Light wallpapers in the Hall: Features and Recommendations

Light wallpapers in the Hall: Features and Recommendations

The living room has always been and remains the center of the house, it is here that family members are going to and here receive guests. In order to create a cozy atmosphere in the room, raise the mood of households and make the room more spectacular, it is best to use bright wallpaper for finishing. Today we will talk about what they happen to how to combine them with other facing materials and furniture, as well as how color is preferable in the living room.

Criterias of choice

The living room in the house is a room designed to carry out the free time of all family members, so the design of this room should be festive and at the same time practical, responding to the aesthetic ideas and adult households, and the most young family members. When buying wallpaper You need to focus on the overall stylistic solution of the interior, as well as the style and color of the furniture that you plan to place in the room.

Certainwise need to take into account the dimensions of the room itself. This indicator must be taken into account first of all, and this has the most practical explanations. For spacious rooms, strict restrictions on the color decision does not exist, but in typical apartments, the living rooms are usually small, so they are not recommended to use dark finishing materials.

For the design of the walls, it is best to give preference to air and light shades that contribute to visual expansion of space boundaries.

In such premises, it is better to find the wallpaper of a dairy kola or canvas with shades of pink and golden. Certain requirements The size of the room presents to the print – so, for large rooms you can use coatings with the image of large forms, and only small ornaments are allowed for small.

If you prefer wallpaper striped, then Be sure to take into account the height of the ceiling. If it is more than 3 meters, the strip can be placed horizontally, but at low ceilings, preference is better to give vertical lines that visually pull the space.

Equally important is the illumination. If the hall is light and leaves the windows to the south or east, light gray, blue and white and green wallpaper will be a good choice. If the room goes to the north or for any other reasons darkened – boldly choose wallpapers in cream, golden and beige shades.

Types of wallpaper

Wallpapers are one of the most popular finishing materials. Depending on the composition of the material and manufacturing technology, several types of products are distinguished.

  • Paper – this is the cheapest, but at the same time an impractical solution to the problem of solving, because when gluing a thin canvas often rushes and deformed. In addition, paper wallpapers do not hide the wall defects. However, on smooth surfaces without cracks and roughness, they can look quite well.

  • Fliselinovye – these are more dense wallpaper with a pronounced structure, so that they can serve much longer than paper. So the canvases are not scary water and sun rays, moreover, you can always repaint them in any other color, as they are a great basis for painting.

  • Vinyl – this is the wallpaper, the surface of which is made of vinyl, and the base is from paper, so they are easily glued and at the same time well wash in case of contamination. An important advantage is the minimum gap in the joints of the joints, thereby creating a sensation of a monolithic surface.

  • Fabric – This is one of the most sophisticated wall finishing options. The basis of such wallpapers is also performed from paper, and the upper part is from flax, silk or velor. The interior with this design looks great, but also the price of such products “bites”. Of the disadvantages, you can note the property attracting dust and high speed of contamination, besides, such wallpaper is very difficult to clean.

  • Glass equipment – Bully based on fiberglass, such materials are distinguished by practicality and durability, good moisture resistance, ease of cleaning and the ability to repaint them in another shade.

Color spectrum

When choosing a shade, the color design of the floor, ceiling and furniture items should be taken into account. So, if the floor in the dark living room, and the furniture at the same time has rich shades, light shades of wallpaper will be optimal, they make the room easier and air. It is known that Dark floors visually reduce the height of the room, because the wallpaper is better to choose with vertical stripes or elongated ornaments.

If the floors in the hall are light, then there are no such restrictions – you can choose the wallpaper of any shades with any print.

Let the surface of the canvas be shiny, then the room itself will look much lighter. Similar wallpapers were called satin, they give a bright line due to the effect of gilding and silvering.

At the same time, if the living room is small, you should not arrange with a silk screen of all 4 walls – It will be quite enough one, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect, and the room will become close.

If you can not decide on the color of the wallpaper, then chooses neutral shades (nude, beige) – they are universal, harmoniously looks with any interiors, it is easy to pick up accessories, textiles and furniture items.

Beautiful examples

Very spectacular look at the design of the hall with white wallpaper. This color is always associated with freshness, air and purity. However, such wallpapers have some drawbacks – this color does not hide any contaminants because Wallpapers will have to often clean, it is best to stop on vinyl and flieslinic versions.

Keep in mind that White rooms do not always look beautiful, so white wallpaper is usually diluted with bright accessories or contrast furniture objects. Alternatively, you can create stylish transitions or choose ideas with interesting effects: relief, glossy luster or unusual pattern.

Light blue shades belong To cold gamme – such wallpapers contribute to business activity and concentration. This option in the living room is good in cases where the room is also used as a working office. Harmonious tandem with blue walls will be gray, beige or blue furniture.

Young owner of the apartment will probably like the living room in pink shades – She will fill the room with a feeling of playfulness, femininity and positive.

In such a room, it will be nice to meet with friends, and the company with pink walls will be furnished wood shades.

The win-win option – the wallpaper of the ivory, which have not lost their popularity for several decades. Such colors contribute to the interior of notes of aristocracy and elegance, wooden furniture and gold-plated decor elements will be appropriate in such living rooms.

Naturally and naturally looks in pistachio tones. It is usually complemented by white and pastel shades, a good combination of this kolker gives a stone, wood and other natural materials.

About what wallpaper to choose for the living room, look in the video.

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