Interesting and unusual panel options in the kitchen

Interesting and unusual panel options in the kitchen

We all strive to turn our home in a cozy holiday area. At the same time, a variety of ways and methods are used, one of which is decor. It allows you to create your own hands unique in nature, which become a “highlight” of the interior. Let’s try to make a panel. In the kitchen it will look perfect.

Preparatory stage

Panel is a wall picture that can be both flat and volumetric. Material used varied: textiles, coffee beans, dried beautiful plants and flowers, egg shell and T. D. Initially, it is necessary to determine the place where the future product will be located. If this is an apron zone, note that the panel will be contamined, and it will have to wash it. Pick the material that is resistant to moisture, high temperatures.

The size of the picture depends on the kitchen area. If the kitchen is small, then the picture should not be different too large sizes. The small panel is simply lost in the spacious kitchen and will be invisible. Note that the product is already self-sufficient, so on the wall where it will hang, there should be no other decorative elements. Otherwise, the film will be created, overload, and panel will lose its effect.

Decide with the purpose of the product: it will serve only the decoration of the room or carry a different function, for example, to store trivia in pockets or fill the kitchen with the aroma of coffee beans and T. NS.? It can also be used as a peculiar accent zoning: the dining area will emphasize the images of coffee cups, work – fruits, vegetables, berries.

No less important panels, its color gamut and style. All this should be harmonized with the design and color decision of the room.

Metal Details, Abstractions, Lines – All this is appropriate for the kitchen Modern. Dried plants, cereals or wooden elements – materials from which Provence decor creates. Paper, Wine plugs are perfect for loft style.

What are the panels?

From glass

Such a product looks very impressive. You can buy it in the finished form in the construction store, as well as order your own version on your own sketch and the selected figure or photo. There are two ways to create a glass panel:

  • Ultraviolet print pattern on the front side of the glass+
  • Print image on vinyl film that is glued on the wrong side of the glass.

The glass panel may be monophonic. This option is suitable for glass panels with a non-smooth, but textured surface.

From ceramics

Such panels perfectly hides any drawbacks of walls. In addition, if you correctly pick up its color gamut, thereby you visually expand the boundaries of the room. Ceramic tile is needed for manufacture.

It is durable, not afraid of high temperatures, it is easy to clean, does not lose color saturation over time. All this is very important when operating in the cuisine.

You can arrange this decorative element near washing or stove.

From mosaic

Production of mosaic panel – work time-consuming and painstaking, as the drawing is laid out with small pieces, which requires time and patience. The material is the glass, ceramics or natural stone, Therefore, the product is obtained resistant to the negative impact of moisture, high temperatures. For him, a long operational term is characterized.

From PVC panels

Such panels possess a lot of advantages. They possess different textures, allowing you to realize the most interesting design solutions. Plastic panels can be imitated brickwork, natural stone, marble crumb, tile, mosaic and much more. Very spectacularly watching panels with drawing applied on them. The material is easy to install, as the panels are enough plastic. For them easy to care.

From wallpaper

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to decorate the kitchen – make a paper panel. This will require a piece of beautiful wallpaper. They can be with an exotic pattern or have a beautiful texture. The selected sheet or several pieces are framed by a suitable frame, which turns the product to the finished composition.

From photos

Photographic will decorate any kitchen. Options for such a decor set. You can place several photos related to one topic (dishes, fruits and t. D.) in the frame and arrange them on the wall. At the same time, it is important that the frames are the same, and their size is distinguished. Another option for decorating: a small photo is placed on a textured surface (sheet wallpaper, textured PVC panel and T. NS.) and lies in the frame.

The so-called modular patterns that do not have baguette are particularly popular. One large image is divided into several (usually 3 or 5).

These parts are attached on the wall close to each other. Modern technologies allow you to implement any subject, relevant in the kitchen: Bright fruits and vegetables, coffee beans and tea cups. Photo of megacities – perfect decor kitchen style High-tech.

From fabric

This type of panel is performed in different techniques: patchwork sewing, applique, embroidery. The finished product necessarily lies in the frame.

What can be done with your own hands?

In the technique of decoupage

If you want to make a panel in a decoupage technique with a crane effect, prepare egg shell in advance. It must be washed, dry, remove the film that is present on the inside. It is necessary to act neat, as the shell without a film becomes very fragile. The basis of the future product is a sheet of fiberboard or plywood.

At the first stage, the workpiece must be covered with a layer of primer. After drying it, proceed to creating a textured surface. To do this, we process a small plot of PVA glue, we apply a piece of shell to it and gently press it out so that it cracked. Between pieces should be a short distance. After the entire surface of the sheet is covered with a shell, lay jobs until it is dry. Next, cover it by another primer layer and again.

In order to make a spectacular interior decoration, it is not necessary to speculate well to draw. Decoupage of this confirmation. Take advantage of napkins that are easy to purchase in stores for needlework. Napkin decompose on the prepared billet so that its facial part is pressed to the crusted surface. Treat it with water. Moisture disconnects the film and image. Remove film. After the panel will dry, apply a special glue for decoupage. As a result, a panel is created, which looks like an old picture. Such a decor is appropriate in the interior of Country style, Provence.

From coffee

Such a fragrant picture can be made in different ways. Used both solid grains and ground products. The easiest option is to work with a stencil pattern. Sections that need to be highlighted, glue. Next tops fall asleep ground coffee. Template remove very carefully. Picture ready. It remains to wait until it dries. Whole grains are ideal for creating bulk work. You can fully lay out some kind of defined image or abstraction. To make the kitchen panel, it will take a bit of patience.

We offer one of the options. We take a plastic bottle of 1 liter. Cut off her neck so that the height becomes about such as the coffee mug. Next, the workpiece is cut vertically to 2 equal parts. We need one of them. Its with the help of adhesive guns glit to a cardboard basis to get half a mug.

We prepare the surface for salary grains: wind by painting scotch. You can wrap with glue and sprinkle the harvesting ground coffee. Cardboard cut out an arc imitating a saucer. Apply glue, coffee grains. Decorate dried lemon slices, cinnamon sticks.

Billets Breeping hot glue on the basis, for example, sheet chipboard. Pre-think what the background will be. The spectacular framing of such work will be a wide frame of coffee beans. If you leave the corners of the panel clean, attach small hooks to them, then such a product will turn into a key and will be not only beautiful, but also functional.

Preparation of panels on the kitchen.

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