Kitchen Shelves: Types, Choose and Accommodation

Kitchen Shelves: Types, Choose and Accommodation

The shelves for the kitchen are purchased in two cases: the first – when there is enough space in the room to install, except the headset, extra furniture + second – when the room is so small that it makes no sense to grow its upper closed boxes, and open shelves pass to the rescue and air preserving.

Pros and cons of use

The kitchen is filled with many necessary items, and no matter how much additional storage places have been created, they will not be superfluous. For this reason, many it seems that shelves in the kitchen can have only advantages.

But if you get to the question carefully, you can find the pros and cons. First consider the benefits of kitchen shelves.

  1. Open shelves of the upper tier Unlike closed cabinets unload space.
  2. Shelves can be decorative or functional. In any case, the benefits are obvious.
  3. An important role is played by the easiability of open shelves, especially if they are located in the working area.
  4. The presence of shelves can systematize things. All items acquire their permanent place and do not clutter tables.
  5. Easy design makes it possible to make it yourself.
  6. Corner open products will not create problems with opening the door, as it happens in unknown headsets.
  7. Shelves are cheaper than suspended boxes. A large selection and variety of materials, forms and colors will allow you to choose them under any stylized interior.

    The following points include disadvantages:

    1. Dust on the shelves sits faster than it happens with closed furniture, respectively, and they will have to clean them more often+
    2. Open structures are always in sight, they stimulate to maintain the perfect order+
    3. For the general viewing, old utensils will not exhibit, which means that not everything that needs an additional storage location, can count on it.

    Types of structures

    Kitchen shelves can be divided by location (floor, desktop, wall), by material, color and form. Constructive variety of products helps to choose them for any destination and location, as well as use for many styles.

    Kitchen shelves are of a variety of species.


    Models have simple concise forms. The lack of doors simplifies the installation and allows it to be made independently. Such shelves can be so beautiful that even in an unloaded form becomes the interior decoration, and if you place the decor on them, they will support any style of kitchen. Open shelves may have a working orientation and withstand household appliances or heavy dishes.


    Sometimes products equipped with swing, sliding or lifting doors. Such furniture allows you to hide from universal ferris, but necessary kitchen utensils.

    The shelves of the closed type do not need endless cleaning, tightly planted doors protect the contents from dust.


    Such shelves may include from one to several tiers. Corner products are very comfortable, especially for small kitchens. They occupy an angle that is lowest for other types of furniture. In this case, the design looks compact, has a good capacity.


    Most often they are made of metal. The plane of the shelves has a kind of graceful grid. Chromed options are located above the sink, they perform drying function for plates and cups.

    In the kitchen of modern styles (high-tech, minimalism, loft) chrome shelves can decorate any angle. Gold products are also performed with forging elements.


    In contrast to conventional shelves, they may complicate the presence of boxes, or have a combined design in which some sections are endowed with doors, and others – remain open.


    They are placed in the cabinets of the lower tier. The shelf supply is very convenient, they can be moved away from rollers, rotate and perform from Tumb. Depending on the location and model of the shelves, they are used under spices, detergents, for cans or bottles.

    With lighting

    Illumination can make shelves in the interior accent, attract attention to the decor. If the design is located in the working area, the additional backlight is of practical.

    On the highlighted table top or cooker it is more convenient to cook, and a well-lit washing will allow quality wash dishes.


    For small kitchens are very comfortable unusual shelf-holder 4 in 1. This small-sized device contains three roller shelves – for paper towels, food films and packages, as well as additional storage location for seasoning and other accessories.

    Materials manufacturing

    Kitchen Shelves have a different destination, they can be filled with light trifles or heavy objects – dishes, appliances. Shelves for spices are often performed from glass, plastic, wooden plates, and for products under kitchen appliances or pans choose wood, chipboard, metal.


    Warm natural material, which is great for the manufacture of furniture. Oak, alder, apple tree, beech, pine – every breed has its own color and unique drawing. Wood is treated with impregnations from pests insects and covered with paint and varnishes, after which it acquires moisture-resistant properties and is suitable for kitchen shelves.

    Tree – universal material, it is used for the manufacture of products of different configurations and magnitude, without it, many styles of design from historical to modern.

    Wood is easily processed, so it is chosen as a material for the manufacture of shelves with their own hands. Without it, it is impossible to create interiors in Country Stylistics, Classicism, Ampir, Baroque, Provence, Shebbi-Chic. Even modern destinations of kitchens, preferring glass and metal, use natural wood in design.

    MDF and DPP

    Wood-chipboard – Beautiful natural wood imitators. They are covered with veneer of various trees, it makes it possible to choose the shelves with any palette and pattern, accurately get into the style and color of the situation in a particular kitchen. If you consider that the chipboard is noticeably cheaper than the wood, the availability of such a material for each family is obvious.


    The shelves from glass seem impractical, on them, after a wet cleaning, there are divorces. But, on the other hand, no material will do the shelves so air and weightless.

    Tableware or decor items put on them, literally soar in the air. Glass skips light, it seems for the space.


    Metal shelves cannot compete with wooden, but they have a rich selection. Elegant and beautiful forged models with openwork attractive patterns. Such products are used in gothic styles, Provence, some types of country. Chrome-plated options are represented by lattice shelves.

    Miniature copies suspend on the rails, using for trifles, and the models are larger and tighter on the wall or installed on the tables at the sink, using the drying for dishes. Modern techno-styles are decorated with chrome shelves any wall. For retrocations produced products stylized under copper, bronze or brass.

    A rock

    The shelves made of artificial and natural stone can be infrequently visited in the kitchen, although they are suitable for many styles – rustic, historical, ethnic, techno. Stone refers to expensive and heavy materials. Large outdoor products are performed under the order. Miniature shelves from artificial stone are fixed with a hidden method, they look unusual, as if glued to the wall.


    In a simple modern kitchen, plastic surfaces of the shelves will look pretty organic. Industrial equipment produces durable material of matte and glossy textures, pesting colors, as well as with imitation of stone and wood.

    Plastic refers to waterproof materials, it is easy to care for it, and there are such shelves cheaper than any other product.

    How to choose?

    Before choosing the shelves for the kitchen, you need to decide for yourself than they will fill, and where to be. In the first case, you can understand the desired volume of the design, in the second – calculate the size.

    If the shelves are used under spices or other little things, 1-3-level small structures are suitable for wood, plastic or glass. Good for trilting shelves (lattice) on chrome-plated metal suspensions. For a large amount of dishes or under technology, you should choose strong structures from reliable material – wood or metal. In this case, the angular structures are convenient – they occupy a little space, but have a greater capacity.

    If in the kitchen there is a lot of decoration and exhibition dishes, it is worth thinking about the lung open shelves. For storage of a saucepan and a pan as additional storage sites to the headset, massive closed shelves are selected.

    Small attachments are best acquired on loops, they can be removed and wash. There are convenient variants of drawn, exit and rotating products, all the contents have easy access.

    In small kitchens, for which every centimeter is registered, and which cannot be cluttered with suspended boxes, use shallow shelves over the working countertop, leaving for the ceiling, combined by open and closed sections.

    If the family is small, and the question of storage places is sharply not worth it, you can do with several open shelves, keeping space indoors.

    For styles such as minimalism, high-tech, small glass shelves are well suited, transmitting light and creating volume.

    It is important that the purchased products fit the style and the color of the interior, had a harmonious appearance, the owners taste answered.

    How to locate?

    Shelves are of universal furniture, and they can be anywhere. Consider the examples of different options for the shelves.

    • Convenient to have little things right at hand. To do this, equip the iron, stainless steel, drywall or any other shelf on the desktop. With this location, each item falls into sight.
    • Window in the working area from two sides surround the shelves intended for dishes.
    • Corner open models are good for small kitchens. With a large capacity, the product takes a little space.
    • Simple straight line shelves can completely replace suspended cabinets in the kitchen, occupying the entire wall above the working surface.
    • Constructions on chains or cables suspend in the center of the kitchen, the hostess gets additional storage locations in the most unexpected location.

    Ideas for decorating

    In the kitchen prepare, trapes, relax, arrange gatherings with friends. Each hostess want to see this room cozy and unique. Moments of identity and home heat will help bring unusual decoration.

    • Original shelves are arranged from simple boxes. You can put any little things on them.

    • In the style of Provence or Shebbi-Chic look great storage space for slightly changed stairs.

    • Vertical wine shelves occupy a little place in the kitchen, but collect the whole home collection of wine.

    • Glass shelves with white dishes are able to decorate any wall. With the correct backlight, the plates and vases are as if soaring in the air.

      The shelves for the kitchen are so different that they will always find their destination. They can store trivia, take over the load of household appliances, to become decoration of the kitchen, demonstrating beautiful dishes and decor elements.

      About how to make an unusual shelf for the kitchen with your own hands, look next.

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