Modern wallpapers in the hall: varieties, choice, sticking, examples

Modern wallpapers in the hall: varieties, choice, sticking, examples

Starting repairing in the hall, it is very important to correctly pick up the walls of the walls, as their color, texture, the quality can create the necessary atmosphere, correctly emphasize the selected design style and visually expand the space. There are several surface finishing options. Most often staining walls paint or coating them with wallpaper. For several decades, wallpaper has not been losing their popularity. Every year all new and modern options for wallpapers suitable under the newcomer styles appear.

Modern materials for pasting walls varied. In order to determine the choice, you should consider the main characteristics of each type, identify the price policy and the style in which repairs will be repaired in the hall.


These wall coverings have been popular for several decades. Their low price allows you to purchase them to people with a low income or those who do not tolerate monotony and prefers to change the wallpaper every season. They can be single-layer and two-layer. As a rule, products have a smooth surface, but models with a relief surface are found.

This type of wallpaper has several advantages.

  • First of all, the advantage is the availability of this material.
  • In addition, paper wallpapers Eco-friendly. You can apply them, even if small children live in the house.
  • The surface of them passes the air, which allows the walls to breathe.

The disadvantage of such a material is the briefness. Color them can burn out in the sun, besides, this material is afraid of moisture, which significantly complicates the cleaning process.


These wallpapers are paper material with the addition of fibers of the fabric. They have more advantages, rather than paper:

  • more durable+
  • Do not fear moisture+
  • Simple to use.

In order to bleak them, the glue should be applied only to the surface of the wall, which greatly simplifies the workflow.

By minuses include what Not all kinds of phlizelin wallpaper environmental. These are products without vinyl layer.

Considering the fact that the vinyl layer does not let air, they should not be glued in the children’s room. And also need to be traced that the selected rolls had an environmentally friendly certificate according to GOST 6810-2002.


Their base is paper or phlizelin with a layer of foamed vinyl. The surface of such wallpapers can be smooth, embossed or with silk coating. Plus this type of product is their durability. This material is very strong, it withstands contact with water, which makes trouble-free wet cleaning. It can be used as paint base. Despite a number of advantages, this type has its drawbacks. Vinyl wallpaper do not let air, which makes it impossible to use them in children’s rooms.


Acrylic wallpapers also have a paper or fliseline base. The top layer is made of foamed acrylic. Although this material and not so durable as previous options, But it is capable of passing air, as the acrylic coating is applied to the basis.


Natural wallpapers include luxury materials. Make them made of natural materials, such as bamboo, cork, straw and even algae. The base is most often paper, in some cases Flizelin. Plus this material for wall decoration is a stunning aesthetic effect. In addition, the material is warm, pleasant to the touch, environmental. The main minus is their high cost.

In addition, in view of the individual characteristics, as a rule, on the wall where natural wallpapers are applied, joints are visible and this feature is almost impossible to avoid. Special impregnation against dust is applied to this material.

When wet cleaning, you should carefully use a brush for dust or vacuum cleaner.

Glass equipment

Gymelomes are also a popular option for surface pasting. They are produced from fiberglass. Many confuse them with a glassate, but unlike the glass gamblers, glass windows do not contain stitching particles, and they are completely safe.

Pluses this species a lot:

  • This is the most durable type of wallpaper – they are able to stop 30 years and not to spoil at all+
  • their surface can be washed+
  • Often they serve as the basis for paint.

Very important point is that This material does not contribute to the development of microorganisms and fungi on the surface of the walls, What is very important for people with allergies. The minus is that the choice of appearance of such products is quite limited. The surface of the glass equipment has a characteristic relief and, as a rule, is limited to several simple species of drawings.


These products have a surface of natural material, such as velor, flax, silk, cotton. The base for applying a textile layer is Flizelin or Paper. Such covers look very stylish and effectively, they create a unique, rich, cozy view in the room. Products are completely eco-friendly, they have good thermal insulation and sound insulation. The high price of such a material makes them not the most affordable option.

In addition, natural materials are difficult to protect from the impact of domestic animals. Besides Caring for them is quite time-consuming, Although some models with a synthetic layer suggest a simpler service.


Metal wallpapers contain a decorative layer of thin foil from aluminum. This is the perfect option for rooms performed in the style of Hi-Tech. Their advantage is that they do not fade in the sun, while they are able to visually expand the space, durable. The complexity in the application of this material is that Wallpaper must be applied to perfectly smooth walls, since the metal surface can be deformed from the slightest irregularity. And the high cost does not make this type of wallpaper available to all.


Liquid wallpaper entered into fashion relatively recently, but already enjoyed considerable popularity. They are based on adhesive substance and cellulose, and also various decorative elements, dyes, sequins are added to the composition.

This type of wallpaper has almost one advantages:

  • Ecology+
  • Ability to create an unusual embossed surface+
  • In the finished form on the surface there are no joints+
  • Easy to care.

Photo wallpaper

Such wallpapers have a self-adhesive foundation, which makes them easy to use. This species is often used to add wall decoration. Options for pictures and patterns a huge amount, therefore there is an opportunity to choose a drawing for any style and beneficial to complement the general background.

Currently, the most fashionable colors of wall coatings in the living room have a bold bright palette. The main shades are: yellow, chocolate, pink and orange colors. Products in olive, turquoise and green shades are very impressive. The classic is still still in fashion. Monophonic light wallpaper do not lose their relevance.

Different images and patterns on wallpaper. As a rule, options with a bright pattern are used to finish one of the walls. Flower Print is also relevant, it is perfect for a room performed in the style of Provence and any other gentle, air style.

Special popularity acquired wallpaper With animal images, And not only in realism, but also in the style of Linvork, where the outlines of the animal is made using lines. Such a style as it is impossible to suitable for styles High-tech, loft and minimalism.

How to choose in the interior?

Selecting the wallpaper, first of all, take into account the design style in which the repair was made. As well as the size of the room. For small rooms, it is recommended to choose bright colors, they will visually increase the space.

  • In the apartment studio often use style loft, For which the matte dark wallpaper of natural colors will be suitable. Decorative materials depicting a brick wall as it is impossible to suit this style. In addition, wallpapers can be not only in the form of decorative brick, but also of any other natural material.

  • Wall mural fits perfectly in the interior of the living room. What exactly will be depicted on them depends on the individual preferences of the owner and style in which the repair was made.

When they choose, it should be borne in mind that if the emphasis is on the photo wallpaper, then decorative elements are better minimized, otherwise the space will be overloaded.

  • For modern style Modern Metal wallpapers are best suited, which will best withdraw furniture, decor of this style.

  • If the hall is decorated Barochko style, It is recommended to take textured wallpapers that have suitable styles patterns combined with textiles in the room.

The design of wall coatings and their color depends on who lives in this room. So, the girl’s room will be stylistically different from the room where a man or married couple lives.

Individual preferences and tastes should be considered primarily for the room only positive emotions, emphasized the identity of the owner and was cozy for him.

How fashionable now glue wallpaper?

Modern design allows you to leave strict rules and classics. Competently combining all the details, you can combine incompatible things and getting delicious, stylish design.

For now In the fashion, a combination of different colors and wallpaper textures. This means that the matte surface of the material can look great in combination with textured. This also applies to natural or textile wallpaper, which is usually used in combination with conventional.

Wall mural not in vain found popularity. An incredibly simple method of application and a beautiful effect makes them an indispensable material in building design.

Fashionable, but unusual option – Liquid wallpapers also at the peak of glory. The method of applying them on the walls is rather unusual, as well as their consistency. In the finished version, they look interesting and stylish.

Bright accents against the backdrop of more calm tones, an unusual print or pattern, a bold combination of colors are the main trendy wallpaper options.

Beautiful ideas

Using various types of wallpaper and other materials, you can decorate any room by making it stylish and exquisite. Purchasing finishing material, pay attention not only to the quality of products, but also aesthetic data.

Using three-dimensional printing, the simplest wallpaper is possible to convert to a widescreen image. Thanks to this go, the surface looks more realistic. 3D wallpaper very durable, environmental. At the same time, they have a rather high cost. Today you can buy such a fluorescent canvas even with backlit.

Especially buyers were interested in gradient wallpapers, the surface of which gives a smooth transition from one brighter shade to bright calm. On the walls they look very impressive, making the room visually spacious and air.

To give accents use the combination of materials. Very boldly and unusually combination of geometric shapes with monophonic light wallpaper.

Wall mural will perfectly fit into the design of the room.

Well combined light wallpaper with floral print. This option is suitable for Living Room in Provence. Furniture in this case it is better to choose a light color. Ryushi and drapery are welcome in textiles.

For loft style living room more often choose matte or gray wallpaper. At the same time, one wall can be pasted models with decorative brick or stone. Dark furniture will complement the decoration of the room. Metal flooring and a small amount of decorative elements will complement style.

And some more successful combinations.

How correctly and beautifully combine wallpaper in the apartment, look in the following video.

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