Interior design kitchen in modern style

Interior design kitchen in modern style

Recently, special attention is paid to the interior stylist. At the same time, today try to choose a single style for each dwelling room, including the kitchen. In the article we will look at the nuances of the kitchen design in the style of Modern, one of the most sought-after directions of interior design.

Features style

According to the generally accepted description, modern is one of the modern interior styles with a number of characteristic features. It is not in vain is considered one of the best designer decisions to arrange kitchens. In the absence of pompousness and coupling, it remains in moderation elegant and convenient.

Its distinctive features can be called:

  • Functionality because each element of the interior right up to the decor carries a certain load+
  • The presence of furniture and equipment of the built-in type, which facilitates the work in the kitchen and eliminates the injury about protruding angles+
  • The presence in the interior of materials with a smooth and glossy type of surface, by means of which it is possible to visually reflect and expand the space+
  • Mixing a monochrome gamut with bright collections of color palette, which is used to emphasize the interior+
  • The minimum amount of textiles in the interior composition, while the view of the room remains incredibly cozy and stylish+
  • Asymmetric arrangement of the elements of the arrangement, which eliminates the interior of the ordinary+
  • The combination of different materials, in particular metal and wood, glass and plastic, which makes a multi-faceted+
  • smoothness of furniture outlines, curved lines, which eliminates the interior from boredom+
  • The minimum number of prints and patterns or their complete absence, due to which the interior acquires expressiveness+
  • competent use of receptions of zoning of the room, whereby the organization of space and order can be achieved.

The main task of the stylistics of the kitchen modern is the creation of the atmosphere of comfort with the feeling of the maximum open space. At the same time, the kitchen should be equipped with the latest technology. Not only asymmetry is important here, but also neurko pronounced geometry. A characteristic feature of the style is a thrust for light colors of the color palette, which is good for small kitchens.

In addition, each item used for the interior is weighed to functionality. Excess things in the kitchen of the style of modern space no. In popularity, the style can be compared with the classics that they previously tried to translate respectable people in the best homes. Today, the desire for palace solemnity is embodied more often in the interiors of country houses with a sufficient metra.

Modern is an excellent alternative, an excellent solution for apartments of different areas, planning and degree of illumination. His resources – minimum of clutter, accessories and baubles, maximum space, gloss and technological. Considering them, make a fashionable interior will be easy, both in the studio apartment and in the small kitchen.

Choosing a kitchen headset

Modern style headset should be unusual, with bent forms and asymmetric lines. For example, the angular models must have a smooth angle that can be closed out either inside. Corner boxes can even be conditionally rounded and smoothed, which is especially relevant for small kitchens. To achieve the effect of gloss, the facades can be finished enamel, acrylic, film or varnish.

The contrast of the invoice is important, and therefore, along with a tree, you need to select furnishings from artificial materials. Be sure to interior must be furniture with glossy metal texture (stainless steel). At the same time, the style does not prohibit the use of stone, MDF and plastic in the headset. Furniture can have a different configuration and color, while perfect if its handles are made of metal and have a concise design.

Metal can be extractor, accessories headset, opening and closing mechanisms of drawn cabinets. Great if the headset is equipped with a modern type of bottle. Depending on the planning of the headset can be linear, angular and P-shaped. Models can have an island and peninsula than they are technologically, the better.

Storage systems inside hinged and outdoor boxes must be as convenient as possible for users. They can be vertical and horizontal. A bottle of type of cabinet-column can be built into the headset. Be sure to embed a modern oven with self-cleaning function. You can choose exactly such an option.

Tables can be part of a kitchen headset or be an independent island with a sink and a cutting part. At the same time, you can choose not only one-, but also two-level, which allows the upper level as a dining rack. You can buy an ensemble with a bar counter, adding it high bar chairs with stainless steel legs.

Facades headset must be monophonic and glossy, as smooth. The furniture itself can be built in a flat line or combining typical cabinets with rounded modular blocks. It is usually combined with a single countertop made of wood or stone. Often the facades of mounted cabinets are diluted with glass inserts. It contributes to the interior the illusion of lightness and visual space.

As for the drawing, it appears on the facades of the furniture infrequently, and in the ensemble it can be a single stroke only on one of the modular blocks. Ease of conciseness, the headset is the ability to select it chairs of an unusual form. In this case, the angular models may not have a straight angle, but sharp. Corner elements can be the tables in the type of bar, made in a curved form, on one leg, with a separate illumination or a mounted storage system for glasses.

You need to choose a headset based on your own taste preferences, a pattern of a particular kitchen, budget opportunities. There are direct, P-shaped and corner headsets of modular type, economy-class model, as well as stylish products of high level of performance. Models may not only have closed storage systems: in the range of trading suppliers there are models with open shelves and plastic inserts.

Terms of color combination

Modern style has its own priorities in choosing a color. The main tones of the background are considered white, light gray and beige colors. They can be diluted with bright strokes. It looks beautiful in this stylist a bluish-smoky shade of the color palette, as well as shades of the wood of noble varieties, including the tone of light oak wenge. The successful choice of background solutions will be light warm shades and warm tones.

IMPORTANT, CTough on the background of the selected color contrasted metal colors, which can be silver and gray-black. Selected tones should be harmoniously combined with wood. Bright strokes can be embodied in plastic inserts or other artificial material. It can be facades of cabinets headset, technique, chairs, lighting device plaffers, decorative elements (for example, a picture of either a vase with live greens).

According to the rule of color combination, 3 colors are used in the modern kitchen interior, which allows you to achieve restraint and elegance. Based on the basis of a light tone, make it brighter by adding contrast and add the third to versions. The perfect option is the use of white, brown and gray.

What finish will suit?

Stylistics resources allow you to choose a variety of materials to the kitchen arrangement, including economy class. The project may provide for the combination of different cladding, whereby a multi-faceted is achieved and the boroughy is excluded.


Modern style kitchen ceiling can be suspended and stretched. Both those and others are often performed in cream, beige and white tones. Occasionally decorate photo printing. Made suspended systems from plasterboard, which can be given different shapes. If desired, the material can be painted and covered with glass.

Stretch ceilings are distinguished by a variety of textures and colors. In fact, it is a film that is tensioned on the frame, pre-heating using a heat gun. These materials have varying degrees of reflective ability, they give the necessary gloss with stylistics up to a mirror type of surface. At the same time, structures provide internal ceiling backlight. If you want something different, you can make a ceiling with polystyrene tiles.

It is worth noting that it is often in the design of the modern film and drywall are combined. This allows you to give the uniqueness to the interior, more rational to consider the location of the ceiling lights. When designing, you can mix the matte and glossy textures, due to which the ceiling design looks interesting and without drawing. As for the design, it may be one-, two- and three-level. Usually the greater the kitchen, the greater may be the number of levels.


For floor Kitchen Modern, you can use different materials: ceramic tiles, linoleum, bulk floor, and a wood array. Linoleum is considered to be budgetary material, although it looks in the interior it is quite beautiful and appropriate. Ceramics makes a special color, but its drawing and texture must be selected correctly. In addition, it can form cracks and chips when there is heavy items on it.

The bulk floor does not have seams and looks in the interior very effectively. It is usually distinguished by a sufficient level of gloss, racks to moisture, chemicals, can imitate the texture of any material, up to stone, quartz and slate. If desired, with this material, it is possible to equip in the kitchen not the entire floor, but only some part, making a stylish accent of the interior. Color are selected, based on the color scheme, taken as the basis for the design of a particular kitchen.

Wood in such kitchens for floor finishing is used less. She is expensive, over time deformed and dries. On the floor it looks not so beautiful, as in the color of furniture or even apron. Someone prefers to buy for laminate floor cladding, while you need to take the version of the highest class, resistant to different points of operation.


Modern style kitchen walls carry the background load; they are not accents of the interior. In view of this, the use of materials with drawings and an extraordinary texture is excluded. An ideal solution is considered to be the wallpaper or painted walls. Nothing superfluous on them should be: in priority, monophonic materials. The only exception can be a kitchen apron zone. However, it should not have a picture, the size of the tile must be average.


Modern Style Kitchen Apron is usually made in an identical wall color. It can also be contrasting, but without radical color combinations (for example, it is impossible to mix black with red, red with green). In priority, the type of surface of the facing material must be glossy. However, if the facades are glossy headset, the texture of the apron can be matte.

Materials of its manufacture can be glass and tile. Choice of skinny allows you to achieve ease of texture and reduce the number of carved lines that are rich in tiled styling. Sometimes at the design of the apron, designers resort to combination of facing materials.

Organization of lighting

Considering the style of stylistics to all modern and technologically, the lighting is considered taking into account the choice of products of ergonomic and spectacular. At the same time, they should fit into the overall design, and therefore in the priority of models with the texture of metal, plastic, as well as chandeliers of creative type. For example, it can be a ceiling chandelier spider, which looks expressive on a background of concise design.

Ceiling type models may have rounded and geometric shapes. Considering zoning techniques, ceiling lighting can be separate for each functional kitchen area. For example, it is possible to highlight a bar rack, guest space, dining area, resting place. As for the rack or high narrow table, it can be highlighted by a number of identical luminaires of single type. Looks like this design stylish and effectively.

The main ceiling space is often indicated by spotlights of the LED type. Their disadvantage lies in the direction of the light flux, in view of which it is necessary to place them on the ceiling all over the perimeter with the same step.

Curtains and other textiles

Textiles in this interior should be as small as possible. Considering that the windows in the Modern Stylistics are usually large, at best they can be decorated with concise translucent matter without drawing. The texture of the material in the presence of a gloss in furniture elements should be matte. Furniture upholstery textiles in the kitchens should be monophonic, in color not knocking out of the total colors.

Towels and tapes are removed without need to be cleaned in a bottle. In theory, they should not be in sight, the color of the product may be different. Carpet can decorate a kitchen-living guest space. At the same time, it can be a monophonic or with a low-speed and simple print.

As for the curtains, the modern one does not need modern. However, given the fact that we are accustomed to hiding happening in the house from foreign curious views from the street, here you can use the curtains of the modern type, referred to as the rollers. They are short, closure only the window frame, and then the window flaps at all. Their manufacturability allows them to fit into the style of modern: they are opened by winding textiles from blended fibers to a special shaft or so-called cassette.

Successful examples

We offer 10 examples Successful interior design in modern kitchen style:

  • Project in bright colors, kitchen combination with loggia+

  • Interior in warm colors using unusual lamps+

  • An example of a kitchen arrangement with three functional zones+

  • A good example of using a gloss in modern style kitchen design+

  • Light kitchen modern type with aquarium and recreation area+

  • Arrangement of kitchen space with regard to the unusual architecture of the room+

  • Modern style design option using dark paints+

  • Spectacular interior using red and gloss+

  • An example of a successful color combination in the modroom style+

  • Contrast game in the kitchen with complex architecture.

About the features of the kitchen in the style of Modern view in the video below.

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