Lower kitchen cabinet height

Lower kitchen cabinet height

Assortment in stores allows you to choose or make custom-made kitchen furniture of any size. But if the owner decided to choose a kitchen module independently, he should know the standard dimensions headset for the kitchen. This is especially true of the lower floor cabinets that are the basis of the kitchen. The height of the floor cabinet is considered the most important parameter, as it executes the role of the lower laying of the apron from the tile. Consider in the article, how to define and select the height for the outdoor standby.


Outdoor lower cabinets are the stands with one or two doors. Lower modules are installed on the floor under the tabletop. Thus, the cabinets perform the support function for the working surface. The lower row of kitchen furniture looks massive and is considered more compatible than the mounted range of modules. In the outdoor couches, as a rule, store large kitchen utensils, such as pans, pans, skewers and butters. Racks and shelves of indoor space use under storage of small dishes, plates, household chemicals and other small kitchen utensils.

Lower range of outdoor Tumbers serves as a mark for accommodating embedded machinery and stove. It is based on the parameters of the lower modules, the dimensions of household appliances and the cooking surface are determined.

Standard dimensions

The standard of height of floor kitchen modules is 75-85 cm. At the same time, the thickness of the countertop is not taken into account. The standard parameters of the dimensions of the lower cabinets have the following indicators:

  • Height from the bottom of the cabinet to the floor equals from 80 to 100 mm+
  • 20-40 mm constitutes tabletop thickness+
  • The mounted part of the working surface protects the facade and performs at 3-5 cm+
  • The protruding part of the rear edge of the module is 2-3 cm + distance to hide the wiring and water supply+
  • The standard size of the working surface depth is 65 cm, in some models this parameter ranges from 90 to 120 cm+
  • The standard size of the cabinet’s depth has a size of about 45 cm, the depth of the internal box – 44 cm+
  • Standard module width size ranges from 60 to 90 cm + These measurements are optimal for placing inside the cabinet of kitchen accessories and some products+
  • Shelves in kitchen cabins do not have certain sizes + the magnitude of their size depends on the distance between things that are stored inside.

The height of the lower outdoor tube can be adjusted with legs. In some models they are twisted, but it is not necessary to abuse. The kitchen must be organic, and the depth of the module must be combined with the tabletop size. In addition, with a decrease in the height of the cabinet, unnecessary space opens on a tile apron, which is necessary to hide something.

Choosing the right height

When choosing a lower kitchen model, the host growth is required. The upper part of the cabinet should be dumb below the belt level. The standard of height of the lower modules is 70 or 85 cm. Before the right choice of height, it is worthwhile to consider the features of these parameters.

  • Height 70 cm – This is a standard of height for outdoor Tumbs that have legs. The optimal height of the legs is 10-15 cm. According to the result, it gives a total height of about 85 cm without a tabletop thickness. It should be remembered that with the height of the supports of 10 cm at the bottom of the kitchen closes with a decorative plank. The parameter of 70 cm is not universal. There are structures with a height of 72, 73, 75 and 82 cm.
  • Height 85 cm – This is the optimal elevation parameter for lower cabinets without legs. Such modules put on the precast design of four planks. This height is also not universal. When equipped with a kitchen headset, you can find modules with a height of 82, 83 and 84 cm.

The height of floor modules is directly related to the size of the countertop. Therefore, this parameter is also worth paying attention. Optimal table tops – 60 cm. The depth of the lower tumb must be approximately 45-46 cm. The working surface is less than this size will be uncomfortable for processing products and cooking.

Countertops having parameters from 90 cm are usually used when making a large kitchen. With such dimensions, the depth of floor cabinets has a size of 75 cm. There are also table tops with a size of 1.2 m. But such models are suitable for professional restaurants or kitchens in a modern style.

The selection of the height of the lower tube directly depends on its depth. The feature of the cabinets of the lower row is the combination of the work surface with the storage of dishes. Therefore, floor modules must have good capacity. The average depth ranges from 55 to 70 cm. If some part of the cabinet breaks too much or placing, then it will be inconvenient to work on the table top and uncomfortable.

Basic rules of choice

When choosing the optimal height for the lower floor cabinets The following nuances should be taken into account:

  • The growth is for example, a human height is 160 cm, the recommended height of the lower outdoor tube with such an increase – 70 cm + if the growth is 180 cm, then the height of the lower tube is at least 90 cm + with a human growth above 180 or below 150 cm of kitchen dimensions Modules differ from the Middle Standard, in such cases it is necessary to order kitchen furniture on individual sizes+
  • Construction parameters washing+
  • Dimensions of the built-in household appliances and kitchen slab parameters+
  • Type of plate – from the type of cooking surface depends the elevation parameter of floor cabinets+
  • Distance between kitchen furniture elements – When mounting, it is necessary to observe the distance between the side part of the oven and the walls located near the cabinets.

Choice of kitchen headset – Responsible choice. The furniture should be approached not only by style and color of the kitchen, but also have optimal sizes for convenience. Determine the height of the lower floor cabinets is not so hard.

Properly determine the dimensions of the module will help the height of its growth and compliance with some rules relative to the presence of built-in equipment and a cooking surface. The easiest solution will be the choice of kitchen cabinets according to standard parameters.

What are the standard sizes of kitchen furniture, see next video.

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