Living room cabinets in modern style: species and choice

Living room cabinets in modern style: species and choice

For decoration of the living room, it is important to pick up suitable cabinets. Since the choice is closely related to the layout of the location and the style of the interior of the room, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics such as configuration, color, appearance of the product. It is no less useful to find out which material it is made, as far as convenient and roomy internal cabinets. Knowing what criteria to choose it is the opportunity to acquire really high-quality furniture.

Types of structures

Fortunately, today the range of this product is quite large and includes different models for practical placement and operation.

Wounded living room cabinets are produced in several options.

Wardrobe – a product that helps save free space of the room due to the absence of swing doors.

In addition, the pluses of the model can be ranked:

  • Equipment with mirror surfaces+
  • Availability of multiple sections for storing clothing, shoes, small things and accessories, as well as space for TV+
  • Some modern modifications represent a combination of a wardrobe and bed (sofa), and these are extra beds, for example, for the next guests.

The so-called wall is a design connecting into a single ensemble high cabinets, racks, closed and open shelves, mezzanine, niche for TV, books for books. Having installed such a wall linearly or in the angular version, several tasks can be solved immediately on the placement of many things and household appliances. Of course, it is an advantage. However, minus such a model – visual absorption of free space. For a small room it can become a problem.

Also, the disadvantage can be considered the fact that this type of furniture has long been out of fashion.

More modern furniture compared to the walls are Modular cabinets made in one key, providing for the presence of chest of drawers, shelves, open and glazed windows, narrow cabinets-penaltles. However, the height of each product may differ, and in its living room you can choose any furniture in accordance with the height of the ceiling. Convenience of modules lies in their arbitrary placement and ability to change this order if desired.

In addition, it is with the help of such blocks you can create a harmonious interior even in the living room of non-standard configuration.

The main cons – excessive simplicity and impact of the appearance of furniture devoid of any raisin. Many, especially those who prefer elegance and originality in the interior, does not suit this geometric severity.

Cabinets are suspended and outdoor. The advantages of these models:

  • Fast installation+
  • When installing does not play the roles as ideally aligned walls and ceiling+
  • Mobility – Important quality, allowing without much difficulty to move the cabinets to another place when changing the situation.

Such furniture looks good, but it takes a lot of space in contrast to the built-in options, and its value is also higher.

The built-in models are quite popular, and not only because they are more affordable:

  • These products can be fixed to walls, floor and ceiling, which eliminates the cost of materials+
  • Built-in furniture looks holistic due to the lack of gaps+
  • Build such cabinets anywhere thanks to the features of the installation.

However, the procedure of their installation is preceded by careful planning, and in this sense, the duration of the project is considered a minus.

Different models have a definite form.

  • Linear cabinets, Installed in the same wall, usually square and rectangular.
  • Corner Capacitive, save area, allow you to practically place other furniture items. Produced with different types of doors, including coupe.
  • Radius Models imply a semi-alone or semicircular shape, both concave and convex. They can be placed in a niche and angle. Due to smooth bends such cabinets are most aesthetic, but in most cases they are performed under the order, and therefore cost more.

With the help of modern furniture, you can successfully fill the space of the living room with any square and layout.

Materials manufacturing

Ease of use of any model, its durability, a lightweight or more complex way of care depends on the quality of the material from which it is made. This feature must be paid attention to.

Most often, the living cabinets in the modern style are made of the following materials.

  • Laminated chipboard (LDSP). From its advantages stands out aesthetic, resembling wood, surface. However, the material is subject to small damage, which are actually not refundable.

  • Warfather Middle Density Plate (MDF) – able to imitate any surfaces, has a wide range of color palette, does not need special care. The minus is susceptibility to moisture, because of which the film can be flawed from the basis.

  • Plastic – Elastic and high-strength material, distinguished by moisture resistance and low cost. But he can lose his saturation and fading, the mechanical impact leaves on it scratches, in addition, it is not much in demand for such a place as a living room.

  • Natural wood – Environmentally friendly and durable material, pleasant to perception due to natural texture. Disadvantages – with long exploitation loses resistance to ultravioletiolet and high humidity. For a middle budget family is an expensive option.

Based on these characteristics, the most popular material remains MDF – compressed wood chips.

Additionally, in the manufacture of all models, glass, mirrors and metal for fittings are applied.

Color spectrum

The living room is designed for relaxes, reading books, watching a movie, in one word – for a quiet pastime, with the exception of holidays, when the family takes guests. therefore any screaming paints or distround themselves are undesirable.

In general, the rules for choosing the color of the cabinets for this premises in the modern style simple.

  • The small room looks good furniture in bright, pastel shades – gray, milk, cream, beige. This is especially true with bad illumination. Light cabinets are not able to overload space, on the contrary, they expand it. To strengthen this effect, it is worth choosing the panels on which gloss – matte is more suitable for large areas.
  • In a small room on the sunny side of the hosts can afford to install furniture in more saturated colors with trim, walnut or alder.
  • With a large space, it is appropriate as bright, such and dark tones, giving living room slimity lines and elegance. Survived colors – black, wenge, any deep wood shades.
  • If the interior of the room is made of expensive materials, then the cabinets should be chosen under it – from a good natural tree.

However, some prefer extravagant design, and in this case, it is possible to choose a wardrobe with an unusual bright color, for example, lilac, emerald, coral or blue.

Style solutions

Ideal is considered to be execution, if the design is made in one style. Therefore, you need to try to competently pick up the furniture for the living room atmosphere.

Cabinets may emphasize many modern styles, their beauty, the unusualness inherent in this detail only.

  • Ethnic style, characterized by non-standard color scheme, form, the presence of exotic ornaments is suitable for African, Arabic, Scandinavian direction.

  • Modular furniture With smooth and smooth surfaces perfect for the situation in minimalist style.

  • Modern cabinets, supplemented with metal, glass, mirrors, can be used for the same direction in the interior.

  • Models High Tech – these are clear forms, restrained colors, no decor elements.

For a popular neoclassical direction today, it is desirable to choose cabinets from natural or automated wood with delicate decor and medium sizes.

How to choose?

The competent selection of cabinets for the living room has its own characteristics:

  • It is important that the furniture is combined with the style of the room, including materials and decorations+
  • Volume models are not recommended to be placed in a small room – they will reduce it and overload+
  • If the living room has a small area, it is desirable to purchase wall-mounted models and install them under the ceiling+
  • For rooms with a layout other than typical, you need to pay attention to the shape of the cabinets – it will make their placement more organic.

Wanting to buy a wardrobe in a living room of one of the modern styles, it will not hurt to find out how functional it is and is convenient for use. The internal space involves the presence of the main zone intended for hanging clothes, it is located on her shoulders, shelves and hooks, holders.

Upper Division – Antesol for storing bed linen and things used at a specific season, you can also keep boxes with headdresses, small things. Boxes or advanced shelves are installed at the bottom.

Each model has its own set of accessories, so it is important to make sure that it is high-quality staffed.

Video review of examples of wall design for living room Watch video.

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