LEMARK Hygienic Souls: Features and Recommendations

LEMARK Hygienic Souls: Features and Recommendations

The issue of hygiene is important for every person. That is why the French was invented by the bidet, which, from a medical point of view, is much better than toilet paper. But in many apartments at the expense of a small area of ​​bathrooms and bathrooms there is no possibility to establish this item. Currently, the exit from this situation was the installation of hygienic shower. One of the leading companies for the production of this product is LEMARK.

history of the company

The LEMARK Czech company produces a wide range of plumbing. As raw materials for their products, the company uses high-quality brass and German aerators. The company’s assortment has more than 20 different plumbing collections. This makes it easy to choose the necessary home equipment.

What is the hygienic shower?

The standard set of such a soul is the following configuration:

  • hose+
  • Shower leak+
  • Temperature Control Mixer.

Some models have the opportunity to additionally install the check valve or gearbox. The hose can be made of rubber or be braided with metal. As a material for the winding, it is better not to choose hoses with a metal winding from zinc or aluminum, since this type of metal darkens and loses its commodity species. The recommended hose length varies from 0.5 to 1.5 meters.

But before you choose the length, It is worth knowing the location of the soul. Like size less than standard shower, and has a valve that is responsible for water supply.

If there is no such mixer, it will be either cold, or hot water, which in this case is absolutely not suitable.

Installation options

Well, if you in advance at the construction or repair stage thought the possibility of installing the hygienic soul, then you can carry out any designer project and immediately bring hot and cold water to the place of installation of the shower. This option will allow to put a lever mixer.

The second option is suitable for whom the idea of ​​installing such a shower came after repair. Then it is possible to install a shower in Santechshkuf. But due to unstable pressure in the pipes, it is necessary to constantly adjust the water temperature, so It is worth installing a thermostat shower. And after use immediately block water supply, since the design may not withstand pressure and break, which will entail unpleasant consequences.

One of the most popular Lines of LEMARK is Plus Grace. The hygiene shower of the Plus Grace series is embedded and has a watering can with a push mechanism. The length of the hose in this product is 1.5 meters. 33 mm soul diameter, 23 mm hose diameter. Length of the shower handle 184 mm. Such minor sizes make it convenient to use this adaptation.

Another popular line of firm is a series Solo. It is represented by two models: Solo LM7165C with mixer and Solo LM7166C. Not so long ago this line has a novelty LM7165B, which is represented in bronze. Warranty on this brand products is 4 years. Model Solo LM7165C It has a single-dimensional mixer and hidden vertical mounting type. The length of the hose of this model is 1.5 meters, the diameter of the ceramic cartridge is 25 mm.

Varieties of mixers

Distinguish 3 types of mixers:

  • Single-piece+
  • Valid Type+
  • with thermostat.

When installing valve mixers, it is worth remembering that When pressure drops in pipes, it will not be able to provide the desired water temperature for the procedure. In this type, water of the desired temperature is obtained when mixing hot and cold water with valves. Also needed an additional crane that will be responsible for water supply. Single-grazing faucets water pressure and temperature are adjustable by lever. The water temperature is regulated by the movements horizontally, and the vertical movement is responsible for pressure.

The faucet with thermoregulation is optimal when using the hygienic soul, since It is enough to adjust the required temperature once and in the future just use the water lever.

In situations where pressure in the pipes decreases, the thermostat itself calculates the required amount of water to maintain the temperature you need.

Pros and cons of the hygienic soul

This shower is an excellent biden replacement in an apartment. Such a device allows you to carefully monitor hygiene. In addition to its main goal, the device allows you to solve some small household tasks. For example, with it, it is much easier to fill various tanks for cleaning or bottles for watering colors, because the sinks in the bathroom do not always allow it to do. Also with it easier to wash shoes after the street. By minuses include what Even a weight will be quite difficult to use the shower.

What to pay attention to when buying?

    The first thing to make an emphasis is – these are design features, since some models can only be connected to one pipe. The second is the way of fastening, because sometimes water can leak away from the watering. Lake should be in place not affordable for children, because then it will not be possible to avoid problems with flooded floors and wet walls.

    It is also worth paying attention to the material from which the product is made. The best option among budget products is Brass with chrome plated.

    In the video detailed about the types of hygiene shower and methods of its installation.

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