Kitchen chairs on metallic frame: Features and choice

Kitchen chairs on metallic frame: Features and choice

Competent interior solution of any room, first of all, depending on the choice of furniture items. For example, in the last few years, special demands acquired kitchen chairs for metal frame. They have a number of positive qualities: good sustainability, long service life, modern appearance.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to take into account the overall stylistics of the interior so that the metal structures do not seem in it alien.

Advantages and disadvantages

Any product has a set of diverse parameters that cause its practicality in a certain situation. When the conversation comes from furniture for kitchens, first of all persecuted only utilitarian goals, they are essential. In contrast, and the design should not be forgotten, because disharmony in chairs and table will immediately begin to attract attention to its view.

Chrome chairs are flawlessly suitable as furniture for kitchens, as they are endowed with the following advantages.

  • The main component of modern design options is aimed at applying a shiny metal in combination with skin or plastic, in other words, they are more in demand.
  • High moisture resistance. Metal chairs are much easier to carry processing and washing with all sorts of means.
  • High reliability. Metal products can withstand not only a person with medium weight, but also “gigid” weighing 150 kilograms.
  • Long service life.
  • Their materials are very strong and able to save the performance for a long time.
  • High Performance. Broken frame or seat can be relatively quickly fixed or change.
  • Lack of embrying inherent in wood.
  • Lack of distortions of shapes occurring over time.
  • Low cost, wide range.

Nevertheless, there are also separate imperfections in such chairs:

  • The legs are capable of grinding outdoor coating+
  • On the glossy surface, various pollution will be perfectly noticeable, therefore, they will be needed quite often to wipe either wash+
  • Such products can be simply heavier than, for example, their wooden analogues.

Types of structures

The specifics of the use of chairs determine their device. From this position there are several varieties.

  • Monolithic. Endowed with limit stability and in demand in constant use. These are the usual designs of products for which it is required to highlight an individual place.
  • Collapsible. Characterized by mobility, used in field events, as well as for equipment of household sites and courtyards of suburban houses.
  • Folding. Differ compactness – if there is a desire, they can be folded without much effort and remove. Moreover, folding structures are optimally suitable for small-scale apartments.
  • Stacked. Such modifications have long been and successfully apply known designers worldwide. The models are put alone on another like children’s pyramid and significantly save space. Sample of such products can be observed in summer cafes.

Moreover, the comfort of chairs on the metal frame is maintained by additional regulation options and structure in general.

Some modifications are tightened with a back, as well as in stock Foot support and armrests – Such chairs are especially relevant for use in bars.


The framework for chairs is made from different metals, with the competent processing of which they withstand any destructive impact. As a rule, the following types are practiced.

  • Aluminum. This material is characterized by a small weight, for this reason it is used in most cases in the manufacture of small parts. The main positive property of aluminum – it has good resistance to high humidity and rust formation. However, it is not the strongest metal, it is not able to withstand extremely large mass.

  • Steel. From this metal you can already make large structures that will be extremely strong. Without coating, metal is subject to rust formation, as a result of which the material should be covered with specialized final paints, varnishes or be incorrecting.

  • Cast iron. This is a rather strong metal, the main imperfection of which is considered an excessively impressive weight. For this reason, from it in most cases, furniture for the garden plot, which will not be able to constantly move. Without processing, the product is also subject to rust formation.

The material for finishing the backs and seats can be applied a variety of, sometimes even unpredictable materials.

  • Plastic. The combination in plastic seats and metal legs is especially practical and most common in these kitchen products. Such materials are easy to care, they are not afraid of dampness and large temperatures. High technology make it possible to give plastics the most unusual bends configuration. Pleases diversity and color gamma plastic seats. This is a suitable option not only for the apartment, but also for the open terrace located outside the city at home, as well as for the summer cafe. One of the types of plastic is polycarbonate. Products from it recently are made more and more in demand.

It is considered the strongest material than plastic. Chairs from it can withstand a person weighing about 200 kilograms.

  • Wood. Wood seats and backs can represent an inseparable design or two absolutely independent elements. They can be covered with paint, varnish or decorated with openwork threads.

  • Fabric and leather. These materials are used to cover chairs. Each of them has its advantages. Seat covered with matter, nice touch with hand. However, the matter is not easy to care, especially if you consider that the kitchen is not the most purest place in the apartment.

Leather and its derivatives are more winning in the issue of using the material. It is resistant to moisture and more reliable than fabric.

Colors and design

The appearance of the chairs on the metal frame may be the most different. As a rule, the frame of such an iron chair is aluminum or chrome. Back and seat can be made of plastics. Comfortable and practical option for the kitchen will be plastic bar chairs on a metallic basis. They will look great in the kitchen, decorated in modern stylistics minimalism or High-tech.

Chairs with an iron frame made in a classic style usually have a seat and a back of wood. Comfortable in using chairs on a steel frame with covered matter or skin soft backs and seats.

Along with this, the frame is covered with high-quality paint or chrome.

The most affordable version of the stool on the iron frame will be a sample with a support made of metal pipe. Such a frame can have a round or square cross section, and the pipes themselves are associated with electric welding. Seats and backs are made from wood or even plywood and covered with matter or leather. For a small kitchen, a comfortable modification can be a soft folding chair on a metal cooler.

From all sorts of shades and style design directions, you can pick up for the kitchen just such chairs that will look great in the already existing interior of the room.

Covered frames, as a rule, chrome or powder coated based on polymers. Powder coatings have a different color palette. Especially often applies silver color and white.

Specific shine and good resistance to mechanical exposure gives chrome spraying. It is applied with a galvanic method.

Italian companies master in this area, but the Chinese breathe in the back of the heads. Close Troika Leaders Turkish companies.

  • Chairs Calligaris (Italy). The core is stable from the metal, only the seat can be executed from various materials – wood prevail, technical polymers, plastic. Reliable, stylish and long service life.

  • Chinese product – SK 2368. The legs of the Chinese chairs are often covered with chrome and nickel. The coating of the seat and the backs of genuine leather is a rare phenomenon, since this material instantly increases the cost. Supported by leathesis and plastic, as well as there are models with a back and seats, covered with ecocuse.

  • Turkish Sample – Balin. Balin chairs are constantly metallic, all other fabric, leatherette, plastic. Wear resistance is low, the seats are wiping over time and acquire an attractive view. Standard chair is obliged to withstand a load of 120-150 kilograms, but Turkish furniture items follow other requirements: a person whose mass is superior to 90 kilograms, risks breaking the back. A small plus chairs from Turkey: they simply add a stack and move.

  • Domestic production. Our manufacturers made an emphasis on chrome metal and leatherette. Did not lose – Russian products are quite strong, durable, simply wash and maintainable. The most inexpensive and demanded model – “Harp”. It resembles the Viennese chairs with their deployed back from iron rods.

How to choose?

Strong, not heavy, comfortable, universal chairs on the iron frame are fairly in demand in consumer environment. The range of furniture on the market is really grand. Not to be confused in this abundance and choose the appropriate model will help the recommendations below.

  • Decide with a variety of design. So, for a small kitchen, there will be an excellent option to lay chairs or oversized stools that occupy very little space.
  • Choose the most comfortable modification. Do not confuse to get on the furniture in the outlet – only this way you will need to evaluate the stability of the product, understand whether the size of the seat and bend is suitable for you.
  • Choose a suitable material. It may be satisfying hygiene rules, eco-friendly fabric upholstery, cozy wood or modern plastic.
  • Rate what extent a harmonious product design fits into the decoration of your kitchen. Chairs on a metal frame can become both a modest appendage of furniture, and a catchy color accent composition, harmonizing with material and wall design.
  • Carefully examine selected products. Does not have chips and scratches on the core, dents on the back or seat. Any flaw will be a reason for refusing to purchase or lower the cost if damage is not too noticeable and simply eliminated.

Metallic frame chairs will be to the place in the premises of various purposes: in the kitchen and in the children’s, in the garden plot and in the cafeteria. Specialists advise on only objects of furniture satisfying such requirements:

  • A double layer of chromium should be applied on the chair’s core – the product will not cover rust and the pleasant glitter of the polished metal will preserve for a long time+
  • Frame should not have sharp corners capable of injury+
  • Design components must be fixed with each other with high quality bolts.

Correct care

Special care chairs on metal frame in the kitchen will not need. You only need to wipe them out of contamination with a dry cloth and brush (in an infrequent zone – bends of the legs or backs), to remove spilled juices or water and wash the spots from the nonsense of the food or fatty spots.

And if the upholstery was bored or caught up, it is easy to change or renovate.

Successful examples in the interior

Fully metal kitchen chairs come across quite rarely. The first, they are not suiced, and the second, few who will like to sit on them: extremely cold. Their seats can be made of different material and be soft and hard. Nevertheless, in this photo, we see just all-metal products supplemented with thin pads. Their indisputable advantage is that they, like samples of organic glass, do not overload the interior.

This picture shows the bar metal chairs, adjacent to plastic chairs included in the dining group.

Chairs with metal islands are best suited for modern styles with High-tech motifs. In combination with a glass table, they look simply amazing.

The seats of these comfortable chairs are covered with soft skin and decorated with an unfulfilled fur, stylized under the cow skin.

Here we are watching the height of the chairs on the metal leg. They are some of the row of elements in the stylistics of the ar-nouveau in this small kitchen.

      This is another sample of pretty peculiar bar chairs that are able to turn into a business card. Not a similar interior.

      Review chairs for the kitchen on the metal frame from the factory “Domotec” See below.

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