Left corner sofas: features, species and choice

Left corner sofas: features, species and choice

Sofas have long and firmly entered our life. It is impossible to imagine a modern apartment without this basic household item. In offices, receptions and offices of managers can also do without comfortable upholstered furniture.

Today in the furniture stores you can see a huge number of corner sofas. In our article we will talk about their features, we will analyze the pros and cons of angular models, we will make a small review of transformation mechanisms and let us discuss the nuances of choice.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

The main feature of the angular models of sofas is their ability to ergonomically fill in the empty angle of the room. Depending on the design, they can be with the right or left angle, as well as universal, modular and P-shaped.

If you want to divide the room into zones, the corner sofa will perfectly cope with this task, bringing your unique style to your home.

Benefits include:

  • the ability to use space as efficiently as possible+
  • Ability to turn such a sofa in bed+
  • In the case of a modular device, it is easy to change the elements in places at its discretion+
  • Some models are equipped with countertops, shelves, minibars and others.

Among the disadvantages can be called High cost. And these models are quite massive and require free space.


Depending on which one or another model is intended for the premises, the angular sofas are divided into two large groups: for office and for home.

Office sofas are distinguished by large size and upholstery material, it is usually skin or leatherette.

Objects of furniture for the house, in turn, are divided into subgroups:

  • For bedrooms – necessarily equipped with folding mechanism, the upholstery is made in calm colors+
  • For children – They differ in their compact dimensions, bright coloring and lack of solid corners+
  • For the living room – characterized by greater representativeness, and also provide for the possibility of converting to a place to sleep+
  • for kitchen – the advantage of the models are spacious storage boxes for homemade utensils, located under the folding seats.

Depending on the design, angular sofas are:

  • Monolithic – All of their parts are securely bonded+
  • modular – Consist of separate elements that can be rearranged in any order by changing the side of the angle, to remove or install armrests.

Transformation mechanisms

Of great importance in the selection of the sofa is the type of transformation mechanism.

A number of devices are considered the most famous and reliable mechanisms.

  • “Dolphin” – Frequently found mechanism in angular models. A spacious and comfortable bed for night sleep is formed.
  • “Accordion” – equally well-known type of folding mechanism. Smooth and useful for sleeping beds It turns out without any connections and joints.
  • “Eurobook” – very popular and reliable transformation mechanism. The seat goes forward, the back is lowered – a spacious bed for sleeping is ready.
  • “Tik-so” – Advanced Eurobooks. Movement is performed using a lifting device, due to which the carpet or linoleum scraps can be avoided.
  • “Puma” – smooth operation of the mechanism makes the process of turning the corner sofa into a full-fledged bed very fast and easy.
  • “French and American clamshells” – Sleeping space is formed by deploying hidden under the seat of the movable part.

Tips for choosing

In order to correctly select a model that meets your requirements, you must first measure the parameters of the room, as well as determine the angle of such a sofa.

As already mentioned, Corner sofas can be with the right or left angle, as well as universal, that is, those whose design provides for the ability to change the angular part.

To determine the angle, you need to sit on his long part – if the angle will be on your left hand, it means that you are left-hand sofa, if right – right-hand.

The durability of the thing affects the quality of the material from which it was made.

  • The best material for the frame is wood. Such sofas are the most durable and environmentally friendly.
  • Metal is considered a good material, but these sofas are pretty cumbersome.
  • Short-lived and unbelievable, but cheap material is chipboard.

Very important sofa quality indicator – its filler material.

  • The best filler for sofas are Independent spring blocks, possessing excellent orthopedic properties.
  • Polyurethan is also considered a good filler. It has sufficient stiffness and helps those who already have problems with his back.
  • Porolon and Sintepon quickly lose their shape, besides, are not eco-friendly materials. They are used to fill the mattresses of cheap furniture options.

Upholstery material should also choose quite carefully. Upholstery material happens leather or fabric: the first option is used for premium models, the second is more democratic.

Among the variety of fabrics for upholstery is allocated:

  • velours+
  • Flock+
  • Rogozhka+
  • Shenille+
  • tapestry+
  • jacquard.

The upholstery fabric should be durable, the colors of the fabric each chooses, relying on its taste and the basic tone of the interior of the room.

An important indicator of the quality of the sofa is the trouble-free operation of its transformation mechanism. Be sure to check the product before buying, decompose several times and fold it. If the mechanism works smoothly and without hots – everything is in order, but at the slightest doubt it is better to find another option.

Examples in the interior

Consider several beautiful examples of corner sofas in the interior:

  • Left-sided corner sofa in the interior of the living room+

  • Modular P-shaped corner sofa+

  • equilateral kitchen corner sofa+

  • right-hand corner sofa with ottoman in the interior of the children’s+

  • right-hand corner sofa in the interior of the bedroom+

  • Corner leather sofa in office interior.

Video review of the modern model of the left-body sofa see below.

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