Modern sofas for the living room: varieties and tips on choosing

Modern sofas for the living room: varieties and tips on choosing

Contemporary sofas are an integral attribute of the living room in any house. The range of stores is so diverse that you can easily pick up the fashionable object of the interior for any halls. The most suitable are the angular and modular modular models, however, among direct sofas are also interesting options.


Modern sofas are not just the subject of upholstered furniture, but are a way of self-expression and give complete freedom in choosing a color palette, materials textures, as well as decorative elements and fittings.

Another distinctive feature of modern upholstered furniture is multifunctionality.

Exist Corner, modular, folding sofas with niches, banquets, ottomans, armrests of any shape, sliding supports under the feet and t. D. The modern sofa must necessarily be comfortable, pleasant to the touch, to give a full-fledged holiday to a person, so the ergonomics of the structure and the skillful combination of materials plays an important role.


Some furniture items are suitable for spacious rooms, others – for small living rooms, so available in different kinds. Types of modern sofas:

  • Straight – classic version of upholstered furniture (it is convenient to have a wall)+
  • semicircular – occupy the most place, however, look very stylish and presentable+
  • Corner – help save space in small halls, usually a banquette or otomanka is embedded in them+
  • modular – They give an unlimited exposure of fantasy: parts can be made up at their discretion, to change places if necessary (this option is the most universal, it makes it easy to refresh the interior without much difficulty), the ottoman, chair, couch, chaise lounge can be included in the modular sofa. D.

The sofa must match the dimensions of the room area, to harmoniously look in the interior: not to clutter the space, but also not to leave too much emptiness around yourself.

Staying mechanisms

Upholstered furniture in the living room is often going and unfolded several times a week. By laying, the following sofic mechanisms are distinguished:

  • New Roller – The most fashionable, the most reliable premium-class mechanism, is enough to pull the top of the back up and on yourself, the sofa will decompose himself (it is expensive, but will last for many years with a sofa daily folding)+
  • Click-klyak – folded as a book, additionally straighten up folding corners (there is no place for storage, often such sofas are produced on thick curved metal legs, the back has an additional “half-sidet” position)+
  • sesame – an autonomous sleeping place with an orthopedic mattress hides under the seat, it is easily rolled out and fixed by the head restraint (if necessary, you can carry to any point of the apartment)+
  • tango – prototype mechanism “Click-klyak”, but additionally equipped with a niche for storage of bed linen.

    The sofa folding mechanism can be any, the main thing is that it is convenient for all family members and served many years.

    Materials manufacturing

    The frame must be durable, for this is used array of beech, ash, oak or pine. Based on the bedroom most often – chipboard. Sleeping place should be elastic, convenient, medium hardness. It is recommended to choose a reliable spring block with isolated springs or a sofa with latex filler.

    It is not so important how often a sofa will be laid out and folded, it is worth choosing the most reliable mechanism, because the purchase should be a long time.

    Reliable accessories are performed from stainless steel and galvanized steel. Upholstery is affecting its diversity. Modern sofas are tightened by leather, ecocuse, velvet, velor, rotogo, flock, jacquard, microfiber, artificial suede, etc. Textured sofas, despite their high cost, are gaining increasing popularity from buyers: the upholstery can be made even from silk.

    Design options

    The sofa must harmoniously fit into the style of the room. It is most practical to select this piece of furniture under the existing interior, however, in some cases the sofa can be a central figure of the living room, so everything around is selected in addition to it. Recently, it has become fashionable to buy accent sofas of a saturated berry color, they attract all attention to themselves (subject to the interior in calm tones without drawing). Modern fashion styles:

    • minimalism – simple geometric forms without unnecessary parts+

    • eclecticism – a combination of various styles in one subject, most often made to order (the services of an experienced designer are needed, to get a stylish sofa, and not a mixture of scattered elements)+

    • loft – Multifunctional interior items in the urban style with artificially aged armrests+

    • Art Deco (Neoclassica) – It looks very elegant: Thin trapezoid legs, curved backs and decorative buttons+

    • Modern – Modern spacious soft furniture of muted shades with sophisticated fittings+

    • high tech – Strict rectangular shapes with chrome elements, such furniture is released with almost complete lack of decor.

      You can make a sofa to order in a workshop of upholstered furniture. Furniture will work out with an individual functionality and an exclusive appearance.

      Recommendations for choosing

      Choosing upholstered furniture, Be sure to consider the size of the bedroom in the unfolded form. Around must remain at least 50 cm so that you can go to the sofa. For a small room, it is recommended to choose direct models of sofas, t. To. They take less space (in the spacious room most beautiful will look like a semicircular with lush forms).

      Before buying tremendous new items, it should be noted that Fashion speed, and in a year such a sofa will complicate, because usually design interior items are produced by a limited series, and the outdated furniture is strongly striking. The bright trend of this year is the acquisition of two identical sofas for a spacious living room, if they are angular – one is bought with the right angle, the other – with the left.

      The most fashionable are unprofitable sofas for living room, made to order, however, this option is extremely non-functional.

      You can purchase not only a beautiful sofa, but also all accompanying furniture: Chairs, coffee or coffee table, floor lamp in a single style, tastefully furnished the whole room. It is most practical to buy furniture with a guarantee for accessories – this means that the manufacturer laid a sufficient stock of safety, and warranty cases occur extremely rare.

      The fabric should have color resistance (not fading), resistant to friction, refractory, environmental friendliness and good breathability. Light and fine upholstery is extremely impractical and is suitable only for furnishing the summer guest house, subject to infrequent visits of adults. If small children live in the house – drapets should be easily cleaned from the paste, paints, plasticine and t. D.

      Interesting examples

      Decide on the choice of furniture in the living room will help beautiful photos of interesting examples.

      Monochrome trendy subject of interior with folding mechanism Click-klyak harmoniously fit into a relaxed interior of a small living room. This model is compact, gives a feeling of lightness due to high thin legs and the presence of free space under the sofa.

      Leather sofa straight shape. Compact concise model for small living rooms.

      Corner sofa without armrests and decorations with decay mechanism New Roller. This model is as easy as easy as possible by one hand movement. Sleeping place very spacious.

      Two semicircular sofas in one living room. The original trend is gaining momentum: Mirror sofas in the opposite color scheme are icon of style.

      In the best way they will look at the center of the spacious, well-lit living room.

      Soft furniture in minimalist style. Harmoniously supplemented with accent bright textile pillows. Suitable for small rooms.

      Designer leather sofa with car motifs. Very original model with interesting elements and unusual legs. Practically impossible to pick up furniture so that it is harmoniously combined, maximum – coffee table. But the sofa itself is undoubtedly an extraordinary interior decoration.

      Modular sofa with multifunction armrests. Original colors and additional module in the form of a stylized coffee table. Modules can be rearranged at their discretion, seeking to update the interior without costs as often as he wants.

      In the next video, see the rules for choosing a sofa.

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