Interior of the kitchen in bright colors

Interior of the kitchen in bright colors

When choosing a color scheme for kitchen design, many prefer light shades. This is not at all by chance. Gentle tones make room cozy and light, visually expand its boundaries. Such a kitchen always looks clean, it is pleasant to be in it. So that the room does not seem boring, it is worth considering some style nuances and put the emphasis.

Color spectrum

There are many pleasant light tones, allowing you to create stylish kitchen interiors.

  • White color – Universal Option. It perfectly fits into any interior, has a lot of variations (boiling and white, milk, pearl). In modern and classic interiors, such furniture looks luxurious and expensive, and in the “rustic” – originally and charming.

  • Beige tones (Vanilla, caramel) create a warm, cozy atmosphere. This choice is ideal for those whom white furniture seems too strict and cold. Such shades look at the classics, modern, eco-style.

  • Light gray shade Suitable for spacious, well-lit rooms. Despite the seemingly unclaimed ash tone, it can look very effectively surrounded by snow-white items. Such a cold range is characteristic of minimalism and high-tech, sometimes found in Provence and Scandinavian direction.

  • Pastel shades (Gentle bright variations of pink, peach, blue, lavender, olive and other colors) can be harmoniously combined with white or beige, as well as with contrasting accents. Some of these shades fits well in Provence. All options are good in modern.

Thus, the palette of light tones is very wide. And if you take into account the variety of textures, then the number of design options increases. Luxurious gloss, shimmering, “velvet” mattness, wood texture – all this looks completely different. And if you add beautiful accessories and spectacular apron, a bright kitchen can be your pride.

Types and placement headset

Form headset that causes its location in the room, Selected based on the kitchen area.

  • Direct models are located linearly (one wall). This is the most common option.

  • Corner headsets are usually choosing in cases of lack of space. Such models use an angle, which allows the most rational to use each meter of small room as possible.

  • P-shaped location – rarity. Given the bright tone of the furniture, even in this version it will not “lose” the interior.

  • Headsets with island or bar counter are original and very spectacular. However, such a solution is possible to implement only in a spacious room. In studio apartments, the bar stand often performs the function of the space separator on the kitchen area and rest.

As for the materials, the highest quality products are considered to be. However, they are the most expensive.

The average price category includes MDF. Material can be covered with veneer or film. Due to this, he accepts any shade, becomes glossy (enamel) or matte.

Ledp – a budget option. Decorative coating gives material any tone and texture. However, many avoid purchasing such furniture due to the use of formaldehydes in its production.

Table top can also be any. For the manufacture of this important part of the kitchen headset, natural and artificial stone, wood massif, chipboard, MDF. The most practical options are the variants with a motley pattern (in Krapinka). Surfaces from granite or imitation perfectly hide small damage, stains.

If you are used to treating furniture carefully, any of the options will be an excellent choice for you.

Suitable styles

Light tones fit perfectly in almost any designer direction. For registration of country houses, the “rustic” styles (Country, Provence, Shebbi-Chic) are often choosing. In urban apartments there are both concise minimalism, and elegant classics, and brutal loft, and air Scandinavian motives. Each style has its own characteristics concerning finishes, furniture design and a common range of rooms. Consider each of them in more detail.


Classic kitchen set – embodiment of elegance. It can be strict and restrained or royally luxurious. Furniture is performed from wood or imitation, may have a snow-white, milk or beige shade. Doors usually swinging.

Patina, carving, sophisticated vintage style fittings can be used as decorations. For table tops choose natural or artificial stone. The apron is decorated with ceramic tiles.

In such a kitchen, a light tone headset can be combined with darker noble shades. More often these are nuances of coffee with milk and bitter chocolate. Less common combinations with gray, black, dark blue.

If the neoclassical direction is selected, the light shade can be diluted with bright accents of turquoise, blue, purple. In modern interpretation of classics, it is also possible to use for apron of glass with photo printing.

The main thing is to consider when choosing a picture of the setting style. In this case, images of medieval castles will be suitable, imitation of paintings and old photos.

High-tech, minimalism, modern

Modern styles suggest other lines and forms. Headsets can have both straight and rounded outlines. Different options for opening doors can be used, including lifting up and folding on the principle of harmonic. Minimalism and High-tech suggest cold shades of steel, spectacular contrasts.

Boi-white or light gray headsets can be complemented with black and asphalt strokes in the worktop finish, apron or floor. Sometimes brown shades are used. Accents can be bright stains of red, mint, yellow, orange colors. Fittings are laconic, maybe maybe no absent.

Flower gamut Modern more extensive. In addition to the dazzling whiteness and gentle cream tone, it is allowed to choose for a headset Pale colors of blue, pink, gray, purple, olive and other colors. Here the design is more “alive” and original.

Facades can be glossy or matte. It is interesting to photo printing on locker doors. You can leave the headset with a monophonic, and beautiful drawing highlight apron. Color Tile, Glass, Plastic – Many options. You can also give preference to furniture with natural beige wood texture. In such a kitchen will always be warm and cozy.

Scandinavian direction

This style choose those who love identity, space and abundance of white. There may be a snow-white, not only the headset itself, but also the walls. Prints here are extremely rare (mainly on woven mats). As for the finishes, apron and furniture, they are performed by monophonic. The working area is drawn up with square tiles or ceramics imitating brick.

Nordic direction headsets are distinguished by restrained simplicity. However, cold and boring style can not be called. Copper and other items made of natural wood add cooled at furnishings. Top cabinets are often replaced by open shelves.

The total color gamut of such premises includes white, gray, beige and brown tones. Also the interior is decorated with a living greens. Permissible small bright accents of red, yellow or orange in the subjects of the decor.


This style is similar to its previous simplicity and ease. However, a vintage mood is more pronounced here. Rectangular cabinets made of wood or imitation is painted into one of the bright, as if burnt tones in the sun: olive, blue, gray or mint.

Of course, white color is allowed. Fittings are performed in the old style “under the bronze”. The tabletop can both have a natural wooden coloring and being painted (usually in white or dark brown tone).

The space is “enlivened by” wallpaper in a flower or strip, textile accessories. For apron can be selected cable tile or patchwork. The decoration of the walls and the working area is welcomed with decorative plates, boards, open shelves.

Unlike minimalism, where all the kitchen utensils hides inside the cabinets and boxes, here are even welcome to the rails of the cheats and spices.


This extraordinary style creates in the room not a very homely atmosphere. Unprocessed concrete or brick walls left in view of the module, metal lamps or light bulbs hanging on the wires – all this looks very specific. Nevertheless, white headsets can transform the situation and make it less gloomy.

The design is welcomed by Easy. No jewelry in the form of apron with a print or beautiful accessories should not be. The color gamut of the room may include white, black, gray, brown. However, even within the framework of this design concept, you can make an interior more interesting. For example, as an apron, you can use a stylistic board, and a bright accent can be a red refrigerator or yellow chairs.

Design features in monochrome gamme

If the kitchen is made in one color, it is worth highlighting another tint or a worktop, or apron. Otherwise, everything is somewhat in the incomprehensible bright spot. Accent can be both soft (for example, a combination of white with beige) and more contrast.

Before making repairs, decide what will be the color of your future headset. It is desirable that the floor covering at least a couple of tones was distinguished from the tone of the lower cabinets. Especially this applies to kitchens with furniture Tint of light wood and beige parquet floors.

If in the kitchen with a snow-white header, you want to make the floor from the tile of the same color, you can choose products with a pattern. It looks interesting and black and white “chess” floor design, however, such a bold designer move should be well thought out, because sharp contrasts often tire.

Wallpapers may have print. Stucco or paint on the walls should also differ slightly in color from furniture. The exceptions make up minimalism, where glossy facades are as if dissolved in space, as well as Scandinavian style. In the latter case, white tiles may decide not only apron. This allows you to highlight the walls at the expense of material.

Contrast dark floor looks spectacular. However, such a solution is suitable only for spacious premises. If the kitchen is small, it is better to stop on the bright design of all surfaces. But the dark countertop absolutely does not give the effect of visual decrease in space, although the apron in this case is better to make a gentle shade.

The interior fully made in pastel colors will look good in classics, and in Provence, and in modern. In the first case, the atmosphere will not allow to become a boring game of halftone decoration, luxury of decorative elements of furniture, elegant lamps and curtains. In the second, floral motifs and the atmosphere of the village coziness will play their role. In the third version, you can use nonsense photo wallpaper or interesting glass apron.

If the abundance of cold whiteness does not cause you for hospital associations, you can make a minimalistic kitchen in this color.

In such a room it will be easy to draw, the situation will create an atmosphere of calm and pacification. Snow-white Scandinavian cuisine can be abundantly decorated with greens in pots. Heat wooden countertops and a motley mat will make the room cozy.

Add bright accents

If the interior in bright colors seems to you boring, you can add to the situation of interesting details and bright colors. First of all, the headset may not be one-photo. For example, the top can be performed in white color, and the bottom – in light gray or beige.This option will already look more original than monochrome cabinets.

You can choose an unexpectedly bright apron to a monophonic kitchen. Yellow or orange color will create an illusion of the presence in the room of sunlight. Green will remind about summer. Blue, blue, turquoise tones will be brought to the interior notch of marine freshness.

Besides,You can add brightness to the kitchen with other furniture (for example, chairs), curtains, decor items. Romantic atmosphere will help create Pink or Purple Tints. Sensually in bright scheme looks cherry Colour.

Red – Bold choice. This color charges energy, increases appetite, however, it is better to use it in very limited quantities. Saturated shades give the interior bright personality.

But if you want the room to be light, do not get involved in accents. Full 2-3 elements. For example, throw in color chairs with apron or curtains.

Successful Examples of Interior Design

In conclusion, we offer you some ideas for the design of bright kitchen in different styles.

Tender gamma of the classic interior effectively shall with coffee curtains. Luxury crystal lamps and mirrors enhance the effect of space and weightlessness of the situation.

Fresh and at the same time cozy combination turned out from a combination of white, beige and blue colors. The textured facades of the upper cabinets make the headset even more interesting.

Black and white contrast always looks spectacular and expensive. Countertop and apron with photo printing seems to form a single surface. Due to the light floor and walls, the design does not cease to be easy. Wenge color table fit harmoniously into a minimalist interior.

The absence of curtains on the window allows the sun freely to penetrate the room. Dining table, chairs and table top of a wooden headset soften the abundance of whiteness characteristic of the Scandinavian style. Mat, flowers – that’s all you need for homemade cozy setting.

The refined Loft combines the traits of brutality and neat aesthetics. White facades are perfectly combined with brick walls and brown floors. Roll curtains and bar chairs support a common mood.

About 13 errors that cannot be allowed in the kitchen planning will tell the following video.

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