Lamps in the kitchen above the table: variations and tips on the location

Lamps in the kitchen above the table: variations and tips on the location

The kitchen is the place where we come throughout the day to eat. And for the hostess this room is also a place of work. Therefore, it is important that it was comfortable to be. An important role in the organization of the workplace plays the right lighting.

The article will talk about how to choose and correctly arrange lighting devices above the kitchen table.

Primary requirements

To make the cooking process convenient, you need to choose the lighting method, which will meet certain requirements.

  • Comfort. So that the eyes are not tired, and the work was comfortable, the light in the kitchen should be natural, soft and warm. In addition, the lighting should be pretty bright, especially important bright lamp for the kitchen above the table.
  • Saving. The kitchen is the room in which the light burns almost around the clock. Therefore, it is important to select economical LED lamps that consume little energy and serve long.
  • Simplicity. In the kitchen and so too many different details, therefore, you need to choose lamps in the style of minimalism. Do not overdo it in the amount and brightness of the instruments.
  • Zoning. Many cuisine is combined with the dining room, which means it is necessary to arrange the lamps so that it is light in every zone. That is, it is important that there is lighting and over dining, and over chopping, and above the main kitchen tables.
  • Type of ceiling overlap. Lighting largely depends on the finishing material of the ceiling. For example, a wooden ceiling requires special attention, as the tree absorbs light. In this case, you can arrange suspended or mortise spotlights. Stretch, drywall and rush ceilings are compatible with almost all types of lamps.

But the painted ceiling limits the choice of lighting with chandeliers, lighting panels and wall braces.

Overview of lighting devices

Today there are a large number of types of lighting devices. So as not to get confused, consider each type separately.

  • Pendant chandelier – the most common lighting device that is used to illuminate not only the kitchen, but also other rooms. Chandeliers are different in shape, most often they do triple, with lots of lamps. Depending on the size and design of your kitchen, you should correctly pick up a chandelier. So, for a kitchen with a low ceiling, a flattened chandelier will come up. If the size of the room allows you to purchase a more voluminous hanging chandelier.

The main thing, stick to simplicity in choosing the suspension, so as not to overload the interior with details. If you want to soften the light, use chandeliers with lampsure. Most often, the chandelier acts as the main lighting device, it can be supplemented with point luminaires.

  • Tire lighting devices – These are small lamps located on a metal case embedded in the ceiling. Sometimes the lamps can be moved along the tire, which allows you to set the light as it should.

  • Railing lamp is a long narrow lamp, which is usually placed above the desktop to highlight the local zone. This lightweight device is easy to install and consumes little energy.

  • Point lighting It is used for uniform distribution of light in the areas you need. Recently, these lamps are gaining increasingly popular, as they do not occupy place, economical and effective.

  • Spot – Another interesting contemporary lighting device. It has a cylinder form on a moving base, which allows you to send light to the direction you need. The lamp can be both solid and located the group based on.

  • Panel lamp – Plays the role of the main lighting device. Sizes are different, but even the largest device will not take a lot of space, as it has a flattened form.

  • Ceiling lighting – An interesting design solution, does not take place at all. This is done in this way: the lamps are fixed on the ceiling itself, and the canvas skipping lights. Due to this, the soft light is evenly dissipated throughout the room.

  • Local lamps. Often the central lighting device is not enough, as additional lighting over the kitchen and above the desktop is required. For this purpose serve small lamps. For example, lamps of scabs or LED ribbons, soffits, wall-mounted devices, you can accommodate directly over your workplace – to build a wall or in mounted lockers. And the local lighting device can serve as a lamp, but it is worth remembering that this lamp is not suitable for small-sized kitchens.

Location options

It is important to know that the kitchen can be divided into zones with light. Light is a very important tool in the interior that will help to properly arrange accents, as well as divide the room. With the wrong use of lighting, you can make errors, which will do in the kitchen with uncomfortable.

First of all it is necessary to determine the type of lamp for the dining table, because the focus is most often done on the dining area. There are several options.

  • Volume chandelier over the dining table. This option is suitable only for large kitchens. In this case, focus on the dining area is done, you can add point lights.

  • Several lamps on a long suspension. This method provides complete lighting of the dining area, scattering soft light. In addition, the chandeliers on the suspension, if you wish, you can extend or shorten, adding or having reduced the chains links.

  • Lighting panel, which repeats the form of the dining table, excellently highlight the dining area.

  • Spotlights With the right location, become an economical and interesting option. Especially this location option is suitable for small kitchen. Pick the lamps corresponding to the kitchen style, as well as the brightness you need.

  • SPOTS and Tire Lamps. If you do not want to make a constant focus on the dining area, then use movable lamps on a tire or spots. This will allow you to choose the space that you want to highlight, and send the light to the direction you need.

  • Bra. And also to make the light in the kitchen is soft and comfortable, will help the lamps of the sconium, pinned on the wall, if the table is close to this wall.

So that work in the kitchen was comfortable, it is necessary to properly place the lighting devices above the table top. The working area, in turn, is also divided into several zones: the area of ​​the sink, mounted and floor lockers and the table top. Consider several ways to light.

  1. LED Strip Light. Such a lamp can be placed along the entire working surface, securing the tape on the hinged lockers, which will ensure a uniform distribution of light.
  2. SPOT. As mentioned earlier, this type of lamps allows you to direct the light wherever you need. That is, you can do the whole pair of lamps, directing them to the zone that you is used. They can be placed both on the curtain cabinets, and under them.
  3. Spotlights. These lighting devices can be embedded in kitchen furniture, due to which it is possible to highlight all the necessary surfaces: shelves in the cabinets, the sink zone and the tabletop itself.
  4. Railing lamp. This lamp can be positioned only above the tabletop, as it is quite volume, but the light from such a lamp applies to the entire working surface.

When placing lighting devices, it is important to take into account the height of the ceilings.

For low ceilings, the location of the floor lamps is from 1.5 m, Wood should be placed above so that they do not blind. If the ceilings are high, then the luminaires can be 1.6 m from the floor.

How to choose a lamp?

To purchase a lamp, you need to decide on the type and size of the lamp. That is, for the dining area: Suspended lamp, sconium, tire lamps or soffits. For Working Area: LED Tape, SPOT, Railing or Point Lights. Selection depends on your preference.

And also should decide on the type of light mounting.

  1. Currency. In this case, the lamp is embedded in the ceiling itself, while its body is not visible.
  2. Overhead. Such lamps are very easy to install, the case remains visible, but the lamp does not take up much space.
  3. On the suspension. Such lamps are fixed on the bus or on the chain. It is worth noting that such lamps occupy more space, but act as an interesting accent.

With the size of the lighting devices to decide fairly easy.

If the kitchen is small, then choose sofa, lighting panels or spots to save space. If the kitchen is spacious, you can choose any lamps that you taste.

Beautiful examples

In the modern interior there are many examples of the right lighting, which makes the kitchen beautiful and alive. Consider several beautiful examples of kitchens.

  • Soft scattered light in dark cuisine due to lamps with a patterned lampshade above the desktop. Lighting is supplemented with spotlights along attached boxes and over the working surface itself.

  • Uniform light due to the correct location of the lamps: small lamps on the suspension over the dining table, as well as chandeliers, located all over the area. In the role of additional lighting – sofa over the working surface and in lockers.

  • In this case, the light in the kitchen is represented by a variety of point lights.

  • Very beautiful and gentle kitchen design. LED Tape Represents Basic Lighting, Additional – Dot Lights.

  • Example of combined lighting. Lighting panel – main light source, secondary sources – LED tape and sofa.

Tips for the location of lamps in the kitchen, see the following video.

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