Internal filling of cabinets in the hallway

Internal filling of cabinets in the hallway

The hallway is a room, the arrangement of which should be paid attention to no less than the hall, living room, kitchen or bedroom. It is important to organize a maximum of organic, practical and functional space that looks aesthetic, stylish. Help in this business can suitable wardrobe. The range of these pieces of furniture today is just huge. Consider how internal filling of such cabinets at different levels.


The wardrobe is a very useful and functional object of furniture, which is put not only in the hallways, but also in the bedrooms, and sometimes in the living rooms. The choice of models is great, pick up the optimal copy will succeed for any interior. Fortunately, on sale will be able to meet the closet, which will fit into both spacious and small, modest hallway.

Single Cabinets may be organic and practical, but they will manage to place fewer things and accessories, rather than in two- or three-door versions.

Here are not only the upper clothes, hats, scarves and shoes, but also underwear for bed, tablecloths, literature (old magazines, books and them similar things). Multitasking of these structures only confirms their relevance in the conditions of modern city apartments.

Sliding wardrobes differ in size. For a large and spacious hallway, it is possible to choose the same large and roomy option, but a small or cabinet of mini format is suitable for a small-sized area. And in the first, and in the second case, the internal arrangement of furniture will be thoughtful to the smallest detail. And in large, and in miniature products there is a sufficient number of selected sections, shelves, boxes and rods.

Essential elements

Internal filling of the wardrobes produced today It should be conditionally divided into several main zones:

  • Upper+
  • Northern+
  • Middle.

At the same time, inside the spacious middle part at the distance of the extended hands, the most important shelves are usually located – those who have been using several times during the day.

Plots on the sides turn out to be unoccupied if the specific of the existing shelves move deeper into the inside (it can be a separate shelf for socks and linen).

In the described circumstances on the lateral territory there will be a place to secure a special holding element for ties and hats. We will get acquainted closer with the main components of the wardrobe coming into furniture salons.

Bottom part

In the lower half of the wardrobe standard There are such functional fillers.

  • Branch of Lay Storage. It is mainly a retractable shelf with cell compartments.
  • Zone for tights and socks. Also performed in the form of cells.
  • Department allocated for pairs of shoes. More often represented in the form of retractable mesh shelves with strong holders.
  • Vacuum cleaner area. Is executed as a spacious shelf.


No less useful and functional is the middle part of the middle part of the cabinet. In most cases, things are placed on this site, which households use most often. Consider what the components should be present here.

  • Capacious and spacious department allotted under the storage of the outerwear. Most often performed in the form of a firmly fixed bracket of suitable sizes.
  • Department for the premises of the upper clothes of small length. Also implemented as a bracket.
  • Office designed to preserve shirts, skirts and dresses. Also bracket.
  • Coupling for trousers. It is usually a trouser bracket.
  • Separate shelf for sweaters.
  • Department for Majes. There is a regiment of suitable dimensions.


The upper part of the cabinets is predominantly not the largest and designed only to certain things. Such components may be present here.

  • Department allotted for accommodation and storage of sports equipment. Performed as a roomy shelf.
  • Plot for location of boxes in which seasonal shoes are unnecessary at the moment.

In the upper zone can have mezzani. They are filled with rarely used things.


If the cabinet is equipped with swing doors, then they are complemented by details, designed for storing certain items.

  • In most models, “conceived” convenient holding element for iron.
  • Holder adapted for fixing iron and hair dryer.
  • Convenient Holding Element for Vacuum Cleaner Hose.

Side sides

The side bases of the wardrobe also turn out to be useful for storing certain things. Usually we are talking about not too large objects.

  • Special holder designed for convenient home appliances – hats, hats, panamas, cap.
  • Base for the premises of bags, umbrellas, belts.
  • Holder for Iron.

Consider the size

When selecting a finished cabinet or ordering furniture according to individual parameters, It is necessary to take into account the optimal dimensions that the design must have.

  • It is important to take into account the depth of the selected model. There are often options in stores that this parameter is 60 cm. But for a very small hallway, you can choose a more modest option, the depth of which will be only 40 or 50 cm. With such sizes, the brackets often place the cabinet across, and not along its design.
  • The length of the narrow instance maximum can reach 40 cm, but its depth can be 60 cm. At the same time, the model with a depth of 40 cm may have a width of 60 cm.
  • Plot for placing a coat and other outerwear must have a height parameter of at least 150 cm. But the most practical copies, in which it will be able to soblibly put hangers, are 190 cm height branches.
  • The height parameter provided by the shelves for shoe pairs should be at least 20 cm. But in these circumstances we are talking about those conditions in which you do not plan to store high boots or high-heeled shoes / stud. By the way, if you keep the specified things in separate boxes, then the specified height parameter will be enough.
  • Very useful and relevant in the configuration of the wardrobe turn out to be drawers with retractable mechanisms. They often store different little things like gloves or other small accessories. Separate shelves, allocated for the arrangement of bags, should also be at least 20 cm.
  • If in the closet, which is in the hallway, you wish to keep all the rest clothes, then you should select models in which the rod for trousers and skirts are provided. The height parameter for storing the specified things should be at least 120 cm. At the same time, the distance from the rod to the shelf from above should be no less than 4 cm.
  • Retractable boxes should not be installed at an altitude of more than 110 cm. This is due to the fact that in such circumstances they will be in use are not the most convenient – you have to stock up.
  • The optimal parameter of the height for the shelves, where the clothing will be stored – 32 cm. The width should be at least 40 cm.

    When choosing an ideal model of a wardrobe, all listed dimensional parameters should be taken into account. It is important to choose the height of such furniture. This characteristic is limited only to the height of the ceilings in the hallway. Of course, you can purchase not only the highest possible model under the ceiling, but also lower options.

    In a small-sized hallway, too large and bulky wardrobe should not be placed – it will make the situation even closer, uncomfortable, gone.

    In such circumstances, it is better to give preference to a small, narrow copy.

    How to plan space?

    How to properly compile the layout of the internal space of the wardrobe, each owner decides. In this case, ergonomics, functionality and ease of operation of furniture are significant factors. Equip a wardrobe easily. The main thing is to draw up a detailed plan on which you will need to highlight all planned positions. Planning the inner space for the wardrobe, repulsted from such features and nuances.

    • On the left in the design of the cabinet it is better to leave the free space where you can store official clothes that hangs on the shoulders.
    • On the right side, it is permissible to organize the shelves that will be able to smoothly decompose the clothes and other things that the household wish.
    • In the upper part it turns out to post not only boxes with pairs of shoes or things used rarely, but also accessories for bed, plaid, bags of large sizes. Place the furniture filling inside so that those things that do not have to get every day in the upper part.
    • At the bottom, it is advisable to store shoes in the mesh compartments described above.

      This type of planning is recognized as one of the most relevant, selected and popular. Any owner itself decides, what will be the layout of the wardrobe in his corridor. To do this, take into account the selected design, the number of people that use this piece of furniture, direct preferences of users.

      If desired, the plan of the wardrobe can provide for a sewing machine or chalkboard for ironing.

      As a rule, shelves for such objects are calculated individually. Often the ironing board is embedded in the overall design.

      Successful examples of filling

      Consider some good examples of filling the cabinets of different modifications. So, two-door wardrobes can have all sorts of dimensional parameters. Their standard height is 2 meters, but the width can vary greatly. If the choice is made in favor of a simple, classical model, then it will certainly be attended:

      • one large compartment in which it is comfortable to store clothes on her shoulders+
      • Other spacious compartments divided by shelves – in these zones you can leave linen and clothing+
      • Retractable boxes, which is usually characterized by modest sizes, because only small accessories will be kept in them.

      Competently fill the specified types of cabinets is difficult, because they can not be called especially accommodated. Often in such products, the owners independently install additional drawn accessories.

      For a large hallway, you can choose a three-door cabinet model. In such models it is possible to accommodate many different things.

      Here we usually provide 2 compartments designed to form a large compartment, in which it is best to keep clothes with shoulder.

        The second office is open shelves and drawers, in which it turns out to store lightweight clothes, accessories. If we are talking about filling the cabinet of the corner design, here you have to spend more time to competently plan all the inner space. It is recommended to purchase the finished modular systems of such furniture – these structures are most reliable, more things can be fit in them.

        Useful Tips and Recommendations

            Competent filling of the inside of the cabinet compartment may seem simple and easy task. In fact, much depends on the design of the selected furniture. For example, two-door standard models may not be the most accomplished, and all the necessary things can be easily accurately placed in them. It is worth considering some useful tips and recommendations, selecting and filling the bought wardrobe for an entrance hall.

            • Select the described furniture is necessary so that its layout completely coincided with the number of sliding parts. For example, if there are 2 doors in the design, then the departments for storage according to the standard should be as much.
            • If the cabinet doors turned out to be too wide, then such furniture can be equipped with additional compartments.
            • It should be borne in mind that the length of the rod for clothes should be optimal. These details should not be longer than the top shelves. The recommended parameter is 90 cm.
            • Picking up the drawers for a wardrobe, you need to pay attention to what rails are they equipped with. Guides should be such that the drawers have rolled out easily and unhindered, prevented their fall.
            • Many people are stored in the wardrobes, located in the hallway, different literature. If planned to be placed in the design of the book, it is desirable to select the shelves whose height is at least 30 cm.
            • Select the wardrobe for the hallway it is necessary very carefully. The internal space of the product should be carefully learned to understand if you just can accommodate all things in it.
            • The wardrobe in the corridor should be put in such a way that it can be easily and free to come to it, get the right things. This furniture should not stand too close to the entrance door, overlap. In order not to encounter such problems, you need to accurately measure the hallway and in accordance with the identified parameters to choose the cabinet of optimal dimensions.
            • If you want the furniture to be useful and beautiful, you can choose the designs, the doors of which are complemented by mirrors. Similar models visually make space spacious.
            • It is advisable to equip a wardrobe in the hallway hangers with hooks. You can hang clothes on such fashes, which is easy to reveal – on hooks and hangers things will remain neat, without folds.

            Internal filling tips on the wardrobe, you will learn from the video.

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