Modern walls in the living room: types, selection and options in the interior

Modern walls in the living room: types, selection and options in the interior

Modern walls in the living room – this is not a relic of Soviet era, but Comfortable and practical furniture. She helps to keep things and creates comfort in the house. Each owner dreams of getting a beautiful and functional wall option. Get detailed information about all the subtleties of the selection of this object of furniture you can from this article.


Modern walls in the living room usually represent a modular design. Its components can be changed in places for greater convenience or shifts.

The wall in the hall will never bother you, because the design of the interior with the permutation of the modules can be changed at least every week.

In the apartment setting the wall – most often the need. Free space is not so much to place individual furniture items, and the wall will help to solve the issue of storing things without using several furniture designs.

Types of structures

The wall in the living room makes it possible to realize all your most bold fantasies, because there are a lot of such furniture varieties. Thanks to modern developers, you can choose for your hall the following types of furniture.

  • Cabinet. That is, a massive design, which is one of the whole. With the help of such a wall you can hide the irregularities of the walls, divide zones, such as a dining and living room in the studio apartment. Often in its composition there is a wardrobe.

Cabinet furniture is usually very accurate, but it is very difficult to make it.

  • Modular. A combination of boxes, cabinets, chests, which together can be a wall, but are easily divided and exist separately. The modular wall can always be selected for your interior with the smallest costs.

  • Built-in. Made to order design can be perfectly fit into the space of your room. The best option for small living rooms, as its constructive saves the area. The main minus – when moving, it makes no sense to take this furniture with you, as it is made individually for a particular room. Built-in designs can be mounted or suspended. The first are mounted on the wall, and the second can be attached to the ceiling.

  • Hill wall. Such a design has become popular for a long time. Parts of the wall are placed one to another without additional fasteners. Just like the modular walls, the slides may vary, which changes the overall look of the wall beyond recognition.

  • Mini-wall. Modern life is based on minimalism. A small wall in the living room with small boxes or at all representing the rack will not allow to store a lot of things, but you will have the most you need in the house.

  • Angle. Can be both built-in and case or modular. Its only feature – it is located in the free corner of the room.


In a huge living room, a small wall will look ridiculous, and in the tiny apartment-studio inappropriate massive furniture, a grinding space. Conditionally walls in the living room on dimensions can be divided into several categories.

  1. Little. Literally consisting of the lower block (support for TV) and several shelves from above. Basically represent a modular design. These include mini walls.
  2. Middle. A larger option, also more often modular, allowing to store a sufficient thing. The space looks not too massively, but boxes and shelves in it enough to accommodate all the most necessary.
  3. Large. For a large living room comes with a spacious wall. It is better to free other rooms from furniture and make a massive furniture design in the hall. Large walls can be both corps and built-in, less often – modular.

Materials manufacturing

    The times of solely wooden furniture passed. Walls in the living room are made of various materials. They differ in price, quality and structure.

    • Wood. Old good tree is most environmentally friendly in use, but it is notice. To produce the wood of the desired degree of dryness, it is maintained for several years. But in the durability of this material you can not doubt. From the massif of the tree to make the wall when using modern technologies, it is absolutely not difficult, and it will be happy to please our owners for many years.

      On wooden wall items, you can cut various patterns that will perfectly complement the interior.

      • MDF. Modern material for the manufacture of furniture, which is perfectly cut and pressed. This allows you to quickly and cheap it from it the wall for the living room of any complexity. The unconditional advantage of the MDF is that it can be painted, give any texture and even cover with waterproof film. By strength and durability Such material is not inferior to the tree. When choosing, it is worth navigating the veneered MDF, which is covered on top of a thin layer of natural wood.

      • Chipboard. The cheapest material for the manufacture of walls in the living room. There is an opinion that it allocates harmful volatile in the process of operation. Therefore, most often from the chipboard make office furniture, and for home choose MDF or tree. But this material has indisputable advantages.

      Choosing a wall from the chipboard, you can significantly save the budget and implement almost any designer idea of ​​life.

      • Glass. For the manufacture of shelves or partitions in the walls is often used glass. It looks lung and air, so it will be suitable for large walls in the living room as it is impossible by the way. When choosing a wall with glass shelves, it is necessary to take into account that they cannot be very heavy, but it is best to use exclusively in decorative purposes.

      Color and Design

      When choosing furniture in the living room, buyers often break, as they do not know which color will suit the overall interior of the room. Stylish solution will help create in the room comfort and comfort. Even the most fashionable shades may not approach the existing wallpaper and ceiling. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the combination of colors and their impact on the future overall picture of the interior.

      • White, Black, Gray. Fairly trendy colors in any time that are combined with any shades. The only thing that should stop from the purchase of furniture of one of the main colors is some coldness. When choosing a white, black or gray wall, it is worth taking care of the purchase of accessories that will bring additional comfort. Wooden figures, vintage watches, beautiful wicker vases will dilute the rigor of the main colors.

        • Tree colors – beige, brown, ocher, wenge and others. Such tones are a classic genre and are suitable for almost any interior. Not quite a pleasant combination may seem when choosing a tree color wall under the red wallpaper or carpets. Perfectly look with brown shades gray, black, white, green and blue tone.

        • Unusual colors for the wall – red, green, blue and similar. The original ideas of the color scheme will make the focus in the form of a wall in the living room and implement the imagination of the owner. Do not be afraid to experiment, but remember that the brighter shades, the more unnotines they will be despite the interesting kel. Dark and saturated wall colors will stand out against the background of other furniture and wallpaper, by itself being an emphasis in the interior.

        Remember that in the dark living room it is better to choose light furniture, and pastel tones are also suitable in the large and spacious, and deep dark.

        The wall manufacturers are now so much that when choosing, the eyes simply run. There are expensive options, and budget, it remains only to take the hall, think about the design and go to the store. We give an example of several popular wall models in the living room.

        • “Lily” (HOFF). Inexpensive model of a small modular wall in the living room, which is made of chipboard and glass. Also she has a mirror. Performed only in two colors: Dark ash and oak.

        • Sherlock (Hoff). Budget version of the cabinet small wall. It will suit small living rooms and is a small dresser, a TV stand, two racks on the edges and upper shelves. All this is going together. Colors Two: Light and Dark Oak.

          • Dallas (Hoff). Beautiful and budget version of the furniture wall with a place for TV. It is also a cabinet wall with racks, open and closed boxes. Colors contrasting: wenge and white oak.

          • “Jazz” (“Tria”). Modern design and inexpensive price make such a wall very popular. It is made of chipboard using plastic and metal. Contrast of textures makes the type of such furniture very unusual.

          • “Camellia” (“Lerom”). More expensive model, but it is made of MDF, so better. On closed boxes used glass. Colors are also chosen in contrast: white oak and wenge.

          How to choose?

          Select the wall in the living room can cause some difficulties. I want to purchase a beautiful, high-quality and inexpensive furniture that would not have occupied too much space, but at the same time it was convenient and spacious. Buy the wall that satisfies all these parameters at the same time is very difficult. Try to follow when choosing the following rules.

          • Carefully measure the future place under the wall. And both in length and width. The furniture should not interfere with the free move on the room and should not touch other furniture items.

          If you wish to post a TV in the wall, measure and its parameters, since niches for TVs vary in size.

          • Examine the walls of your room. Sometimes the walls are so far from the ideal that it is easier to hide their asymmetry, for example, an angular wall or large cabinet furniture than to align with plaster. If you have a wall curves, choose a large wall, fully closing the wall.

          • If you have a niche in the room, use its space. You can embed furniture in it by individual order. The rationally used area of ​​the niche will help to increase the useful space of the living room.

          • Picking up color, consider your temperament. Bright colors look interesting, but clearly do not soothe. If you are experiencing stress at work, choose home furniture in calm colors. So you calm the nervous system and you will feel comfortable at home.

          • Furniture style must match the shared room style. It is not necessary to combine the incompatible and give the interior of the room racks of madness. If your living room is all in ruffles and flowers, and on the floor lies a goat skin, then the wall in the style of Hi-tech will look ridiculous.

          • If you have children, choose eco-friendly materials. The wall is preferably choosing from wood or MDF. The product must have a certificate of quality and safety.

          Use in different styles

          Modern furniture is so diverse that it is not difficult to choose it for any interior. Elements of furniture in the living room should be combined with the common room interior, be with him in one style.

          • Minimalism. Strict lines, smooth texture and minimum items characterize the style of minimalism. The wall in the room must correspond to the same criteria. Often in the design of furniture in this style use glass.

          • High tech. Similar to the previous style, but characterized by a richer set of accessories and the number of furniture. Walls in the living room High-tech are usually modular, black or white. Bright inserts are possible as a color spot, diluting the interior.

          • Classic. She will be fashionable at any time. In elements of furniture, mainly natural materials and decorations should be used, and stucco. Furniture in the classic living room should be bright tones and preferably cabinet.

          • Japanese style. Minimalism + asymmetry in one person. Walls in the interior of the Japanese living room must be white with black outlines.

          Boxes should not be much, and their contents are hiding with matte glass.

          • Country style. Cozy living rooms, combined with kitchen, can be issued in a rustic style. He involves jewelry in a cage, wooden cozy furniture.

          Successful examples in the interior

          Look at successful examples in the interior, To form your idea of ​​the perfect wall in the living room, and when you hike in the store are not confused.

          • Housing wall in the style of high-tech in brown tones. A spacious design includes a wardrobe, shelves, racks, a TV stand.

          • Modular Modern Backlit Design. Two cabinets can easily move, and transparent shelves with blue glass create a feeling of easy and airiness.

          • White wall in classic style. Ideally fits into the total dark interior as a bright accent. Built-in wardrobes and shelves do not look cumbersome due to carved edges and closed glass shelves.

          • Harmonious wall in double color with decorations made of glass and mirrors. Patterns on glasses give furniture lightness and airiness, and mirror inserts visually expand the space.

          • Large angular wall in natural colors. Capacious cabinet, closed with glass Pencil, chest of drawers, a place for a TV, glass shelves – all this is included in this design, but surprisingly it does not look massive. The reason for this is the correct organization of space and the combination of wall elements.

          • Japanese-style wall. The contrast combination of white and black, geometric patterns and clear lines of the design itself emphasize the beauty and ease of furniture.

          • Minimalism wall. Represents several modules that can be easily changed in places.

          • Another representative of minimalism. Interesting P-shaped pendant wall in the living room frames TV. Clean white color is a bit diluted with wooden shelves.

          Such a design looks great and emphasizes the rigor and simplicity of the interior.

          • Pleasant composition of warm cozy shades. Collected all the necessary furniture elements: cabinets, racks, open shelves and chest. Roomy, but not a massive wall.

          • Wall in the living room with a working area. It is convenient to work on it and arrange the necessary things next. A good location in the corner allows you not to interfere with the rest of the family members and create a secluded working atmosphere.

          • And again minimalism for a small living room. Two long cabinet without accessories, between which there is a TV. A good solution for small rooms, as it looks simple, tastefully and does not clutch the space.

          • Built-in wall, which serves as a separator of the living room and dining area. Pleasant chocolate color shelves and small accessories create a cozy atmosphere in the dining area and in the recreation area.

          • Dark furniture in a bright living room. The game of contrasts can be traced not only in the color of the interior. Massive geometric design diluted with glass facades with gentle patterns.

          • Wall in a living room with a workplace in a rustic style. Extremely unusual furniture for the modern interior will surprise guests and will delight the owners as an interesting accent.

          • Built-in wall with plasterboard shelves and backlit. White-green gamma expands space. Such a design will serve for many years.

          Review of the large corner wall in the living room Watch in the video below.

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