Lilac curtains in the bedroom: varieties, choice and fastening

Lilac curtains in the bedroom: varieties, choice and fastening

The choice of color solutions for the bedroom curtain is of particular importance in the preparation of the interior composition of a particular room. It is no secret that any color of the palette carries its emotional color and affects a person in its own way. Among other tabs in the coloring curtain, a considerable part of the buyers stop their choice on lilac. In the article we will look at the varieties of the curtain of this colors, the types of their fixtures and nuances of choice.

Color nuances in the interior

Lilac color is ambiguous, and therefore is not universal. He is chosen creative personality, representatives of Bohemia and adolescents. According to psychologists, this color is able to remove the tension after the working day rich in the events, adjusting to relaxation that the bedroom is especially relevant. Best suitable lilac tones curtains for bedrooms, whose windows overlook the eastern or southeast side.

This is a color for bedrooms with a sufficient level of natural lighting. He is able to revive even a boring interior, can be used for stylistics of ancient and modern design.

If the color is diluted with gray paint, it can be skillfully used in a bachelor’s dwelling. It has a creative force, sets up on the right way and creative rise.

The basis of the color is two strong paints – red and blue, which are diluted by white. The larger the predominance of one of the contrasting paints, the stronger changes his message and emotionality. In the interior of the lilac tone should not be much, and therefore in the design of the curtains it should be used correctly. For example, it can be a drawing of coloring or muffled tone, diluted with white, pinkish, yellowish or other contrast.

The trim of the curtains of the lilac color should not be unnecessary.

To equilibrate the spectrum of paints in such bedrooms need restraint.

In some cases, it is enough to make a bet on the uniqueness of the texture of lilac curtains, rather than select pompous options for their design. Color is truly unique and able to drag attention, In view of which his tone should not be sharp, but textiles – unnecessary catchy. Otherwise, over time, he may annoy and cause depression.


To date, the curtains have a lot of diverse modifications that differ in the cut, the type of fasteners, the size, shape and method of using. Depending on the size of the windows and select the stylistic solution, the lilac curtains in the bedroom can be:

  • Classic curtains in the form of a porter or curtain+
  • Rollers or Roman Shutters+
  • Plears or curtains-blinds+
  • French or Austrian varieties+
  • Japanese panels or bamboo options+
  • Rope or Italian with laces+
  • London or rural+
  • Cafe or Chinese.

Each type of curtain has its own characteristics and differs outwardly. Some of them provide for drapets, other strict and similar to the panel. The number of festers, folds, the volume of draperies can vary. According to the model, the models can barely close the glass, frame, others close not only the window, but also the whole wall of the bedroom.

The length of the products varies at the request of the customer. Lilac curtains look better in classic form, not reaching the floor 3-4 cm.

However, if you wish and a workshop, you can choose short options that will adequately complete the interior composition of the bedroom, not overcoming its concept. Models in the floor or adding on the floor today are inappropriate: Such a length creates the effect of low ceilings and a negligent approach to the selection of sizes.

Type of fixtures and materials

According to the type of opening and closing the model are sliding, ordinary and roller. Operating mechanism may provide for strings, fastenings on loops, velcro, rudders and recordings. In addition, curtain fasteners can be curtain ribbons, clips and clothespins. At the same time, whatever the fastening option is chosen by the buyer, it must be combined with the cloth of the curtains themselves.

For example, ties are used from the textile of the curtains themselves. Such attachments for curtains of different types, with the exception of French and Japanese. Loop mountings are considered more restrained, such blinds look great in conjunction with circular shape designs.

Through loops in such curtains, focus on vertical pattern or folds.

Reelness are a typical modern mounting mechanism. Such curtains in the interior look stylish and effectively. In essence, it curtains with rings mounts, from the number of the frequency of folds. In addition, the lilac curtains look good and with fasteners-scenes in the interiors without unnecessary persons, where it is necessary to withstand the design of the bedroom with an emphasis on calm and simplicity.

Curtain ribbons are used for the porter, this type of fixation for heavy and solid tissues. Clips, clothespins and hooks are originally attached to the rings, and then to curtains with equal intervals.

These are not the most aesthetic options for fasteners, but today they are still found in the assortment of brands. More modern type are champs.

Lilac curtains for bedrooms are made of different material. At the same time, the most popular of them is textiles with a translucent structure. It can be made of organza, veil, capron, mesh matter. In addition to him, in the production of lilac noble curtains, materials such as viscose, polyester, flax, cotton, tapestry and black.

How to choose?

The choice of one or another type of curtain depends on a number of factors. Key of them are the direction of design. In addition, it is important to choose the curtains, taking into account the size of the room itself, in which the bedroom is located. It is also important to consider the size of the window in the bedroom.

  • For example, if it is small, and as the basis of the stylistics is selected Modern style, No need for heavy and bulk porters. In this case, you can arrange windows with lilac blinds, Roman or doubles, in which you can combine two types of modern curtains.

  • If the bedroom is performed in pompous stylistics (Baroque, Rococo, Classic), you need to choose a special design of the curtain. For example, it can be Austrian, Italian or French curtains without drawing, but with beautiful texture.

  • Minimalism needs a laconic rod and texture without frills. The same rule concerns the loft: in both cases, the curtains should be simple, without leaf, rushes, additional jewelry. Here, the rope options and the screens of a monochromatic type can be used.

  • Provence, Country, Bocho, Patchwork tend to abundance of textiles. These curtains should look robust, but tastefully. It is a necessarily product on the loop with a print (possibly flower or checkered).

  • Photocurtains in light lilac colors are an excellent solution For modern stylistics. In this case, the image can be performed in a stylized form, and the curtains themselves can be supplemented with white tulle.

Before buying one or another option, you need to measure the window, frame parameters, height from the eaves to the floor. If the window is small and narrow, a bulky model is not suitable for him. Cold lilac tones are well suited for warm bedrooms. Here you can use moderately bright colors. Warm tones of lilac color can be used where the windows are drawn to the north.

No need to try to pick up the tone as accurately to the textile room. However, he may be related, which will give the interior of a multi-faceted.

    Sometimes even the picture of the photocherman made in the lilac is enough to ensure that the curtains become an integral part of the single interior. As for the type of material, it is selected taking into account the priorities of stylistics.

    Texture of fabric, if possible, should be breathable and scattering solar rays. Considering that the lilac color is considered special and noble, it does not always need multi-row ruffles and ruffles. The design of the curtains can be different, as well as the way they are design.

    When buying, you need to consider exactly how to hang curtains. For example, they can be collected in Falda, drape, tighten with cords, secure ribbons, capture only one of the paired pickup, ensuring access to the balcony door. Depending on the size of the window and its frame, they can be combined with each other. At the same time, it is possible to combine not only short models, but also short with long curtains, which today is especially fashionable in the interior of bedrooms.

    How to choose curtains, look next.

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