Modern corner sofas: varieties and choice

Modern corner sofas: varieties and choice

Modern corner sofas can throw “call” traditional direct analogues. But it is very important to know all the subtleties and nuances of their device, all major varieties. After all, it is possible to make the right choice and exclude all sorts of mistakes.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Starting the topic of themes follows that modern angular sofas are much more stylish and attractive than traditional upholstered furniture with a straight body. Consumers are actively disassembled in the last 10 years. Angular sofa is predominantly used in medium and large rooms.

Important: It can be put in a small room, but only if there is no other clutter passage and review furniture.

Such structures are made in retro style or in an ultra-modern key – “Modernity” belongs only to the inner filling and peculiarities of production, and not to appearance.

The advantages of the corner design are:

  • convenience in day and night+
  • The ability to fill not used somehow different angles+
  • Pretty large number of seats+
  • Comfortability and practicality+
  • Suitability for zoning premises.

    From flaws can be noted:

    • Frequent inconvenience associated with the rigidity of the back (but some models allow full rest and daydly)+
    • A relatively high price (if you talk about the models of the model impeccable)+
    • Difficulties in transportation.


    Corner sofa can be stationary (in the form of “monolith”). But such a decision is not too often. It implies the use of two blocks, rigidly connected. Sometimes bolts are screwed into special holes directly in production.

    Such an execution will suit only those people who will never move up a soft furniture.

    Another subspecies of “monolith” is assembled with the help of plates attached to the sidewalls. Different plates play the role of brackets and clinging the hooks. The assembly and dismantling of the design is relatively easy, if there is enough forces to raise parts of the sofa and hold them. If it does not work, the spinning of the bolts is sometimes even easier. For reliability and stability, two types of assembly almost do not differ.

    But much more common Modular angular sofas. They often have 3 or more compound parts. Only one or two of them are on the corner, and others are put straight. Dragging modules, furniture owners can achieve a completely non-standard appearance. Problems are also obvious: due to a large number of joints, it is not too convenient to sit, and the appearance may be somewhat worse.

    More attractive look Construction “Transformers”. They usually do not have such a number of blocks, and the change in the form is achieved with the help of internal mechanisms. But the value in the disclosed and folded form can vary significantly. As for the form, the overwhelming majority of corner sofas resembles the letter “g” (or the Latin “L”). Somewhat harder to find structures, both segments of which are the same in length.

    Part of the models resembles the letter rather “P”. But such a decision is appropriate mainly in large premises that need to clearly zonail. Usually try to choose furniture with elongated medium and shortened lateral parts. It will make it form a separate area for leisure in a large guest room. It is important to consider the difference in transformation mechanisms.

      Various corner sofa manufacturers can use devices:

      • “Eurobook”+
      • “book”+
      • “Dolphin”+
      • “Accordion” (other options are significantly less common).


      Seats and soft zones of angular sofas can be equipped with various fillers. The choice is clearly due to the price of the product. Inside the pillows usually crushed PPU either sintepon. The second option is somewhat cheaper. But the foam rubber should be categorically avoided – it is consumed only in the most cast furniture segment.

      In sofas for children very Hollofiber is often used. It is hygroscopic and distinguished by attractive hygienic properties. Consumers are also highly appreciated by Syntputs, which perfectly spring and easily holds heat. But you can meet it mostly inside the backs and armrests. The best option for the main part of the sofa many experts consider Duraphil and spring blocks.

      The difference may be connected with the framework of the frame. Pure wooden models are expensive and fit well into classic interiors. The comforts and comfort of such furniture are noted. You can save a bit if you choose a frame not from oak or beech, but from pine. The cheapest sofas are often made on the plywood frame.

      Steel – galvanized or stainless – is highly valued for its mechanical strength. But in its pure form, steel frame applies only in inhaustible furniture. As for the upholstery of the angular sofa, it is selected in accordance with the conditions of operation and aesthetics of the room. Beautifully looking velvet and tapestry gradually come out of turnover. Flock, Scotchgard, Arpatek and Shenill are more popular (it is especially recommended for children’s models).

      Fashionable colors

      Most often in the late 2010th year sofas are painted in monophonic warm tones. At the peak of popularity Sand and beige colors. It helps the upholstery “Cold Fog” helps. Care for pure-white soft furniture is difficult.

      If a bright decor in the room is very important, you need to give preference to pastel careless colors.

      When the room is unnecessarily illuminated, it is worth choosing Dark sofa. He visually “cool up” space.

      IMPORTANT: whatever general recommendations and designers advice must be focused on their own taste.

      It is he who will be the most faithful guide in any case. Pretty popular this season still green color.

      Tips for choosing

      Do not buy once again the most expensive models of sofas. But the cheapest structures are unlikely to meet invested money. Almost always optimal moderately expensive furniture. At home is usually used Transformation mechanisms “Book” and “Eurobook”. More complex devices choose when clearly understand why they are needed and what benefits.

      If it is very difficult to choose a suitable filler from a variety of options, you can stop your choice or on polyurethane foam, or on spring blocks. Additionally, take into account:

      • Size of sleeping and landing places+
      • The magnitude of the free passes+
      • Need to use a lump box+
      • The need for armrests.

      Interior accommodation options

      The photo shows a simple corner sofa in a modern style. His appeal is emphasized by the adjacent glass table. Understanding paints look quite well. Logical turns and adjacent side of the cabinet. The combination of a light sofa and dark floor – gorgeous.

          Sofas in the modern living room can be dark tones. In this case, they are placed around the central table and dark gray carpet. Pure-white floor creates expressive contrast. Emphasize the quality and foundation of designer’s designs helps a fireplace in the background. The combination with other decorative elements of the room also looks good.

          In the next video you will learn how to choose the right corner sofa.

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