Kuiser kitchen faucets: features, varieties, choice

Kuiser kitchen faucets: features, varieties, choice

The kitchen must be equipped with high-quality devices for efficient operation. Washing occupies one of the key seats in the working area. It is important to equip it with a good crane for quick and comfortable washing dishes. In the article we will look at the Kaiser kitchen faucets and give useful tips on choosing.


The German company Kaiser has long established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality products at a nice price. The design and design of the mixers is designed by the best specialists in Germany. The company carefully monitors the manufacture of goods at each stage. The brand product feature is an additional, manual check of each product after conveyor assembly. Unfortunately, so far it is impossible to automatically evaluate the quality of the cranes, so specialists independently evaluate visually every subject for any imperfections.

Kaiser kitchen cranes are made of cast brass and stainless steel. The coating is chrome-plated, under copper, bronze or gold, depending on the model. Colored products of black, white, sandy and pistachio shade are offered. A large plus of firm mixers is the presence of additional functions, for example, an additional hole for the filter feeding drinking water, or exhaust. Most of the Kaiser models are simply in the installation, in the kit there is a clear instruction.

The presence of a ceramic cartridge prevents the appearance of limescale and simplifies the care of devices.

There are some features. Despite the fact that the company positions itself as a manufacturer of products of the average price segment, some faucets are significantly higher. There are products that are difficult to mount, for this will have to seek help from a professional master.

The German brand offers a wide range of models, among which everyone can find an option to taste.

Kaiser Carlson 11033

Classic kitchen tap with two valves perfectly fit into the modern interior. Brass case is resistant to temperature drops. Ergonomic shape knobs with ease rotate. The mixer is equipped with a special nozzle that allows you to save water. Double spout function allows you to get filtered water. Pleasant model price and good quality made it one of the most popular in the ruler of the German brand. The cost varies from 2450 to 3,500 rubles, depending on the place of purchase.

Kaiser Decor 40144 Granit

A crane with an interesting appearance and granite color will bring the “highlight” to any room. The temperature and water pressure are adjustable using a lever located on the side of the case. The mixer has elevated resistance to temperature differences, thanks to the manufacturer – brass. Equipped with an extra hole with a built-in filter for drinking water. Long operational deadlines and high performance made the product optimal not only for the home, but also for restaurants and cafes. Kaiser gives 10 years warranty on this model. The cost of the device is 6,700 rubles.

Kaiser 31244

A single-lever mixer made from cast brass is convenient to use and can work without interruptions throughout the day. Included a special nozzle for saving water. Built-in aerator with silicone inserts prevents the appearance of lime. The compact product size makes it optimal even for a small kitchen, but it does not make it difficult to wash large capacities. There is a water filtration function. Price device 7100 rubles.

Kaiser Safira 15066

Compact faucet with one lever for water adjustment is made of cast brass, which speaks of high quality and long-term use. Low landing may be uncomfortable for high people. Included a nozzle for liquid saving. Availability of double spout talks about the possibility of getting drinking water. The price varies from 5200 to 7500 rubles.

Kaiser Sensor 38111

Touch mixer is one of the latest models. Case made of cast brass will last more than 10 years, and the absence of unnecessary elements makes the design of concise. The device can be easily mounted independently, and even a child will cope with the control. There are no valves or levers, water adjustment occurs due to the integrated sensor. It is enough to bring hands to the mixer and from it immediately rushes the flow of fluid when the hands are removed, the water supply will stop. Temperature is configured using a built-in sensor. Despite the fact that the device in itself very economically spends water, in the kit there is a special nozzle, which will reduce consumption. The product is equipped with a thermostat that immediately serves hot water, regardless of water supply. The price of the model is 8700 rubles.

How to choose?

When buying a kitchen faucet, it is recommended to pay attention to some details that will help make the right choice.


First of all, it should be decided on the type of water temperature and pressure adjustment. The German brand Kaiser offers models of two types: with two turntables or one-art, each of them has both pros and minuses. Products with two valves are optimal for kitchens in a classic style. They look very kindly and rich, especially painted under bronze or copper. Unfortunately, similar models are more suitable for the bathroom, rather than for the kitchen. Some hostesses are engaged in washing dishes more than 5 times a day and every time it is not very convenient to customize the water temperature, since the procedure takes not only time, but also makes spending more water for which we pay money.

It is for this reason that in modern apartments are trying to put mixers with nuts that allow you to maintain the selected fluid temperature. It is enough to establish a comfortable degree and the lever can be lowered. Next time it will be necessary only to adjust the water pressure and go wash the dishes.

By the way, raise and lower the lever is much easier than twist every valve.


The shape and appearance of the crane is selected depending on the stylistic orientation of the interior to the customer taste. However, there are some nuances that are not related to design. The practicality of the crane is also very important. Pay attention to the mixers with a rotary case, which will allow washing dishes at any angle and, if necessary, work immediately into two sinks. With a sufficient height, such models can be used to fill in a saucepan or glasses, standing on the table top, and not in the sink. The length of the gland also should be chosen correctly, it can make it difficult to wash large capacities. Very high device, in turn, is sometimes the cause splashing water on the parties. This parameter is usually selected taking into account the shape and depth of washing.

Additional functions

Modern mixers are equipped with practical additions that will make work in the kitchen easier. For example, an excellent option will be the presence of a sliding gland, which will allow you to quickly wash the large saucepan, clean the sink or type water in the vase. An excellent addition will be the presence of a built-in filter for drinking water. There are models with two poles: upper and lower, Each of which is designed to wash certain dishes. Cutlery, cups and fruits can be rinsed under the bottom, plates and pans – under the top.


The opinion of buyers about Kaiser faucets is mainly positive. Users are satisfied with the quality of products, their stylish design and long service life. There is a convenience of managing models with ergonomic levers. Models are easy to mount yourself, do not need to contact a professional master. Pleases buyers and democratic product price.

Negative reviews belong to users who are not lucky to acquire a fake crane made in China. Unfortunately, because of the popularity of the Kaiser brand, many unfair manufacturers have emerged, producing cheap products of poor quality.

Read more about choosing kitchen mixers See next video.

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