Kitchen Design Styles: What are and how to choose?

Kitchen Design Styles: What are and how to choose?

The kitchen necessarily should be spacious, expensive, equipped along the most modern fashion equipped with the most modern technique. If the room has a style, weathered and recognizable, it can recoup all other conditional flaws. And very many style options.

Main directions

If you are repaired, it’s time to “try” to your kitchen one or another style. It is desirable for him to obey the whole house, but this is not at all necessary. The kitchen is like a small state in great, with its rules, functions and features.

If it will differ slightly from the rest of the “territories”, it will not make it worse.

Styles names in most cases speak for themselves, this is a description. There is no one direction today, completely broken all the rest. Thus, it is interesting that modern owners choose different styles, there are options for mixing directions (when adjacent or even contrasting placing types are mixed). Consider the most recognizable.


If you say short, then This style passes the spirit of the Alpine village. For the interior of the kitchen in such a style characterized by the massiveness of the situation with large decorative inclusions. Only natural materials are welcome – stone and wood, leather and ceramics. Complete furniture, deliberately rude. It is desirable that the fireplace is present in the room. If it is a kitchen-living room, then it is usually in it.

Chalet Intramit to Painting: Everything should be here, as nature wants. Combine natural materials can be, but plastic and chrome surfaces remain overboard. When choosing kitchen furniture, pay attention to the headsets from the array without varnishing – it is very consonant with style. But even if the protective lacquer layer is, the modern variations of the chalet (adapted) belong to it favorably. The main thing is to withstand the main features of the style.


Options here are very much – the East can be represented in Japanese aesthetics, and in Turkish motives, and in Arab. In recent years, designers in Moroccan style. Fashion surge at him spawned the Brazilian multi-seater novel “Clone”, which successfully passed throughout the world. In the small kingdom, Morocco is finely combined bright and colorful east, and moderate Mediterranean. And since the state is in the north of Africa, then African notes are noticeable in style.

In the kitchen in the Moroccan style there is a place for bright and screaming colors, many carved surfaces, as well as items written by hand. There will be a bright Eastern color, many accessories and trifles. Traditionally, Moroccan cuisine is furnished with natural wood furniture, as well as items of angular shape. The preferred color is a ferrous tree, and the design is more trusted by African culture.

The dining area is a relatively low table with a thick massive countertop, as well as a low sofa, which is covered with small pillows (nuts). Sofa lies with colorful oriental fabrics.


Eclectic kitchen – the choice of optimists, as well as those who avoid routine, stamps, repeatability. If the kitchen is a place for culinary feats, as well as gatherings with close, creative mini-evenings or nights in the search for muses, be sure to take care of eclectics.

One of the most successful mixes, which assumes the style, there will be a mix of classics and a rustic direction. ATTENTION Falls at the most important things: the headset can be simple, but the hood over the stove is unusual, the low original lamps hang over the dining area, the desktop is an island (which appeared originally from country style).

If you select household items from different styles, find them a common root, a related line, which will allow you to create harmony when combined. The easiest reception is to combine color. Bright stains are used in eclectics, they will stand out on a light base background. The core of the eclecticism will be one sense-forming thing that around itself will build the idea of ​​the entire room. It is usually a kitchen set or a large dining table. If you are a happy owner of an old buffet, he will also suit this role.

The main principle of eclecticism – compliance with the unity of texture and color, with all other moments you can play.


This is an ambitious style requiring respect for yourself. If you are able to pronounce Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and you also have a serious sizes of the kitchen, it seems, the choice of style is narrowed. The main requirement looks like this – it should be Spacious room with large windows. There must be a field for maneuver – a place where you can put the arch or a column, create a multi-level ceiling.

The interior must be a key object. More often in his role there is a luxury dining table, located in the center of the room, but if it is a kitchen-living room, then the role of a key object can be used, for example, a fireplace. Marble, Venetian plaster, valuable tree – these are basic style materials. It’s extremely difficult to make such a repair itself, and not all have spacious kitchens.

To the one who wants such luxury, but with a somewhat trimmed budget, it is worth paying attention to Ampire.


The area of ​​the kitchen should also be rather big, and the height of the ceilings – the pleasing eye. The style is characteristic of clear and correct proportions, symmetric and balanced design, the use of columns and semicircular arches, wood of valuable breeds. In such a kitchen, a bulky solid headset from the massif must stand, and the attributes of wealth – the fireplace, possibly ancient statues, painters canvases. Expensive repair in a big house or a very spacious apartment, that’s what lies behind the recreation of the ampir style. Beautiful, but an affordable minority.


Basic style mission – create the illusion of a large space, Since the main element of the style of his adherents consider … air. Mandatory will be the original layout, and not the usual separation of furniture at the walls. By the way, plastic, glass walls or metallized wallpapers are actively used for wall decoration. Walls should be monophonic.

In the interior of the kitchen, one light color is usually chosen, which complements two bright, deep. Selected three colors are well zonied room. Bright sign of avant-garde – contrast. Soft transitions here is not an end in itself, everything should be clear, geometric. Can be inspired by canvas of suprematists. Before making repairs in such a style, it is important to see as many examples as possible.

It will save from such common mistakes, like a rag of flowers and shades.


Pointed silhouettes in medieval aesthetics on someone suggesting dark thoughts, but it seems that modern designers are more and more fascinating. The solution to equip the kitchen in such a style will be brave, because there is something mystical in the gothic.

Scripture and desire to swell – these are styrene-forming features that must be transmitted in the design of the kitchen space. This means that the kitchen itself should be big, with high ceilings. Recognizable can make style vaulted ceilings, wooden spacious window openings with stained glass windows, patterned carving and verticalization of space.


This is a gentle, cozy and romantic style that will like the fans of retroestic. It is characterized by a deliberate edge of the walls, gender, ceiling. It can be places cracked paint or plaster, tile. A fever can be a parquet that, besides, looks expensive and kindly. Some experts are confident, Shebbi-Chic became an opponent of minimalism, which suggested fresh repair, new and modern furniture, a meager decor.

For Shebbi-Chic Try to select only natural materials: Wooden headset and dining group, glass and ceramic dishes, high-quality textiles. Since the style is very popular, its requirements are becoming more and loyal. For example, a headset or a buffet in the kitchen can be simply white, without traces of dilapidation and rubbing. But the floor covering (it can be laminate) will be light and deliberately shabby.

Attention on the repetition of the same detail on various subjects, for example, a vegetative ornament is repeated (especially SHEBBI chic spits roses), an image of an animal or bird, inscription or print, monogram.

In all rooms should be considered the seal of noble old.


This is the name of the mix of various design directions, which use the characteristics of each style. On the joy of adherents of the style they can choose any materials and shades, borders in this respect. It can be bright and motley colorful solutions, unexpected accents, mixing of modern and vintage. Especially bright and fresh looks like a kitchen-living room in Fusion style. Modern posters and paintings, praising computer graphics can be presented on the wall.

And the vintage oak table can be a multicolored chairs. Loft ceiling will be adjacent to the old buffet, and live flowers on the table will not come into a conflict with plastic designer fruits. This is a bold and daring style, but for creative, active and freely thinking people, he is ideal.

How to choose?

Ask yourself the first question – you want a popular and fashionable or unusual and non-sabroval? Are you ready for a sharp change or while counting on a calm transition to a new style in the kitchen? Any option is acceptable if he sincerely like you and households. Perhaps all listed styles seem to be alien to you, and you are ready to settle in your kitchen a cute and understandable scand or warm and elegant Provence.

Or maybe for your kitchen-living room the best “outfit” will be minimalism.

Usually designers advise customers to do this: To gather in the folder several photos (10-30 pieces), which immediately paid attention to themselves, cause pleasant emotions, and the atmosphere is clear to you and is close. You can hang these photos on mudboard, refrigerator, and let them obey so a few days. The decision will gradually come, and you will leave all the photos only one that will become a cuisine reincarnation reference.

Options for registration

If the style is selected, it’s time to take for design concept. Do not be afraid to break the schemes to which you are accustomed. For example, you have always had a kitchen set with closed suspension cabinets. About open shelves you did not think. But the style of country and provence they are relative, very decorated space. Shelves can be hung over a dining area (if the table is at the wall) or simply replace with the boning lockers.

This is the key to the fact that the kitchen will always be fine and nothing will be able to copy it on it.

It may be time to refuse from the following stereotypical solutions:

  • kitchen furniture – It is not always a headset, buffets, racks and servants come to her heels+
  • If the kitchen is small, Discard the desk in favor of expanding the windowsill (and in the living room, you may have to buy a beautiful table with chairs)+
  • Glass tables are no longer on the blurry fashion, Today, many prefer them wooden or metal tables with a ceramic countertop+
  • Corner from eco-tree – This is not the most interesting solution, try to replace it with a bench painted in a nice color, decorated with soft pillows in style ethno.

If the style is mixed in the kitchen, do not forget that the unity of colors and textures reigns in it. Take free solutions: do not be afraid of the audacious concepts, seem uniform. Today in fashion one who is faithful to style, and not the design that is repeated in every third apartment.

Successful examples

Beautiful and stylish interior will help equip your 30 taste, experience. And even the Internet can be a good helper in this. It is worth paying attention to several cool kitchens in different styles.

  • Cute Shebbi-Chic – Everything is just just that harmony and naturalness seems to be moving the border photos.

  • Charming Scand – At first glance, the original is not enough, but the brick wall refutes.

  • Breathable Chalet – It is difficult to find a place where it can also be cozy, fresh and comfortable even a very big family.

  • Atmospheric retro – You can plunge into the image from your favorite films of the 1950s.

  • Brutal Loft – Those who are tired of rushes and cozy prints will like the harsh charm of style.

  • Sultry Moroccan – In such a kitchen, it is always warm, cook here the most generous and bright oriental dishes.

    • Homemade Coffee Shop – Successful variation of the “catering” at home, in such a kitchen is always pleased to communicate.

    How to determine the style of the kitchen, look next.

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