Loft kitchen living room interior design

Loft kitchen living room interior design

Loft interior, especially when it comes to the kitchen-living room, causes an ambiguous reaction. One room, designed in such a spirit, seems strange and uncomfortable, others are delighted with a special “bohemian” atmosphere, which is impregnated. Anyway Even a small area of ​​the room must meet a number of requirements in order to accurately match the style.



Features style

Loft at one time became the heritage of the industrial American crisis, when the owners of the enterprises refused factory space in the center of the city territory for the sake of saving funds. But the former workshops attracted the attention of creative people, artists who shot production “abundances” for exhibition halls and workshops, and at the same time immediately arranged rooms for housing.

Unassuming to design is expressed in that “Ears” “non-residential” setting no one and does not hide behind elegant curtains and wallpaper in flower. On the contrary, a slight attitude to an “industrial basis” and to this day emphasizes the creative independence of the inhabitant of Loft housing. Even from ordinary kitchen and rooms that are part of a normal apartment in a normal residential building, you can create just such a colorful place. It features such features:

  • Rooms are combined into one room, more spacious+
  • Ceilings should be high+
  • Finishing the ceiling, walls and floor deliberately rough+
  • In the design of industrial design elements.

To dilute the underlined sharpness of the forms and make an element of a special sophistication in the Spirit of ECO, the design of the design often use mosses and herbs, as well as curly plants. (You can use skillful imitation of natural vegetation).

Pros and Cons Combining Rooms

In the union of different rooms in their destination,such as kitchen and living room, There are also positive, and negative sides.

  • Even a small studio is perceived as a pretty free space, when you do not ride on extra walls and partitions. Thanks to their absence easily move around the room.
  • All those present in the kitchen-living room can communicate freely – and the hostess, which is in the kitchen age, and those who rest on the side of the living room.
  • Children in a combined room are always in sight. Follow them just.
  • You do not have to install an additional TV in the kitchen. Enough and one located in the recreation area.
  • In the combined room more light than in two separate, due to the fact that there are more windows.

    The negative parties of combination include such:

    • According to the living room, even if the extractor works, the smell is spread from the stove and the working kitchen table, and the aroma is not always pleasant (if, for example, something has burned)+
    • The rooms are constantly heard the sounds of the refrigerator, other household appliances, and at times the water crane and preparing on the plate+
    • Lunch and dinner “under TV” lead to the fact that people are more eating, and therefore, they gain overweight.

    Zoning space

    Even in a small studio, when applying for a kitchen, it is necessary to highlight:

    • Working area for cooking+
    • Table+
    • place to communicate and relaxing.

      You can delimit the space of a small room:

      • Thanks to the placement of furniture+
      • Due to the color and textual allocation of different zones+
      • With lighting.

        If the space is distinguished by furniture, separate the workspace from the dining room or half to relax can be with a bar counter. The back of the sofa is also good “marks” space.

        Walls in each zone are highlighted by its color and features of the finish. The level of artificial light in different parts of the room varies depending on the purpose.

        Color spectrum

        Working out the image of the cuisine-living room in Loft style, you should rely on such shades:

        • Krasnociptic+
        • Brown+
        • Bordeaux+
        • grey+
        • black+
        • White.

        So that the gamma has become more diverse, you can add green, blue or beige tones.

        Finishing options

        It is difficult to imagine a kitchen-living room without bricks. Your place in this setting will find a casually processed tree, and its imitation. Sometimes used concrete, for example, when finishing. (Although the tree and parquet in this case are also a common option).

        To create an appropriate mood, a single brick wall or trim under the brick. Other walls can be plastered.

        Part of the Lofov setting is the use of metal frames and pipes. Communications in sight only in plus. Sometimes they are specifically done so that there is even a frame of furniture.

        To the use of glass in such a room you need to approach very thoughtful. For example, you should not use it as partition, if only because it will have to wash. It is better to apply the glass in the wall decoration, so that, for example, a small studio will seem more and lighter.

        The ceiling can be whiten, stretched or suspended. Often for its design use beams.

        There is no iza here – the sooner the finish, the better. And the beams can be generally unwanted.

        Organization of lighting

        In the cuisle-living room decorated in Loft style, a lot of natural light. And this is possible, first of all, at the expense of large windows.

        If we talk about artificial, It is important for any hint of any pomp. On the contrary, the sources of lighting look like more primitive and rougher. It can be the most common Lamp of Ilyich without a ceiling. Also use lampshades that have deliberately aged species, bottles and banks, of which lamps are very original design.

        The lighting device can be made even from the metal, as if in the abandoned workshop, they found an old piece of unknown destination and adapted it to the case.

        In the working area, it is good to organize bright lighting, allowing you to clearly see all items around yourself. In the dining area and living room light may be more muted, intimate.

        Choice of furniture

        Contrast in the texture of furniture is also natural in the kitchen-living room Loft, as well as deliberate contradictions in the decoration of the room itself. Modern furniture is quietly adjacent to the obvious antiques. The glossy kitchen headset is appropriate next to the shelves and a dining table of a poorly treated tree.

        Be sure to have a soft sofa having most often simple forms. At the same time, the iron shelf can be standing nearby, the coffee table was decorated with chrome. Used furniture from pallets that are painted and covered with varnish.

        When choosing a kitchen headset, you can give preference to models having glass and metal elements in the finish.

        In the area of ​​the dining room it is appropriate to place the bar chairs or small stools. Although in some cases and chairs with a cozy cloth upholstery will be by the way.

        Textiles and decor elements

        When organizing a cuisine-living room in the style of Loft Textiles – this is what you can save to significantly. Curtains on the windows and tablecloths on the table are often not used at all. If windows and drape with a cloth, then choose strict models in the floor of natural tissues.

        To add a contradictory setting of comfort, sofas are complemented by pillows. On the floor sometimes put a carpet or track. Often these are monophonic or striped things deliberately simple, as if rustic, species.

        As for the decor, Naked, rough, as if visible, brick emphasizes the focus of general design. Sometimes this brick is specifically stained to be noticeable to be noticeable “attempt to hover a gloss” to “former warehouse or garage”.

        In such an atmosphere, the flower pots with indoor plants, paintings and black and white photos, from which the faces of loved ones are watching.

        Forged elements, statuettes from bronze, shelf, tired by books with multi-colored binders, will complement Lofov space.

        Successful examples

        In a small studio in the spirit of Loft area of ​​the cutlery “compressed” to the size of the bar counter, made of almost untreated wood. But the sofa is so deep that it can be used as a bed. Deliberately “undersioned” ceiling, metal bar chairs completed the image of a stylish room.

        The combination of a white kitchen headset with a brick wall, strange lamps, windows, devoid of tulle, beams made of wood on the ceiling – all that is needed for a kitchen-living room of a creative person who does not recognize restrictions and conventions.

        The separation of a single room on the living room area and kitchen with a dining area is emphasized with a sofa with a high back, as well as a carpet on the floor. The peculiarity of the characteristic “Lofovsky” color is achieved by the use of special lamps and lanterns, as if brought from the factory.

        The cuisine-living room in Loft style sometimes seems like a sample of comfort even a sophisticated woman who is valued by air in the interior and accustomed to surround themselves with elegant things. Furniture in the working area of ​​the kitchen and dining room made with an obvious hint of heaviness and foundation. At the same time, it is perfectly combined with the sofa in the recreation area. The overall impression of the room is reliability and safety.

        On how to independently create an interior in Loft style, look in the following video.

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