Kitchen chairs: types, sizes and selection

Kitchen chairs: types, sizes and selection

Kitchen arrangement needs to be done carefully – because it depends on the convenience and comfort. Even such an ordinary thing, like a chair, choose not easy. Because not everyone will be comfortable, durable and durable. And besides its practical side, the chairs must be successfully fit into the interior.

Types of structures and functionality

To facilitate the search for the perfect option, first need to consider all existing models and allocate the most attractive. Under the chair is understood as a piece of furniture designed for seating. His distinctive features – the presence of a back, seats and legs. Thus, from this category you should remove stools (they do not have a support for the back). About chairs with armrests go disputes, many call them seats. But the main difference between the chair and the chair is the level of comfort.

It can be said that the chair is a type of stool.

In its functionality, all kitchen chairs can be divided into two types:

  • Dining (which you can sit next to the usual table and eat)+
  • Bar (suitable for bar racks, islands, countertops and high tables).

The dining chair is usually high back (up to 40 cm), its shape can be rectangular, trapezoidal or rounded. The seat is approximately close to the square or a circle. You can find both straight and curved seats and backs. This is done not only for beauty, but also for convenience. Of course, orthopedic kitchen chairs are impossible to meet, because they are not so long, but the ergonomic characteristics will not be superfluous.

If we consider the base of the chair, then it can be:

  • Four legs+
  • One leg+
  • Wide legs, fusion with the surface of the seat or back.

At the bar chairs, another element is added – footrest, as they will not get to the floor, and it may be inconvenient. The setting of the bar rack is more informal, so chairs can be equipped with mechanisms for lifting and turning the seat. Mechanisms are most often installed in spinning chairs with one leg. But there are models reminiscent of the usual dining – with four high supports.

The back of the bar chairs can be absolutely any – meet both very short options (up to 15 cm) and the usual high.

All kitchen chairs can be divided into such varieties:

  • Soft – have a coating and inner packing up to 10 cm high (with fillers or springs)+
  • Semi-mug (coating with a small layer of packing)+
  • Hard (without coating).

    Soft can be not only the seat, but also the back, as well as armrests. This is done primarily for comfort, because it is difficult to spend more on a tough seat. In addition, the coating allows not to feel discomfort from contact with unpleasant to the touch (for example, cold) surfaces.


    Speaking about the parameters of the chair, first of all you should consider the size of the seat. On average, their width varies between 35 and 45 cm. Of course, there are narrower and wide models, but they still need to search. The longitudinal size of the seat (from the back to the edge) – about 50 cm. These figures are not accidental and are designed to ensure that a person with a standard physique can spend enough long time in a sitting position.

    The height of the chair must correspond to its appointment. At the same time, it is precisely the height from the floor to the seat – usually it is 45 cm. And the average parameters of the entire product (together with the back) are about 90 cm. This figure may be less or more if the back or seat have a slope. Such dimensions are quite suitable for the average dining table (72 cm). With bar chairs, everything is not so unambiguous. They have a height to the seat can be both 58 and 91 cm – it all depends on the size of the rack. Because under it should be comfortable to fit the lower part of the body, even if we put a leg to the leg.

    A separate place is taken by chairs-transformers, from which you can adjust the distance to the floor so that it is comfortable to sit. Typically, such models acquire children for whom it is necessary to change the furniture in accordance with their growth.

    There are universal models on which with the same convenience can accommodate both a child and an adult.

    Naturally, it should be borne in mind that each person has an individual body proportion – in addition to weight, there are people with longer legs or torso. therefore In the process of acquisition, you need to navigate only on yourself, and better – try the chair in the case and sit down on it. Normally, the foot must be completely on the floor, while the knees do not go up up. If the back of the chair is shorter of the level of the blades – the backs for the back will not be enough. In the normal position, the depth and width of the seat must be sufficient for accommodation, a small distance between its edge and knees is considered to be permissible.

    If the desired option was not found – you can always use the services of manufacture by individual standards.


    For the manufacture of chairs, you can use different materials.

    • Wood. Different wood breeds are used. Chairs from birch and oak will serve not one dozen years, but pine and the beech are easier to process, and the furniture from them turns out more elegant. The tree is environmentally friendly and has a respectable appearance. However, in the conditions of the kitchen, it is much more difficult to care for him, and the weight of the products will be more impressive. Maced furniture items always differ high cost.

    Some details can be made from a substitute (wood fraction) – such a product will be cheap, but less durable.

    • Plastic. This material has quite great opportunities for the manufacture of chairs and individual parts of any form. In addition, the material can be painted – the product will be bright and most attractive to use. Plastic furniture is lightweight, well washes and inexpensive. However, too thin plastic will be fragile.

    To enhance the design and increase strength most often used metal supports or frame.

    • Metal. Steel parts add weight product, but increase its reliability. Together with this chairs with chrome or matte metal frames fit well into any modern design. A separate position here is occupied by forged chairs – their value is an order of magnitude higher. However, the specificity of the manufacture and their beauty is justified. Usually forged chairs are replete with a large number of decorative parts.

    • Rattan, Vine and Other Weaving Materials. Such furniture is knocked out of the total number of its unusual texture and appearance. Natural and lightweight material will always have demand. Wicker chairs of capricious to external influence in humidity and high temperature.

    Load on a braided chair should be small.

    Among the chairs can meet models, fully made of wood, rattan or metal. But most often chairs make combined. This is necessary in order to improve the characteristics – for example, to increase strength and stability, make the cost more accessible. In addition, those parts that directly come into contact with the human body are trying to make materials, pleasant to the touch.

      Most often on the back and seat there is a coating of genuine leather, leatherette or fabric.

      Color and Design

      The appearance of the chair is entirely and will fully depend on the possibilities of the material from which it was made. In wooden chairs, special attention is paid to the back and legs. They can be straight or curved. Masters can cut the details of an unusual shape or make an exquisite thread – all this is capable of turning the usual chair into artwork. In the manufacture of wooden chairs, their texture and color are emphasized (using impregnations, simulaners and varnishes). You can meet natural – beige, light and dark brown (walnut, wenge) chairs with reddish and reddish shades. There are also painted color models, including patinating (for example, gilding).

      In chairs with plastic seats and the back, the main emphasis is on the unusual form. Here you can see the most extreme bends and unimaginable outlines. Plastic furniture can be smooth or embossed to the touch (ribbed, rough and t. D.). In color among them, you can find anything – plastic can be painted in almost all known colors.

      In extreme cases, you can choose a neutral version – chairs from transparent plastic.

      In modern chairs, the chrome-plated surface with a metal glitter attracts. Also metal frames paint usually in neutral colors or to tone the rest of the parts. Interesting detail can be upholstery. Light pastel tones look most aesthetically suitable for everything. Bright contrasting upholstery can drag all attention. Of course, it should be combined with the rest of textiles in the kitchen. Upholstery with a drawing (floral or abstract) sets a special mood.

      Rating the best models

      Among the kitchen chairs presented in the store Of particular interest are the following:

      • Pion 2 Butter White – Classic soft chair with smooth round lines. There are other upholstery options. The model is the likeness of the elite Vienna chair. Good price and quality ratio. Malaysia furniture manufactures.
      • “Grandee” – Another representative of furniture from the massif, the production of “Orimex” (Russia). Oak chairs are not only beautiful, but also differ in strength throughout the long-term service life. Model silhouette approximate to modern. The seat is soft with a filler of polyurethane and foam rubber, the upholstery is on the back.
      • Eames PC-015 – inexpensive chair with a metal frame, legs made of array of beech and plastic seat. This model has a fairly wide selection of colors. The seat is rigid, but wide and convenient due to its form. Produced in China, Brand “Woodville”.
      • Toledo (Hoff, China) – Bright model having a lot of fans. Artificial leather coating not only looks great, but also easily cleared. Easy and convenient option that can be chosen under any kitchen.
      • Calligaris Skip – Folding Stool of Italian Production. Wooden seat securely fixed on a metal frame. Despite the fragile appearance, the design is sufficiently reliable and thanks to the compactness well suited for small kitchens.
      • BOMBO (Cosmorelax, Russia) – Popular model for a bar middle height. Modern design combines with good quality. Equipped with a lifting and swivel mechanism, there is a small back and footrest.

      How to choose?

      Select the desired option is not easy. To facilitate this process, you just need to decide on some of the most important positions.

      • First you need to determine the number of chairs and immediately interested – whether they are available. Sometimes additional order is impossible and the kit may turn out to be diverse.
      • When buying should be proceeding from its own financial capabilities. In the furniture industry there are options for different taste and wallet. Sometimes you can save on the upholstery, choose a model easier or refuse paid delivery.
      • Next you need to find out the desired size. The convenience of the options that could be assessed immediately – directly in the store. Sounding on models of different height and shape, you can choose the most appropriate.
      • Better if the material from which the furniture was made will be moisture-resistant and easy to clean. The same applies to the upholstery material. In the extreme case, you can sew removable tissue covers.
      • The selected option must be strong enough to withstand everyday load. It is important to inspect the product when buying – nothing should be frozen, fuse and creak. Carefully check stability, especially if the chair has only one support. If the legs are four, make sure that they are all the same length and stool stands on the floor. Rivne, otherwise it will swing.
      • All the furniture for the kitchen should be safe if the smell bothers or confuses the quality of the material – ask for documents.
      • Lastly, when buying furniture, the presence of warranty service and seller’s reputation. If you found negative reviews – it is better to look for an alternative.

      How to post?

      Well, if a separate room is allocated for food – dining room. It can be put in it a large table with chairs around it. But if the table must be fit in the kitchen, and even on a small area – you will have to think about compact accommodation. Even if there are many places, you should not set all the available chairs – it is not always appropriate. For small cuisine, it is especially important to pay attention to all furniture dimensions. The most convenient option in this case will be products with a folding back, which can later be simply hidden under the table. Or in extreme cases, part of the chairs can be replaced with stools.

      Hide the bar chairs more difficult, it is better to take them with a minimum backrest height – then they are also rushing under the rack and do not block the passage.

      Typically, the number of chairs is caused by the number of family members. And even in the most parade dining room, no more than six. Storing unnecessary furniture (in case of arrival of guests) should also be compact.

      • Here the best solution will be folding models. The folding mechanism can be difficult or simple. However, chairs, the opening of which occurs in one step, looks not always attractive.
      • Next option – Stacked models. Their design is such that the chairs can just put on each other. As a result, it turns out, though high, but rather narrow stack. Keep them in this form in the pantry or on the balcony. They are convenient because you do not need to waste time assembly.
      • There are collapsible models of chairs, in which the parts are fastened with each other with several bolts. Better if there are few them, because special skills and time may not be. But disassembled parts can be stored even in the closet.

      In the conditions of saving space, you can consider chairs with a place to store things. Chal-stand only at first glance looks a little bulky, actually use it quite convenient.

      And to facilitate the movement of such furniture, it is better to choose the option on the wheels.

      Successful examples in the interior

      The style in which the chairs are made must be consistent with all furniture in the kitchen. But first of all it concerns the table. No wonder such an ensemble is called a dining group and perceive as a single set. There may be a common form, material, color, texture and t. D. And of course, the unifying factor should be the stylistics. The easiest example is Provence or Country. These destinations are always recognizable and carrying certain obligations – this is proximity to nature, and the hidden charm of the simple decor. They can oppose any of the modern directions with the original combination of lines, glass and chromium glitter.

      However, it is not necessary to fall into extremes – creativity and convenience are not always equivalent.

      For conservatives, the best solution will be minimalism With the clarity of the lines and the rigor of the outline. In some sense, such arrangement can be a philosophy of life. It should not think that such an interior can be boring. Even in one color kitchen may seem attractive due to parts. Universal color can be called white, in any situation it looks solemnly, but at the same time unobtrusive. In order to facilitate heavy furniture, choose the options with a pass-through, thin back. With the same purpose, transparent plastic chairs are suitable for the kitchen.

      To diversify the kitchen interior and make the atmosphere in it more informal, You can choose multicolored chairs. At the same time, the model must be as simple as possible, without the details. The same technique can be used if it is difficult to decide on the choice – each family member can order the color option that he likes more. There are even reverse examples – when all chairs are the same in color, but differ in their form. It is important to comply with the proportions and size, otherwise individual chairs will be highlighted.

      In the next video review of a variety of chairs for the kitchen.

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