Modern kitchen tables

Modern kitchen tables

Modern kitchen tables are a variety of models, shapes, colors, materials and structures. Features of the current fashion in its versatility, rich in choosing a proposal that takes into account the individuality of the buyer. If one person prefers only glass tables and does not want to abandon them in favor of fashion, then another like a tree, a rough texture, a deliberate refusal of “united” decorativeness. Both – quite – quite in modern style.



They were and remain at the head of the Top. Simple, classic, expensive models from an array or coarse, as if about 70 years old standing on the veranda at the great-grandmother, – fashionable ideas can be very different. Let’s go through trends.

They do not need additional decoration (tablecloths and napkins), as the wood itself has a high natural decorativeness.

    Wooden tables from the wood massif are more expensive, but also serves longer.

    Pluses of wooden furniture:

    • Natural Beauty, Wood Pattern Uniqueness+
    • Moderate wear resistance+
    • Impact resistance+
    • Warm and pleasant surface+
    • Restoration opportunity.

    Cons of wooden furniture:

    • Heavyweight (though, many just like it)+
    • High price (if it is an array)+
    • Special care as needed+
    • If the wood is lacquered, over time she can darken.

    Attention! Dining table kitchen table is usually chosen taking into account ergonomic requirements. This means that the distance from the wall to it should be at least 80 cm so that the person can calmly sit down, stand up, push the chair.

    The shape of the wooden table (as, however, and any other) must correspond to the size of the refined space, the design should be “consonant”. So, in a free kitchen, you can install an oval or round wooden table, in a tight – square.

    Cooped wooden models for the kitchen came into fashion, either at all without painting and polishing, or painted, as if casually, with scratching. Fashion on such tables is partly due to the fact that they serve the photophone for instagram. Today, many accounts are accounting in this network as commercial sites, and photograph requirements grow. So serves as a flat wooden table with an excellent background. Some rudeness is regarded as naturalness as love for natural, not decorated specifically living in his life.


    Many are afraid that a beautiful glass surface is fragile, but it is a deceptive impression. In fact, it is very durable, because this is the basis of glass tempered type. In that case, If your kitchen has a minimalistic design or decorated in such a modern style, like a high-tech, a glass table will be organic in it. He will emphasize all the rigor and geometry of space.

    But the unconditional minus of glass furniture – weakness: stains and traces of fingers remain on them constantly, problematic rubbed off surface. If the table is fully or partially matte, with decorative spraying, it will not be so noticeable. You can use stylish durable napkins that will reduce the moisture degree of glass models.


    Dining tables with granite and marble countertops are also relevant, although they will not harmonize with each kitchen. It seems that it may be stronger than these products, but they are not the most durable. They are pretty easily scratched, chopped out, destroy the effects of acid and spilled beverages (Wines, for example). But still stone tables will be stronger than wooden, but it looks more interesting, it is painful – to say hard.


    Recently, a quartz countertop was rare – today it is a frequent order for the kitchen. Modern styles and already counted to the classic High-tech have become the best basis for the introduction of such countertops to the kitchen. Produce them in different colors. The quartz table has high scratch resistance, has dirt-repellent properties, thermal resistance.

    What form should be?

    The choice of furniture dictates space, namely its shape and sizes. If you make it in the classics, the roundable table will be complementary to him. Such furniture, as a rule, put either in the central part (at the wall in the corner or along the free wall).

    The round shape of the table is psychologically considered the most correct for the family: She attracts households and guests, unites, helps comfortably feel during meals. Finally, the round table is considered a peculiar symbol of heat, comfort in the apartment. It is convenient to separate trays and plates with dishes on the surface, more people fit at that table. The most popular furniture option – wood.

    Often appears in the kitchen and table of oval. Places for him will need more than for round, but in modern spacious apartments the conditions for this have. If the tabletop “stands” on one leg, the oval object will fit and in the small kitchen.

    Square table is most preferable if it comes to indoor small sizes. In this case, small models are purchased, because the overall tables look awkward in the small kitchen.

    Finally, a universal, popular always rectangular table. It is put in the middle of the kitchen, they have along the window or walls. Behind him you can fit a lot of people.


    Now people will recognize the secrets of the perfect design not from fashionable interior journals – the main platform of ideas was the Internet, including the social network.

    Hurry up which kitchen atmosphere is now popular, you can simply gain a simple tag in the social network, after which the scattering of inspirational photos appears. And they demonstrate an important time – the kitchen table is rarely empty and self-sufficient, people like to decorate it and do more lively.

    For this use many interesting elements.

    • Vases with flowers. Classic option, but today you do not need to wait for the holiday or summer season so that a vase with flowers appear in the kitchen. Drinks are used, all-season plants, lilac bouquets and even compositions made of fir branches. This sets the mood of the kitchen space and the house as a whole. In the fashion of retroeses, for example, on the New Year’s days it is on the kitchen table that there is a vase with fir branches, decorated with viburnum and various festive attributes, and near her there is a vintage candy, filled with delicacies from childhood.
    • Fruitman. Simple and two-storey, retrostile and homemade, crystal and bamboo – very many options. In order to in the kitchen there is always a sun, a few large oranges should always lie in the fruit. By the way, psychologists assure that oranges in the interior help a person to deal with the seasonal handrey caused by a lack of light and cold.
    • Mini teaching, breeders, sugar bowls on a tray. Fashion on sterile pure, freed even from salt bonding surface in the kitchen. Today, there are interesting spaces, filled with life, – beautiful cups and teapots in sight, tin elegant boxes with cookies and t. D.

    No wonder the topic of the decor of the table is mentioned. A modern man blames supercrement, believes that not everything in the house should be new, ideal, very fashionable, which is better to renovate the old solid table (or give it the opportunity to be wonderful in his imperfection), rather than buying a new.

    About the varieties of kitchen tables and selection rules you will find out in the following video.

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