Kitchen Stools: Types, Materials and Sizes

Kitchen Stools: Types, Materials and Sizes

The presence of some furniture in the room is a prerequisite for its operation. As for the kitchen, it is simply not to do without places to sit here, in the world, such products are presented in a large manifold. Among this list it is worth highlighting stools, notable for their individual characteristics.

Advantages and disadvantages

Such furniture has long been used in the arrangement of kitchens in residential premises, so over time it was possible to allocate its positive and negative features.

So, the advantages of stools must include the following points.

  • Functionality. Stools occupy a minimum room in the room, in the world, such options can be purchased for small kitchens. In addition, after use, they can be deposited on loggias, plug under the table, hide into the closet, fold stools on each other, which is not always possible to make with chairs. It is worth highlighting modern folding stools as the most illicit and functional furniture.
  • Practicality. Such options will become a real find for those kitchens, where the number of people gathering people at the table often happens different. Remove one or more stools can be pretty quickly, and without disrupting the integrity of the overall interior of the room.
  • Variety options. Today manufacturers produce stools suitable for different design. Products are represented by different types, can be made of natural or synthetic materials, stand out by a variety of color solutions.
  • Construction reliability. The stool for the kitchen is a reliable version of its device, most of the models are presented in the form of products for 4 legs, which provides them with maximum stability during operation.
  • Universality. Similar kitchen furniture will always be relevant and fashionable. Such options are well combined with other interior items, can also act as an independent unit in the arrangement of the room.
  • Available cost. Most of the stools presented on sale has more budget costs compared to conventional or bar chairs. In addition, this option for kitchen arrangement can be made independently.

    But, despite the large number of positive characteristics inherent in such a type of furniture, it is not deprived of some minuses.

    • Stools, especially stylish options for the latest generation, will be comfortable not for all people. Conducted by significant differences between pastime on a soft chair with a high back and use of ordinary stool.
    • To make some models of such furniture are more convenient, it may be necessary to additionally equip the seat with soft lining.


    Today, you can find a whole range of kitchen stools that are classified on the basis of their configuration.

    Classic varieties

    Such products are represented by products with soft, seven-dimensional and rigid seats. This option remains the most popular recently.

    The stools of this species are usually made of wood, but the consumer can choose no less attractive and practical furniture made of plastic or metal in any color.


    Folding stools are allocated by their functionality, so it is present not only in apartments and country houses, but also are often used in dachas. The most common materials for the release of furniture are lightweight metal alloys, wood and plastic. Selection of raw materials is carried out, taking into account the overall stylistics of the room.

    Bar type stools

    Appeared on the market not so long ago, but have already managed to earn a good reputation. As a rule, such kitchen furniture will be required to arrange dining areas with high rack. Usually the stools of this species are manufactured On metal frame, there are wooden models.

    Pretty in demand forged stools with a round stand and the ability to adjust the height.

    Stools-stewing stools

    Very original, but so far a low-use version that will serve as a more decorative component of the interior. Interesting and functional Taberet model, which will cope with its main task. Besides, Such furniture will be useful if necessary to get anything from cabinets and shelves located at the top.

    Dimensions and forms

    Manufacturers make stools in different variations of forms. Among those used most often it is worth highlighting the models:

    • round+
    • Square+
    • Triangular+
    • Rectangular+
    • Straight+
    • concave.

    Round stools can be made from different raw materials based on the stylistic orientation of interiors. Most often you can meet options from metal with soft seats made of leather or textiles.

    Square models are a classic option that is in demand most. Despite the conservatism of the square toaster, the manufacturers today offer interesting models made from different types of raw materials, in addition, they can be supplemented with curved forged legs, various variations of the back and seat.

    Triangular, rectangular, straight and concave semi-walled models are not so often. Usually they are made under the specific interior of the kitchen, selecting the color solutions and the configuration of the legs, in some cases and the backs.

    As for the legs, the stools are on one, two, three or four legs.

    With respect to sizes, kitchen stools can be:

    • High+
    • Low+
    • Standard.

    The first option is made in such a way that the owner of the furniture in operation is able to adjust the height of the tobabe. Such furniture belongs to a universal category, it can be used in different parts of the kitchen, in addition, it is these models that are recommended to acquire to bar.

    As a rule, wooden, metal or plastic options are highlighted by their reliability and stability, withstand high loads.

    Low models are a lightweight option that cannot be used as the main seat for the seat at the table due to its minimum height. In most cases, such furniture acquire for operation in a house where there are small children, in addition, it is used as a footrest in the hallway, the kitchen or even in the bathroom. As a rule, it is made of wood or polymer.

    Standard options acquire for operation together with conventional dining tables. Their sizes are not distinguished by any deviations from the usual height of the chairs in the kitchen, usually it is 40-50 centimeters.


    As the main types of raw materials for the manufacture of furniture, manufacturers today are actively used Three options:

    • wood+
    • metal+
    • plastic.

    There are combined constructions that can combine two or more types of material. Each raw material has individual features.

    Wooden furnitureIt is considered the most expensive, in addition, it is more aesthetic and environmentally friend. In most cases, the production uses a chipboard and an array. The color palette is also quite extensive, so wood stools will be able to choose practically for any interior.

    As a rule, these are stools under alder, oak, pine, dark or light nut and t. D.

    Metal products for the most part are a metal frame with a seat made of other raw materials. Such options are also distinguished by strength, will be able to withstand serious loads due to the base. Usually, aluminum alloys are used for the manufacture of stools, which are highlighted by resistance to corrosion.

    Plastic will require a more careful selection of room interior. Such products will have a smaller cost, but can be used not only as temporary, but also permanent furniture in the kitchen. In the assortment of plastic stools there are interesting transparent models that are particularly popular when making modern interiors.

    Seats usually make moisture-resistant and wear-resistant textiles, leather, eco-skin, leatherette. Upholstery, as a rule,, if necessary, very simply replace.

    Design options

    It is worth highlighting the main directions in the design of interiors with stools.


    Most often, furniture made of wood are acquired most often for decoration in this style, and varieties with carved and curly legs are especially popular.

    The color of such stools can repeat the natural shades of various varieties of wood, there are products of bright colors, calm beige shades.

    High tech

    For such kitchens most often use screw metal stools with a back or without it, plastic options for non-standard forms, bright contrast varieties, bar chairs with a back and without it.

    Country style

    As a rule, in such kitchens there is a combination of wood and textiles. Stools for such premises may be massive. As a rule, they have a standard square or round shape.

    Pop art and grunge

    For ultramodern ideas, bright collapsible plastic models are suitable, as well as high bar stools.

    Tips for choosing

    To the kitchen interior was as harmonious as possible, To the selection of stools it is necessary to approach thoroughly, taking into account the following features.

    • The sizes of stools must correspond to the area of ​​the room itself. As a rule, the standard furniture height is 45 centimeters, while the seats diameter will be within 50 centimeters. Such values ​​can vary in a larger or smaller side depending on the height of the dining table or rack.
    • An important nuance is the rigidity of the very seating. To preserve a good posture, it is worth refraining from exploitation of too soft stools, if necessary, a cover on the furniture can be sewn independently. Textiles is not always practical, because it is quite quickly erased and comes in disrepair. It is best to consider options from the leatherette.
    • Material from which the stool will be made, you need to select on the basis of the overall design of the kitchen or the room finish.
    • It is best that the surface of the seats is a bit concave or rounded, which will be more comfortable when used.
    • Wooden products can serve in the kitchen for quite a long time, because it will be able to repaint in any color so that stools are harmoniously combined with new repairs or furniture heads, a dining table.
    • If stools are used not only in the kitchen, it is worth considering folding options, as well as furniture with unscrewing components. Such models will be very convenient for kitchens in private houses, at dachas.

    Beautiful examples

    The main feature of stools is their combination with any kitchen headcard. Therefore, the dining area in a simple style with a sofa-corner can be supplemented in several places for seats in the form of stools that create a harmonious atmosphere around the table.

    Simple and correct form in the room where there is nothing superfluous, it will be possible to complement comfortable, as well as stylish classic trees made of wood, made in one color range with the rest of furniture.

    Similar options are highlighted by functionality, in addition, occupy a minimum place.

        The dining area in the room with soft stools in the delicate palette can be a real area for recreation, and comfortable furniture will help to make the pastime at the table as pleasant as possible.

        About how to choose stools for the kitchen, see the following video.

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