Loft kitchen design

Loft kitchen design

Loft is one of those directions that ideally suits creative people who prefer urban themes. Kitchens, decorated in this style, look impressive. It is worth considering the main characteristics of the loft, its features, as well as kitchen room design options.

Features style

Understanding the concept of such a direction as Loft, impossible without knowledge of its origin. Let’s start our description from what LOFT translated from English means “attic, storage room”. When a production crisis has begun in America, many jobs have been empty, and the authorities did not know where to give these premises. Fortunately, at that time there was a critical situation with housing, and such “attics” began to buy ordinary people, making the repair and reissueing spaces in the apartment.

There were more and more wishing to try such a design, and gradually Loft spread around the world, to this day, causing genuine interest and admiration.

Modern Loft style retained its industrial motifs, so it is worth highlighting several conceptual features inherent in him:

  • the requirement of a large space, and although some owners are issued in this direction and small kitchens, not in every layout it is appropriate+
  • availability of certain materials, such as brick, natural stone, wood, metal+
  • Open space Without a variety of unnecessary partitions+
  • Lack of shelters for pipes and communications+
  • urban decor, no romantic and classic accessories+
  • Large windows, the best option – to the floor+
  • The rigor of the situation, here you will definitely need to transfer the spirit of the era.

Color spectrum

Remembering the factory and plants, many people might think that Loft is necessarily a gloomy style where black and brown color prevails. But this is not so, The modern direction offers designers and owners of housing huge space for creativity.

In addition, we should not forget that one of the canons of style is large windows that will not allow the kitchen to turn into a sullen and boring corner.

Basic colors become white, gray and brown. Choosing something from this palette, it is recommended to be based on the area of ​​the room. For example, large kitchens or kitchen living rooms can be drawn up in any color scheme. It is very interesting to look dark or brick walls, dark floors, and in a combination there is bright furniture. Small kitchens in the houses of the last century can not be done too dark, it will steal the space and create a feeling of cramped. Here it is more appropriate to choose light yellow, brown, reddish brick finish options.

Bright colors, such as blue, blue, green, orange, use quite valid even in such a strict style. But they can not be the main, they should be made by additional strokes. For example, it can be textiles, dishes, some decor items, flower pots, books, chandelier. The accent colors should be the minimum quantity, their task is just to emphasize the characteristic features of your kitchen.

Finishing options

Before starting repair and draw up your kitchen in the described direction, it is worth familiar with the variety of materials and determine how much they will be combined with each other on your area. An important step is to draw up drawings and projects, With mandatory measurements and definition where one or another element of equipment and furniture will be.

Especially relevant it will be for small kitchens, where every centimeter of space is important.


The easiest and most small-time option will be concrete, but such a floor finish like not everyone. A more modern solution will be a wooden parquet or laminate “under the tree”. I wonder what Natural wood in the floor decoration is almost never applied, it is more feature of classic designs.

In addition, the floor can be separated and tiled, it is desirable to choose the dark options or artificially aged.

Beautiful idea will also distinguish the floor. For example, for the working area, you can choose a tile, and for dining – laminate or parquet. Some combine concrete and wooden parquet, which is also very successful.


In the kitchens decorated in the style of Loft, the most popular option is still a brick. At the same time, brick walls are best spaced from the sides and opposite the zone where you will work with products. BUT For the working area, it is better to prefer something more practical, for example, wallpaper or plaster. In small kitchens, designers advise to apply a bleached brick or make matte, rough walls of light color.

Spacious premises allow us to use materials of red and black colors.

Many believe that wallpaper Loft is not the best solution, but do not forget that we live in the world of modern technologies. To date, wallpaper can imitate anything, including brick. And they are almost indistinguishable from natural materials, unless, of course, high-quality products are selected.

Another option of finishing – glass blocks, this is the material that has not yet received special distribution, but still used. Glass panels will become the best solution for all rooms, and the small kitchen will increase both stitching and height. In addition, the glass blocks fit perfectly into the industrial design.

The main thing here is to know the measure and not decorate them absolutely the whole room.


The first thing to learn the owners, planning the design in Loft style is the unacceptability of stucco, gravity, classical variations. The ceiling must be simultaneously strict and original. Available for each solutions will be plaster or painting, while the color must be brighter. High ceilings can be supplemented with wooden or metal beams, which will emphasize the stylistics of the room.

Same You can make a ceiling with cassette tiles made under metal. This is a lot of squares in the. It is extremely easy to install, have an unusual, interesting view. Large kitchens are suitable and plasterboard bunk structures. They are painted in light gray colors.

Organization of lighting

Loft style lighting plays a huge role, since such rooms are usually spacious and need multiple light sources. As already mentioned, windows should be large enough to skip a lot of light that creates a comfort and a positive setting. As for artificial lighting, there are several nuances that need to be considered.

  • Forget about sophisticated, elegant lamps that are so popular in today’s assortment. The best solution is suspended lamps stylized under industrial.

  • If the lamps hanging on the cords are not inspired, look at the chandeliers with strict beams. Plafones may have a cone or cylinder. Such a chandelier should be somewhat – from 2 to 4.

  • Top lamps, which are perfectly combined with ceiling beams will help to plunge into the atmosphere of industrialization.

  • As for the working area, it will be appropriate to place lamps-SPOT. They greatly illuminate space and fit into the concept of direction.

  • If the kitchen is connected to the living room, it will be advisable to take care of the presence of several lamps made of metal and glass. This will help to highlight accents and additionally delimit the room.

  • The original and stylish decision will be LED backlight. The thin line of a variety of colors beautifully highlights glass parts in the interior, appropriate to use it to emphasize graffiti or bar rack.

Choosing a kitchen headset and other furniture

In the Loft style, preference should be given to minimalistic furniture objects, and the materials for them can be used in various. Most often it’s tree and glass. The premises of a small format are filled with exclusively direct headsets, the top cabinets are not applicable here. Instead, they use air wooden shelves, allowing to increase space.

Such furniture items do not advise too overload, they have more decorative function.

Spacious premises, kitchens with an island may contain angular headsets. As in the previous version, it is better to hang the shelves instead of cabinets. The facade of furniture should not be pompous, the secret of the style lies in his simplicity. Furniture can be matte, gloss is allowed, the optimal colors will be bright, gray or brown tones. Metal facades can be preferred, but for such an innovation will have to pay a considerable amount.

Recently, modular headsets are very popular, but it is better to take them for small premises, because there is quite difficult to calculate the number of items on the bulk area and subsequently experiment with them. Each module has several options.

  • Straight. Standard option for rectangular kitchens, the headset is located along the wall. There are hinged lockers.

  • Double row. Appropriate for kitchens without dining areas, as the furniture is located on both sides. Open shelves are used here.

  • Corner. A good option for kitchens in the form of a square, here the working area is placed an angle.

  • P-shaped. This solution is exclusively for large cuisines, since the headset occupies three walls and contains many compartments for embedded equipment. Dining area is preferably equipped in another room.

  • Island. Most suitable for kitchens-living rooms, with island or bar counter. But here it should be borne in mind that the modular headsets in the kitchen of such a format find it difficult, since a special personality is inherent in such premises.

As for the tables, most designers recommend glass designs. They will unload the interior, refresh it, give ease. Chairs should also be light, prerequisite – metal frame. However, the wooden tables in the style of Loft – not uncommon. True, similar models should stand in high legs.

Appropriate and tables from natural stone framed by wood.

Mandatory element of the kitchen-living room is the bar counter. The atmosphere to her will give elements Retro: Bar stools in the style of 50s, sofas made of leather, a variety of vinyl plates on the walls, retro posters. To emphasize the direction of “Retro Loft” will help and exquisite serving table in the spirit of vintage.

Textiles and decor elements

Initially, the industrial premises of the windows were absolutely open, no curtains, curtains and curtains did not apply. Many follow this concept until now, but sometimes it is still to cover the window. Good idea will be rolled curtains or blinds that you can raise or omit at any time. Color is better to choose white or gray. In addition, you can use cotton curtains, easy to leaving and refreshing atmosphere. Absolutely unacceptable options will be:

  • Curtains from expensive fabrics, type of satin, velvet, silk+
  • Classic and heavy jacquard models+
  • Curtains of bright colors+
  • Products with a variety of decor.

Textiles can be selected as a tone of the curtains, so another coloring. Loft-style tablecloth is quite rare, but there will be no unnecessary towels or taps. They can be bright accents, it is recommended to choose the following colors:

  • Red+
  • Orange+
  • yellow+
  • blue+
  • Violet.

The decor in the direction of Loft is very diverse, and first of all here should be mentioned. Eccentric decisions that instantly attract attention can be made by cast iron pans, copper basins, brass decorative plates.

The second mandatory moment will be urban accessories. Here you can note:

  • Rooms for cars+
  • road signs+
  • Posters with different motivational inscriptions+
  • Pointers+
  • Neon signs.

Absolutely winting solution will be the pictures where all sorts of mechanisms are depicted. This will allow you and your guests instantly remember, why began the history of this style.

And, of course, the Loft style does not prohibit the use of live plants, on the contrary, they will bring freshness in urban design. A good idea will be small palm plants, as well as suspended porridge. But roses in such a kitchen are better not to grow.

Successful examples

To fully understand what is style, Let’s look at a few beautiful photographic examples.

  • This kitchen fully meets the canons of direction. Nothing superfluous: brown furniture perfectly harmonizes with metal and chrome surfaces, and the pipe that goes to the exhaust, immediately causes the factory feeling and tolerates the production movement.

  • A huge kitchen with a brick wall and dining rack is well complemented with original chairs, a soft corner and large windows. Restore the impression of a variety of signs, suspended chandeliers and cast iron pans hanging on hooks.

  • If you want a bright kitchen, pay attention to this photo. Here, light gray furniture and curtains effectively echo with a white ceiling and alive plants.

  • And here you can see how interesting the lighting is organized. The working area illuminates one suspended lamp, and several track lamps are located on the ceiling. Complete Design Dark Blinds and Abstract Bright Painting.

  • Despite the fact that Loft loves the worst, with the right approach, it is impossible to spoil the many scenery, which is clearly visible on this photo. ACCOUNTED Items, Watches, Live Plants – All this is successfully combined, and even the chandelier, more inherent in classical design, does not come out of the total theme.

  • In this kitchen, the mains will be rigor and restraint. Sea wave shade furniture, brick walls and an abundance of metal create an original ensemble that fully corresponds to the original loft.

  • Choose a blue furniture for the room – this is a pretty brave solution for the direction of Loft. But such furniture looks very advantageous in small bright kitchers.

Ideas on budget repairs in Loft style Watch video below.

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