Modern slides for the living room: what happens and how to choose?

Modern slides for the living room: what happens and how to choose?

In Soviet times, the hill was considered one of the welfare symbols. She was put in the central room of the apartment – the hall and filled with crystal dishes. Today the slide somewhat varied outwardly, however, did not lose its functionality.


Modern slides for the living room are characterized by the following features.

  • Large selection of structures, materials and colors. Currently, stores provide the widest selection of walls for every taste and a different style of your living room. Materials use wood, MDF, chipboard, plastic, glass. In addition, it is possible to fulfill the model to order, taking into account all individual preferences.

    • Easy assembly. Even if you are not a furniture assembly specialist, installing a modern slide will not be much difficulty. And some models are very mobile, their modules can be changed between themselves and even add new.

    • Compactness and functionality. Externally, the hill may seem too big, however, as a rule, such furniture is very roomy. Each of the elements of the slide must perform its role.

    Do not choose models with cabinets or drawers that do not know, under what to use.

    Review of species

    There are several varieties of living room slides.

    • Whole. Represent a single composition collected from several cabinets. It looks like a classic wall. It is compatible, multifunctional. Sizes The slides are selected under the room where it will stand. Often choose a model length to the wall. However, to rearrange the cabinets in places, it is impossible to remove something or add. Design does not provide changes.

    • Modular. Such slides are very mobile. They consist of wardrobes, shelves, boxes that can be changed between themselves places, complement new, or, on the contrary, remove some element.

    • Cabinet Gorka. It is usually small, made of natural species of valuable breed. It can decorate thread, gold-plated elements. Shelves and glass doors – integral components of such a cabinet. Store in it usually crystal, porcelain, collections of any items.

    • Survant Gorka. In general, it looks like the previous one, but below is the chest of drawers or a bedside table. It is convenient to store bulk dishes, tablecloths. Retractable drawers fit well for cutlery.

      • Linear. Located along one of the walls. Suitable for storage of dishes and souvenirs and for the placement of equipment, such as TV.

      If it is not installed on the wall to the wall, it must have an equal distance between the edges and adjacent walls.

      • Angle. Cabinets are located along two walls perpendicular to each other. In such models it is convenient to place a wardrobe or open shelves for souvenirs.

      • P-shaped. Located along 3 walls of the living room. Although it is roomy, but requires a large space for its placement. Not suitable for small rooms, but it looks very harmonious in big. It allows you to rationally use the space and does not laugh the room.

      • Mini Gorki. They consist only of several shelves and bedside tables. Very compact, do not occupy space, do not clutch the room. Suitable for small living rooms.

      Based on the materials you can select the following slides.

      • Made from wood. They are beautiful, durable, durable. Susceptible to moisture, but, as a rule, it does not happen in the living room. Disadvantage is a high price.

      • Made from chipboard. This is a cheap, durable and lightweight material that allows you to use various coatings, thereby fitting into any interior. The disadvantage is formaldehyde resins that are used in the manufacture of chipboard. They are harmful to health.

        • Made from DVP. Usually, the cabinet is not fully performed from this material, and use it for the rear wall or bottom of the box. Inexpensive, high thermal insulation material. Disadvantage – moisture is afraid.

          • Made from MDF. This is one of the varieties of chipboard, however, it practically does not contain formaldehyde resins, making it safe to health. Such material is well amenable to various types of processing, which makes it almost indistinguishable from the tree.

          • Made of plastic. If the plastic is not very high-quality, then the slide will quickly come into disrepair on it the yellowness will stick, scratches will appear. Good plastic is not subject to such changes and can last.

          Choosing style

          Depending on what style design in the living room is performed, you can choose the corresponding slide.

          • For the living room made in the classic style, A slide of the array is suitable, or from MDF and decorated with veneer. Texture of wood strongly emphasizes that she gives the wall luxurious and expensive view. The classic slide is often decorated with handmade carvings, encrusted with a crystal, pearl, amber, red wood.

          Sometimes such furniture is artificially awarded, which allows her to look antique.

          • If you are a fan of the style of Provence, then the central place in the living room should take a light, stylized under the antique slide. Due to the white, beige, light blue or gentle pink, such furniture will not look cumbersome. On the contrary, she will give the room more light, space and comfort. Producers in the style of Provence are usually made of wood. Light coating should not be perfect. The presence of cracks and scuffs will give the unique highlight inherent in this style.

          • Loft Living Room implies the presence of a modern slide. It can have any color and texture. The main purpose of the slide in such a living room is functionality. In addition, it should harmonize with a common interior. Here you can use unusual models consisting of a minimum of parts having metal elements.

          • If you decore the living room in the style of Hi-Tech, then furniture will be minimum. However, in such a living room there will be a slide place. It does not perform any decorative role, only a functional. Materials most often serve plastic and glass. The slide is performed by a simple geometric shape, has no unnecessary decor elements, jewelry. For such a living room, a good option will be furnished news made of glass and complemented by chrome elements. They look somewhat unusual, but quite fit the style of Hi-tech. It is appropriate to a combination of several materials and textures, for example, a combination of glossy and matte facades.

          • Stopping the style of Modern In the design of the living room, give preference to the hill, made of wood and decorated forged elements.

          • If your living room is decorated in the style of chalet, then the slide in it should be made of natural wood, perhaps dark color, artificially aged. If you are a happy owner of a really old slide, you have inherited from your grandmother, then in such a living room it will take a central place.

          • Avangard style allow you to install trendy slides in your living room, often material for which plastic serves. They can be decorated with colored glass.

          • Making the living room in Rococo style, Get ready for serious traits for furniture. It is a palace style, so everything should be luxurious. The slide is performed from a natural tree. Handmade is preferable to factory stamping. The wall must be bright, light and elegant. However, it is often used to decorate gilding, threads.

          • Slide for a living room in ampir style must be massive, wooden, rather bulky. It is appropriate for the presence of a thread and gilding that create a handmade effect.

          • Making the living room in the Gothic style, Give preference to the hills made of dark color wood. Such cabinets must be a little gloomy, have a set of decor elements in the form of gilding, wrought-iron elements, threads.

          What to pay attention to when buying?

          A wide range of hills in modern stores often puts the buyer in a dead end. There are several moments to consider when buying.

          • Size and view of the slide. It all depends on the living room. If the room is spacious, then you can purchase a large P-shaped structure. M-shaped walls look good in square rooms. If the room has a small metrar, it is better to stop your choice on a small linear slide.

          Do not forget that the living room should stay place for upholstered furniture.

          • Coloring and material. They will depend on the style of living room design. If bright wooden facades are suitable for the classic interior, then when decoring the living room in the style of High-tech is more appropriate plastic and glass, glossy surfaces.

          The main rule – the color of the furniture should be harmonized with the general design of the living room, however, do not merge with the floor or walls.

          • Equipment. It depends on what role you take a hill. If you are going to store dishes in it, you will need cabinets with shelves and glass doors. If you intend to store clothes, you must have a wardrobe. If you holder the luxurious library you want to store in the wall, take care of the presence of the required number of bookshelves. If you have a lot of techniques that rarely use, then the presence of antleesole. It is better to decide in advance with the wall functionality, so as not to overpay for unnecessary cabinets.

          • Quality. From this will depend on how long you will serve this subject of the interior. There are several nuances. In better products, nails are not used, the manufacturer applies Eurovints. Furniture accessories should be carefully fixed, there should be no dents, cracks, gaps around it. There should be no unprocessed sleeps, and there are no clearances between the joints and glue. It is preferable that the rear wall slide was removable. Then, as wear, it can be replaced with a new. The material of the internal and external walls must be identical.

          Observing these simple rules, you can choose a slide among the variety of furniture in modern stores, which will be more than one year to delight your appearance, functionality and quality.

          Beautiful examples

          Such a slide is ideal for storing beautiful dishes or some collections. Noble walnut tree, carved elements will allow such a cabinet to take the honorable place in the living room, decorated in a classic style.

          Bottom cabinets and drawers will help hide from prying eyes all that is inconceivable to a beautiful festive table setting: soup, cutlery, fabric napkins, tablecloths. Due to the color and material, such a slide will be appropriate in the living room decorated in the classic style. In addition, the streamlined form allows you to put it in the living room in Modern style.

          This slide is suitable for a small room. It has all the necessary elements – wrappers and dishwashes, shelves, a place for the TV. Greater functionality and compactness will allow it to place it in the living room made in the style of High tech or minimalism.

          Such a slide is appropriate in a modern living room. Especially successfully it will look in a square room.

          Such a slide – an integral part of the Living room decorated in the style of Provence. Wooden white cabinets with scuffs, irregularities seem to carry us into a small village in the south of France.

          Nothing extra. Small wardrobe, space for TV and shelves that can be used for books or flowers. Such a slide is appropriate in the living room in the style of minimalism. The contrast of flowers gives a highlight and does not allow a hill to merge with wallpaper.

          Classic ivory collar slide with carved elements. Spacious cabinets, cabinets, will allow remove all unnecessary from prying eyes. A specially equipped space for a TV and a TV console allows them to harmoniously look in the living room decorated in the classic style.

          The slide is made in the style of Rococo. Carved elements, luxurious wood, ease and grace emphasize this style.

          Variations of modern slides for the living room. See next video.

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