Kitchen Stools with Soft Seat

Kitchen Stools with Soft Seat

The word “stool” (or in a simple “stool”) came to the Russian lexicon from German (Taburett). They are customary to call a piece of furniture, which has no backs, nor armrests and intended for the seating on one person. The main details of the stuff – legs and the seat, the first are often connected on top and bottom. Currently there are a lot of species of this simple, but the necessary furniture product. Especially widespread stools with soft seats are used in the kitchen interior.

Pluses of use

Thanks to the special design, stools save space: they can be removed under the table or put on each other. Stools intended for guests can be kept on the balcony. Modern options are represented by a large variety of forms and colors, they fit perfectly in any interior. In addition, this furniture is easy to care: stools are easy to wash away from fat, which can get on them while cooking dishes. Worn upholstery of the seat can be easily replaced with a new.

Variety of shapes

It should be remembered that the soft stool with its appearance should create harmony with the outlines of the table and the common kitchen style. Surface of kitchen stools can have several types of forms.


This is a classic option, the most common. He is universal and comes up to different style solutions. The angles of such stools are rounded to avoid injuries. But the upholstery begins to ride from the corners, as it is subjected to strong resistance.


Such stools are usually low. They are suitable for children to sit on them or as a stand under the feet.

They are also comfortable to wear and remove shoes.

A circle

Round stools with soft seats are considered to be complex shape. The surface is performed more often from thin materials to avoid the chances. In the modern interior very popular Metallic High Stools with Round Soft Seats. They have a graceful look, stylish and lungs in care.


This is a rarely found form. Most often, such unusual stools are made of metal or from laminated wood chipboard (LDSP).


In the height of the stool with a soft seat often there are standard parameters – 43-50 cm. They are easy and quickly cleaned under the table.

If the height is more than 45 cm, then the conversation guide is made to strengthen the frame.

Semi-fruit stools have a height of 75-85 cm and are attached to kitchen racks high no more than 1 m 50 cm. Bar stools have a height of 1 m 50 cm and above, they are suitable for standard standing racks.


The upper part of the stools with a soft seat is overharaged by different materials, each of which has its own characteristics that need to be considered when choosing.


From this inexpensive large-scale fabric, it turns out a very practical upholstery, because the basis of jacquard is coarse fibers, which is positively affected by the wear resistance of such a coating.


This durable rude fabric is made using double or triple weave threads that form a characteristic chess drawing. Consequently, This material is durable and suitable for kitchen stool upholstery.


It is a pile fabric, pleasant to the touch. This matter is not tkut, but cover the basis of the smallest Villas. Flock is represented by a large variety of color gamut and easy to care. Stools with such an upholstery are very suitable for the interior of the classic style.


Externally, such a upholstery is almost indistinguishable from real skin, it looks expensive and exquisite. For ecocuses it is easy to care for, but it should be noted that This material absorbs foreign odors.


Upholstery from genuine leather luxurious, beautiful and notesayev. With good care, she will last a long time. Stools with such an upholstery in the kitchen interior Create a feeling of respectableness.


Soft seats of kitchen stools in their filling can be several types.


Cheap, but prone to rapid wear material. Requires frequent replacement to a new.


Such a filler is also low and short-lived. It is strong and quickly loses the form.

From Asshex

This is a synthetic material that has good elasticity and keeps fine. In addition, he is resistant to abrasion. Ideal on a combination of quality and cost.

From Spanbond and Periothek

Both of these fillers are similar in their properties to Assesex, but plus them are still in hypoallery.


This is natural and environmentally friendly material. He is resistant to abrasion.

From coconut coyra

It is a fiber from the coconut intermarket, which is able to restore the original shape. This is an eco-friendly and non-hazardous filler.

Basics options

The base of kitchen stools with a soft seat is a very important link in the overall design, because it depends not only the appearance, but how long it will last all the product as a whole.


Natural wood stools look very harmoniously with a classic fabric coating or leather.

Wooden kitchen stools fit for the interior in the style of country or for the classic kitchen style.

Such furniture is environmentally friendly and has aesthetic appearance. The price of these stools will depend on the type of wood, the most expensive products are made of beech.


Eco-ripped stools, as a rule, are made from laminated wood chipboard (LDSP) or from wood-fibrous medium density slabs (MDF). These materials make wood residues.


Such a base is made of a hollow tube, which is bent under certain angles and bonded with rivets. On the legs, as a rule, placed felt, rubber tires, plastic in order not to spoil the floor covering. Metal bases are durable and easy to care. Made from aluminum skeleton Not subject to corrosion.

How to choose?

In order to pick up high-quality, comfortable and suitable interior kitchen stool with soft seat, Carefully examine the recommendations of specialists.

  • The size of the toaster must match the sizes of the kitchen. The perfect height is 45 cm, and the diameter is 50 cm. This should take into account the height of the dining table.
  • Stools should be harmonized with a dining table not only in shape, but also in color, as well as coincide on the material of the manufacture.
  • Soft seats from eco-leave and genuine leather are more practical and easy to clean.
  • High stools with soft round seats are ideal for the bar counter.
  • Carefully examine when buying the whole design for marriage and defects.
  • It should be remembered that too soft surface is harmful to posture.
  • Stools with low cost, as a rule, serve less than more expensive options.

    Modern stools for kitchen with soft seats are a profitable alternative to bulky chairs, especially in small kitchen space. Today the range is so wide that it is easy to choose an optimal option for any style and interior. This functional furniture made of high-quality material and is correctly selected, will serve you for a very long time.

    About how to make a stool with a soft seat with your own hands, look next.

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