Ideas for the design of the interior of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style

Ideas for the design of the interior of the kitchen in the Mediterranean style

The whole family is going to the kitchen at the dinner table, so this place should be cozy, to rest and sincere conversations. The design in the Mediterranean style is the perfect solution for creating such an atmosphere.

Features style

Mediterranean style formed under the influence of a number of cultures. Among the features that are distinctive features, the following can be distinguished.

  • Natural color gamma. Shades are selected depending on the direction. Their 3: Italian, Greek, Spanish. For the first of these, the presence of warm shades is characterized: beige, orange, green, olive. Greek design is a cold palette with a predominance of blue, terracotta, gray. To the interior is not too dark, bright lemon or pink-red accents are used. For Spanish style is characterized by brightness, expression, surge of emotions, which is perfectly transmitted by warm shades: ocher, chocolate, yellow, orange, red. Green, blue, white and black inserts form a kind, but necessary contrast.

Mediterranean in design is a combination of white with blue, sandy with green, yellow with cream. Maximum allowable number of colors – 3.

    • Natural material. Tree, stone, ceramics, glass – all this is widely used when creating a kitchen in the Mediterranean style. Wooden furniture (ideally – handmade) should demonstrate the texture of raw materials in all its glory. Natural materials are quite expensive, so their imitation will be more budget option. However, it is important to consider that it should be high quality. Only in this case it is possible to achieve the desired effect.

    • Laconic and simple forms. Due to this, a cozy atmosphere is created that promotes relaxation and rest.

    • Functionality. Only not only room decoration function is entrusted to decor elements. In this regard, accessories and furniture are particularly careful, so that their use is the maximum.

    The kitchen is not only a place for cooking, but also a living room, which is designed for a large number of guests. What is characteristic, Here is not used to receive zoning: one part smoothly flows into another. This room requires sufficient area, so it is often necessary to perform redevelopment: the kitchen is combined with a balcony, loggia, living room.

    Finishing options

    Build a kitchen in the Mediterranean style with their own hands is easy. It is important to adhere to the basic principles and use natural finishing materials. They will not only be organically looked, but also serves the owner long term.


    When finishing walls in the style of the Mediterranean, wallpapers are not used at all. Walls should be textured. It is possible to achieve such an effect with the help of plaster. Rough Walls look carefully, which requires Greek style. The final stage will be staining in pastel tones or white.

    If there are particles and marble particles in the mixture for plaster, then such material is ideal for the design of walls in accordance with the Italian design. Often, when creating a Mediterranean interior, Venetian plaster is used. This composition is applied to the walls in several stages. Each layer is painted.

    The combination method is used when different materials are combined. For example, the third part of the wall can be highlighted with wooden panels. Stucco and ceramic tile also look at spectacular. In order to highlight some particular part of the wall, a brickwork is used, often made rude, as if it is a rough work.

    The wall decor looks spectacularly panels from mosaic. The same reception is suitable when making apron. If preference is given to the ceramic tiles, it is important that it be performed by the adoption of.


    Before proceeding with the ceiling, you need to define the option in which the Mediterranean design will be created. Greek style requires smooth surface. It is possible to achieve the desired effect using conventional drywall, which is painted white. No excesses and structures consisting of several levels should not be. You can use wood beams as decor. The texture of wood emphasizes the whiteness of the ceiling and remarkably harmonizes with a kitchen furniture of light shades.

    Spanish and Italian directions allow decorations from stucco. They can be made of plaster.

    Decorative plastic moldings are also suitable. If the ceilings are high, they decorated with manual artistic painting or its high-quality imitation.


    Regardless of the selected direction (Greek, Italian, Spanish), Floor coating serves or stone. Stone surface is created by porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, travertine. Choosing a tile, stop your attention on the material with an uneven rough matte surface. Walk by this floor is not very comfortable, as it is cold enough. Due to this It is recommended to equip the kitchen system “Warm floor”.

    As for the color gamut, all sorts of shades of brown and sandy will be perfect. Terracotta color uses very popular.

    Buying natural materials can afford not everyone since they are expensive. Budget analog – Laminate and Linoleum.

    Choice of furniture

    It is important to consider that in the Mediterranean style in the kitchen, the place for cooking is usually located not at the wall. This is a kind of “island” in the center of the working area with a large table and the built-in sink. Dining area is a table – oval or rectangular, calculated for a large family.

    Choosing furniture, focus on such indicators as functionality and lack of massive.

    Kitchen utensil boxes should be volumetric so that inventories can be hidden in them. Due to this, the appearance of the kitchen will not be overloaded.

    Furniture should be made of natural wood. It is required by its processing under ancient, rubbing. For Greek style is characteristic of coarseness. Cabinets and table usually have stable legs. Italian and Spanish styles have a certain lightness, grace. Kitchen headsets are decorated with forged inserts, thread. Greek style is a dishes placed on wide shelves, Italian and Spanish – buffets with glass inserts in the doors.

    For Mediterranean cuisine are appropriate forged chairs made of wood, braided chairs. The recreation area is a cozy small textile sofa.

    It is important that the interior is harmonious: deep stone washing is perfectly combined with bronze or brass mixers. For frying pan, buckets can use special suspensions.

    Organization of lighting

    Mediterranean is an abundance of light and heat, so the kitchen is usually located in the southern part of the housing. Necessarily the presence of large windows. If the winter there is a lack of light, the problem is eliminated by artificial lighting. At the same time, each zone is illuminated by its lighting device. Suitable chandelier, lampshade, made in forging techniques.

    Furniture is equipped with backlit. The walls are attached on the walls with fabric lampshairs, decorated forging or wood. If wooden beams are located on the ceiling, several wrought iron luminaires are suspended.

    Decor elements

    You can decorate the kitchen easily and just. Warry and cozy atmosphere will help create garlic-onion garlands. If you have small jars with pickled bright vegetables, arrange them on the shelves. There, there will also be a place for various croup, which are also decomposed on special containers. On the windowsill, place the pot in which natural greens grow: onions, parsley, basil.

    In accordance with the Mediterranean style, window openings decorated with the help of blinds or shutters. But if this option is not entirely accustomed, the curtains must be made of simple fabric types. Croes should not be difficult. The most successful option is Roman curtains. Linen or cotton napkins, tablecloths are chosen. Textiles decorate the backs of chairs. Optimum color gamut – red-white cell.

    Independently you can decorate dishes and interior items in the technique of decoupage: plates, closets, watches, doors of lockers and a tumb and even refrigerator. Plant theme looks appropriate.

    Successful examples

    • The kitchen in light beige pounds personifies the comfort and warmth of the family hearth. Central place here – “Islet”, equipped with everything necessary for cooking. Knives are placed in a special stand, and a suspension construction is provided for noise and buckets. Furniture decorated with bright tiles, wicker inserts. The dining area consists of a rectangular table and chairs. The table does not need a tablecloth, because it is decorated with an ornament harmony with tiles.

    There is a lot of light in the kitchen, as the window opening is large enough. Translucent Roman Curtains are not an obstacle to its penetration.

    • The dining area and the rest area can be divided using wooden bars, which will be simultaneously a kind of decor. They are distinguished by a bright contrast against the background of white walls.

    • Plates often used for decor. They can be located not only traditionally on the walls, shelves, but even decorate the hood.

    Overview of kitchen design 11 kV. m in the Mediterranean style see below.

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