Loft-style bathroom details

Loft-style bathroom details

The style called Loft is a very popular area of ​​the interior and is realized in rooms with various appointments. Not exception has become a bathroom. But not everyone knows what the main features of this concept are to separate the bathroom in a similar style, as well as it should be plumbing, furniture and accessories. All these nuances will be described in detail in this article.

Features of the style

Loft is called a garage or attic style. It has the features that emphasize the industrial era with its special atmosphere, devoid of gloss, abundance of complex forms, accessories and eyegown. Specifications inherent Loft Style.

  • The concept is based on the idea of ​​a spacious room. Therefore, in small bathrooms, the design will look inappropriate. It implies more open space and indoor air.
  • The idea is based on such signs as deliberately open communication systems, as well as wires and other construction items.
  • It is desirable that the premises were the windows of large sizes and abundant lighting. Since the windows are far from every bathroom, you should take care of the lighting devices by selecting this style.
  • In this concept, the novelty with ancient is combined on the principle of contrast. If the signs of the old days are present in the finish, then the interior items must be new. As long as the opposite option.
  • In most cases, furniture and accessories are not too complex. This is a partly due to the fact that the style echoes with a minimalist concept.

Color solutions

For the interior of the bathroom in the Loft concept characteristic not too large color variety. Style itself implies the use of such basic colors as White, Gray, Beige, Bronze, Terracotta, Brown. This is due not only with a traditional shade of brick laying, but also so that due to these colors used in the matte format, it is possible to emphasize the space space.

You can make a bathroom Fully white. This option is relevant with a lack of free space. In order not to lose the concept due to the dominance of one color, Use the rectangular tile in the walls of the walls, leave the pipes open, and also add several parts from light wood material.

Dilute the situation in such a room will help a small amount of live plants.

Loft looks more neutrally. For harmony in such a room with monophonic walls, use the similarity of the silhouette of the bathroom, the cabinets under the sink, as well as shelves. All of them can be performed, for example, in a rectangular form.

Terracotta tone It creates a very warm and pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom, decorated in the Loft concept, especially if it is combined with shades of natural wood in furniture and accessories. Contrast receptions can also be used in such a room, opposing the dominant terracotta part in gray, metallic, black or white shades.

One of the colors, the most brightly transmitting the garage atmosphere in the bathroom, will be gray, which can be taken as the basis of both light and darker shades, depending on the area. In such a tone, it is possible not only to ideally recreate the structure of concrete, but also expand the room with mirrors. As a few bright accents you can use Yellow Accessories or Wash Accessories.

If you want to give your bathroom in the Loft concept even more calm and pacification, think About brown color scheme. She allows a predominance in the interior not only brick, but also a tree that creates a special warm atmosphere. In combination with white plumbing, as well as metal and bright accessories, this color allows you to best combine modern design and warm atmosphere in the bathroom.

Finishing options

Finishing – a special part in the interior design of the loft bathroom. Thanks, it is possible not only to visually increase the area of ​​a small bathroom, but also create an original textured design, the most precisely transmitting the selected concept. For each component of the washing room, special methods of finishing are characteristic:


As a wall cover, it often acts as a brick. However, the most important thing, To externally it looked like brickwork. It can be a stone finish and even a brick ornament wallpaper. However, the last option is not always suitable for the bathroom humid microclimate. You can finely imitate bricks using tiles and plaster.

No less original and harmonious in the loft looks concrete wall.

Other materials for the design of walls in this concept are cement and ceramic tiles, a porcelain tile, as well as a stone tile.


As an outdoor coating in the bathroom can perform concrete. This very budget option is necessary to competently beat with the help of parts of the environment. Other material having a raw species is marble. This effect is achieved due to its colors, however, the cost of marble floors is several times more expensive than concrete.

Such outdoor materials like Porcelain stoneware and ceramics are among the most suitable for the bathroom. They are not only strong, but also well transfer the impact of moisture and can have an anti-slip surface. The difference is that porcelain stoneware data is manifested at a higher level, so its cost is usually higher.


For this surface, the most suitable solution is white. It was the ceiling that will be discovered above, and also to be combined with the rest of the colors. An alternative to pure white can also be other light tones. However, many want to emphasize the concept of Loft using the creation Tree beams. This reception is very relevant, but it is appropriate for the bathroom only if there is an equipped powerful ventilation, and the beams themselves are covered with special moisture-repellent impregnation.

Selection of furniture and plumbing

It is very important that plumbing devices in the interior of the bathroom loft were beautiful and functional. In accordance with the concept you can stay on suitable shell options.

  • It can be done in the form of a bowl located on the end. In this case, the bowl does not have to have an oval form. Also allowed round models trimmed under metal, which resemble pelvis. Also products can be square and rectangular. In this case, the panel on which such a sink is located is usually made of monophonic wood material.
  • There is also an option built into the sink cabinet, which sometimes imitates the product from concrete. Matte gray and strict shapes look very organic and just. This option sometimes looks like a long rectangular lengthening of almost the entire length of the couch.

If the bathroom is connected to the toilet, then the most suitable version of the toilet is models attached to the wall. In form they can be round, oval or square.

If you prefer a shower, then It is better to do instead of a cabin space, fenced with glass, without any thresholds and elevations. The main thing in the design of the zone for washing – simplicity. But if you like to take a bath, pay attention to the models that are decorated from the outside and thereby create a very harmonious ensemble with open eyes with pipes. If you decide to separate the bath with tiles, then it is important that it is the same as on the wall.

As the main fittings in such bathrooms, stands are standing under the sink. The silhouette of such furniture must have strict features, and the preferential material is a tree. However, sometimes it is permissible to slightly give furniture Effect of antiquity.

Lighting and decor

Special attention should be paid to Loft bathroom lighting. Separate zone can be illuminated with a chandelier that often mimics candles. Also acceptable such options like wall lamps in the washbasin zone. They can have simple plaffones or be done under street lights. Also very popular in the concept is The suspension lamp that is made in the form of a light bulb hanging on the wire.

One of the functional elements of the decor can perform Mirror, having oval, round, square or rectangular shapes. Such mirrors are usually hanging above the washbasin and especially harmoniously look in combination with a number of wall-mounted lighting devices.

As decor can perform Black and white photos and posters, as well as industrial attributes, such as pipe compositions, license plates, decorative bottles, as well as monochrome vases. If you want to provide a bathroom room at the plants, then the containers for them can be stylized under metal buckets, small plants can be plants in banks.

In any case, greens successfully dilute the loft atmosphere.

Successful examples

If you still find it difficult to choose what it is worth incorporating in the concept of the loft for your bathroom, Pay attention to the finished examples of such premises.

  • In one room there may be different zones. They are isolated by the color of the brick coating on the walls, which can be traditionally red and white.

  • Loft bathroom Loft, a shower area in which it looks like a wooden loan, looks very unusual, partly due to the combination of this attribute with lighting in the form of spotlights located in a row.

  • Instead of putting the cabinet with a sink in the whole wall, you can use two cone-shaped small stands by installing the same sinks in each.

  • The room with black walls looks at all dark, if the ceiling in it is set aside in white, and a large horizontal mirror is present on a significant part of the walls, additionally reflective light.

    Thus, the bathroom may well be framed in the Loft concept. This style will allow you to show individuality, as well as create a pleasant atmosphere for relaxation after a hard day.

    About the subtleties of the design of the bathroom in Loft style, see the following video.

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