Mixer hoses in the kitchen: species and tips on the choice

Mixer hoses in the kitchen: species and tips on the choice

At the final stage of the installation of sanitary devices, they are connected to a common pipeline system. In order to accomplish this type of work, you must first purchase special devices. In this article we will talk about choosing a hose for a kitchen mixer. Consider the most popular and reliable types of such products, as well as tell you how to connect them.


The modern plumbing market is filled with all sorts of options and types of eyeliner. It makes a choice pretty heavy if you are not a plumbing, and do not understand absolutely nothing. But from the right choice of the hose depends on the reliable and proper functioning of the system of the pipeline and the number of repairs that will be carried out during operation.

That is why the majority specialists are recommended to be installed under the sink not a tough pipe, as was taken earlier, and more modern – reliable and flexible. Such a connecting hose was put into operation relatively recently, but immediately occurred demand from the consumer.

Before you start considering the varieties of flexible connection for the kitchen mixer, let’s find out what its advantage over the analogues. So, it is characterized by:

  • compactness – does not occupy a lot of space under the sink+
  • Mobility is a very convenient and practical property, because if necessary, you can push or rotate the hose in another direction+
  • Light and rapid connection – To connect the hose to the pipeline, you must have the most common tools that in most cases have every home+
  • Resistance to hydrowood – hose withstands even sharp pressure drops in the system+
  • long service life – the manufacturer claims that the term of use can be more than 20 years+
  • Low cost – the price of this product is much cheaper than, for example, on metal pipes+
  • The possibility of upgrading classic mixers – this invention is used today as a crane with a shower (in this case, the flexible pipe is connected to both the total water supply pipe, and with a retractable watering can.

Sizes of flexible lining can be the most different. For example, the length of the hose can be from 20 to 180 cm. But the diameter of the connecting opening is 5, 10 and 15 mm.

Thanks to this rich assortment, it is possible to choose to connect the required hose to you.


Now let’s talk about the varieties of such products.

Reinforced Hose

Made from a hermetic rubber tube, to protect which is used metal wire braid. Special fittings are used for connectivity: fitting and connecting nuts. Reinforced hose has several advantages.

  • To connect it with a pipeline and a mixer, you do not need to use angles and adapters. Thanks to the flexibility of the hose, it can be connected to curvilinear. That is why this type of eyeliner is considered ideal for installation under kitchen sink.
  • He calmly reacts to various unexpected drops of temperature and pressure jumps, while there is no additional load on the fixed element.
  • Resistant to hydrowards.
  • Installation Fast and easy: Neither need a soldering iron or welding machine.

I would also like to say about the value of this design: it is absolutely acceptable, and such a hose can afford each.

But no matter how it was, it was not without flaws.

  • Inner tube quickly wear.
  • Regular replacement of sealing gum is needed. If it is not replaced, there is probability of leaks and floods.
  • The reinforced winding of the hose made of inexpensive metal is quickly oxidized and collapsed. That is why such connections may be short-lived.

But the most important disadvantage of the reinforced hose is the presence of a large number of cheap fakes that fail, not served. How to choose the right to choose a reinforced hose for kitchen sink, let’s talk later.

Silphon flexible trumpet

This type of connection is practically no different from the previous, But several differences still should be taken into account:

  • The air hose has no internal rubber or rubber insertion+
  • Its outer metal layer is not a woven wire, but a solid corrugated tube.

The bellows pipe has a number of benefits, among which I would like to note the following:

  • Resistant to all types of mechanical damage+
  • Withstands the pressure of 50 atm.+
  • The time of trouble-free operation is at least 25 years+
  • To connect to the fittings hose, manufacturers use the laser welding method, which makes it possible to strengthen the weak section and make the connection place more reliable.

The costs of this product include the cost – it is quite high, and the edition of strong noise when water passes.

For the manufacture of a bellows tube manufacturers use such metals as stainless steel, brass and bronze.

If you can see that the store has a similar product from non-ferrous metal, you can be sure that it has been manufactured by a European company, and this is an elite plumbing.

Criterias of choice

Earlier in the article we talked about the most frequently used and new types of hoses for connecting kitchen sink to the pipeline. Now let’s decide on the criteria for selecting each option.

When choosing a reinforced hose for the spout, the following criteria should be taken into account:

  • Material from which fitting compounds are made: In most cases, they are made of stainless steel, but it is better to look out of brass+
  • Product Weight – Remember, if it is light, then its service life will not last more couples+
  • Effillage carving – there should be no drops on it+
  • The material from which braid is made: the ideal option will be stainless steel braid or nylon.

Buying a bellows hose for a mixer into the kitchen, you need to be guided by:

  • water temperature and pressure indicators in the pipeline system: knowledge of this data will give the opportunity to purchase exactly the hose that is suitable perfect+
  • Product diameter: For kitchen sink, experts advise choosing a hose with a diameter of 10 mm+
  • Sheet length+
  • The integrity of the fittings – there should be no defects and deformations.

Be sure to check that all the technical characteristics of the material are indicated. The seller also needs quality certificates.

Tips for the selection of hoses for mixers in the kitchen in the following video.

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