Integrated kitchen sinks: features, varieties, choice

Integrated kitchen sinks: features, varieties, choice

Each hostess knows that there is nothing better than a comfortable place for washing the dishes, when it does not have to bend infinitely or move from place to the place to wash the plate. Manufacturers seek to offer modern women washing, combining not only practicality, but also high aesthetic qualities. The newest type of mile in the market – integrated, we will tell about them in this article.


Mounting cast countertops with a sink is made by the level of the working surface, all the angles are perfectly correlated, it looks very stylish. This style of mount combines ergonomics and taste.

Washing is built into the worktop, as if merging with it. The assembly of such a “miracle” is not the simplest thing, there will be a real professional here, because not all plumbers will be dealt with in the substolete installation. The integration of the sink below the table level should be trusted only by knowing masters to avoid errors. Almost always for installation you need to cut hole hole in the worktop, and there is a special machinery equipment.


Integrated washing has many advantages.

  • Easy care. Care for such a tabletop – real pleasure. There are no seams and sides, which does not flow anywhere, leaving the chances of bacteria and mold.
  • Attractive appearance. The table top looks fashionable, modern and status.
  • Easy use. Foaming easily, garbage and crumbs can be easily brushed from the surface.
  • Functionality. Excellent performance for the convenience of both adults and children. It is impossible to hurt, the whole surface is smooth and without jar.

From acryla

Acrylic has a different resin, dyes, polymers compounds and stone crumb. Such a mixture eliminates radioactivity, and therefore the vital activity of microorganisms. This is an indicator of high hygienic material and makes it ideal for use in the manufacture of washing.

If you cover the surface with gelkuet, the sink will be indifferent to the water temperature drops and the effects of abrasives, and the surface itself will be smooth and durable. You can not be afraid to scratch the shell with iron sponges for washing. Also do not fear damage from chemicals. And if damage still happens, it is easy to remove the usual grinding or polymer stone.

    Sinks from acrylic differ:

    • Ergonomic+
    • long service life+
    • Wealth color palette on any style of kitchen.

    From stone

    If you are looking for a washing that no damage will be scared, then you should look at artificial stone.

    Matte or glossy, it looks expensive and stylish, and according to the characteristics surpasses its original many times.

    Unresponsible to shocks, durable and durable, this stone, except for obvious advantages, has some disadvantages: the material is not easy to build, and the price of it is quite high, so not everyone can afford such a sink.

    If finances allow you, then artificial stone will be a real find for the kitchen. In the production use quartz crumb, mixing it with resins and acrylic. Such composite materials make it possible to create excellent tabletops of any sizes, with sink and without. No seams will spoil the appearance of your tabletop, because everything is done without joints and irregularities.

      Nevertheless, even for a small budget you can always find versions of artificial countertops that will not be imparted in wear resistance. The market is now trying to navigate the buyers of any financial opportunities. In any price segment, a wide selection of colors and forms of washes are available. Composite stone happens two types: polycarbonate and Corian. Polycarbonate is very practical, no chemicals and temperature drops are terrain. And Corian generally “destroy” is impossible – neither abrasives, nor chips, nor strikes will not change the original type of tabletop.

      The advantages of stone shells are obvious:

      • wear resistance+
      • Lack of seams+
      • Immunity to temperature drops+
      • Lack of corrosion of any etymology+
      • Impact resistance+
      • Wide colors gamma+
      • Any shapes and sizes+
      • For a long time of operation+
      • immunity to aggressive detergent+
      • Immunity to strike+
      • Stylish appearance.

      Disadvantages of stone shells:

      • weight+
      • price+
      • mounting.

      Choosing a kitchen plumber, it is to gain patience, because not only the convenience and comfort will depend on the right purchase decisions, but also the mood of the inhabitants of the kitchen.

      therefore Make focus on quality materials, And after that, take into account the aesthetic characteristics.

      How to choose a sink and what they differ, look in the following video.

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