Kitchen sinks: varieties, selection and care of washing

Kitchen sinks: varieties, selection and care of washing

In general, peace manage to meet very few people who are ready to boast of love for washing dishes. One does not like a long pastime near the sink, others do not suit the composition of detergents, because of which they give their voice in favor of dishwashers, and the sink is used only for washing vegetables and defrost products. Third and the process itself oppresses. But if you choose the right sink, daily work on bringing utensils in order will flow much easier.


The sink in the working area of ​​the kitchen is considered an indispensable element. Therefore, it should be not just high quality, but also possess attractive external characteristics. An important factors of good sink are convenience when used and multifunctionality. All these characteristics create the most comfortable conditions not only for washing dishes, but also to rinse vegetables. And the most important thing is that high-quality shells will serve their owners for many years.

Variety of kitchen sinks Veliko. They can be of a variety of forms, have a few cups and even equipped with a dryer. Models can be made from different materials. In order not to feel an amateur and independently cope with the search for a suitable design, you should familiarize yourself with a detailed overview of the diversity of my miles.

  • Singness Sinks are considered simple and familiar to all products. Such structures are ideal for kitchens with a small working area. Single products are made in the form of a rectangle and square, due to which they have sufficiently spacious dimensions. Many hostesses celebrate the convenience of the product described. And thanks to the design developments, one-piece washing began to be made in a rounded and oval form, the main difference of which is the depth and a wide circle, allowing to put inside a large amount of dishes.

  • Mature Constructions of miles are found in the interiors of modern kitchens much more often. In most cases, such models are installed in one line, and in some cases they can be placed under an invisible excavation angle to the mixer. This variety of washes is very convenient for hostesses loving to pour native splendor of delicious dishes. In one cup of the sink, dirty utensils used during cooking. In the second it turns out to wash vegetables for cooking. The important advantage of multi-inclined miles is the possibility of installing drying with a rigid fastening, on which it turns out to decompose the clean dishes with which the water remains.

  • Pretty modern option is One-hour shell. The design of this species has several compartments. The department with large dimensions involves washing dirty dishes, smaller capacity is designed for defrosting. Catering sinks are the perfect option for a small headset.

  • Sinks with one or more wings are continuing workspace. Each wing will get folded clean dishes, place a saucepan with boiling water, put other containers.

Below you can see the video with Specialist Specialist Specialist for Kitchen.

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