itself, and the length and width of the armrests will be required. These measurements will be useful to determine the size of the cape scheme. Manufacturers quite often offer ready-made kits for some models. Sometimes these covers may coincide with your sizes, otherwise you can choose a universal version or dimensionless.
  • If there are doubts in the dimensions, it is better to take a model a little more, Since the small product is most likely not able to tighten on the sofa. In addition, it will take a visual inspection for damage and elasticity of tightening gum (if any present on this model).
  • The next stage will be equipped with a protective cape on the sofa. Wrap up the soft furniture cover so that the edges of the latter hung to the floor. Armrests should also wrap. Surplus material can be fed under armrests and seat. Some manufacturers are attached to their product detailed instructions, how to put on the case. If your kit has such a document, then it is best to perform work on it.

How to fix?

When the case was already on the sofa, it must be fixed. For starters need straight all irregular material. Due to the presence of a weighting gum upper and lower part of the capes, they will decide on their own. After that, the emptiness is formed between the seat and the back, which will look not very beautiful. It will have to be corrected using special locks that must go complete with a case.

Fixing elements are inserted between the back and seat over the cape. Such clamps are placed in all points of the connection of the seat with the back.

By inserting fixing elements, push them as deep as possible, then the cover will not pop up, and sufficient tension will give the material. In this case, it turns out to create aesthetic type of product.


Before purchasing and starting use covers for upholstered furniture in the house, It is worth listening to several useful recommendations for the operation of these protective products.

  • If you want to pick up for the sofa high-quality protective matter and get rid of unpleasant odors of old furniture, It is worth finding a suitable modern Euro Case High Quality. The latter possess such properties.
  • For children’s rooms There are bright covers with all sorts of drawings – this is a great solution to protect the sofa, and please. For premises where kids live, the acquisition of protective coating is especially justified. Playing in the room, children can damage or stain furniture.
  • The most advantageous option for the children’s room will be Acquisition of two sets of covers at once. While the first set in washing, you can use the second.
  • Covers can be decorated with upholstered furniture. If you like change, you can purchase 2 or more checks of covers. One use one as everyday and the other – on holidays.
  • Update old or rubbed furniture cheap and quickly can covers for upholstered furniture – So you can do without buying a new product. They hide all the flaws of old sofas, and also give the room a more neat view.
  • Acquire covers best at well-known manufacturers, which use high-quality materials. Here, experienced consultants will help you choose the model suitable for you. In cases where the acquired model did not suit for any reason, it can be exchanged to another without any problems.
  • The color of the protective cape is important. The purchased cover should have a color and style that fit into the stylistic direction of the whole room. Its color must elastic with other elements of the room (curtains, paintings, carpets).
  • Choose covers from wear-resistant and durable materials. They will not come into disrepair after the first washing or cleaning. Material should be enjoyable if we consider it from the point of view of tactile sensations.
  • Before washing a sofa cover, it must be turned inside out. It will save the fabric from molting and sticking to it outsiders (hair, rods).

On how to wear eurochell on the corner sofa, you will learn further.

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