Modern wardrobes in the hallway: design, species and selection

Modern wardrobes in the hallway: design, species and selection

To gently store all the clothes, in the hallway often put wardrobes. Such furniture is easy and easy to use. It becomes part of a unique home design. In this article, we will look at what modern wardrobes exist, what are their features and benefits.


Modern wardrobes often acquire in the hallway. Such furniture is convenient in use, allows you to store various necessary items.

The main advantages include a number of factors.

  • Significant savings. If you acquire a traditional closet, it will take an impressive share of your square meters. It will not always be convenient to open the doors. The wardrobe will solve this problem, saving the necessary centimeters.
  • Typically, such structures contain a lot of things. This is outerwear, shoes, casual outfits, homemade linen and others. You can easily place the necessary items.
  • Ergonomic and aesthetics. You can choose models that perfectly fit into the style of your room, emphasize her.
  • Wide range of goods. Modern manufacturers represent the most interesting options for such furniture for the hallway. You can choose to your taste and color. Stylish design products will cost more than simple options.
  • The ability to select internal filling. In the wardrobe can be shelves, drawers, hangers. They can be changed in places. It is worth picking elements based on your own preferences.
  • The presence of a large mirror. Often such a wardrobe has an impressive mirror surface. It is convenient in the corridor. You can look at your appearance again before going to work or walk. Using the mirror will be created the effect of expanding space.
  • Affordable prices. Because of the extended product range, you can choose the option to your wallet. It is important to look and evaluate the quality of the design.
  • Optional to buy goods promptly. In many stores you can find suitable options for your hallway.

    With all visible pluses there are disadvantages of such furniture.

    • Fragile doors mechanism. Wheels and guides need close attention and gentle handling. For furniture you need to carefully care for it to serve for a long time.
    • If this is a built-in model, then it will be impossible to rearrange it in another place.

    Evaluating all the pros and cons of furniture can be understood whether it is worth buying such a construction in your hallway.

    Types of structures

    At the modern furniture market, the compartment wardrobes differ in size, color execution, styles, forms and other parameters. Constructions can be separate and built-in. The first option is a corpus model that has all the walls and which can be easily moved to a convenient place for you. Built-in furniture does not have such characteristics. You will not be able to transfer it somewhere, as the walls of the cabinet are the walls of the house.

    Consider various design options.

    • Corner. Such a wardrobe in the form of a triangle will help optimally organize space. Corners often in the interior remain unaffected. With the help of furniture you can solve this task. In addition, such a wardrobe will be pretty roomy. Shelves it can be both closure and open. The filling of the subject may be the most. Models are built-in and cabinet.

    • Straight. Models are installed close to the wall of the corridor. Such a wardrobe can be long or compact. Usually such options are used in corridors, where many spaces.

    • Modular. Products include several items that can be combined with each other, combine into one composition. Usually used bedside table, narrow wardrobe, mirrors, hangers.

    • M-shaped version. The model will be located on the walls of the hallway. Such a wardrobe is compact and roomy, perfectly suitable for a small room.

    • Trapeze. Design includes additional side shelves. The cabinet will be rather big, so buying such furniture is worth it if you allow square meters. Otherwise, the space will look clumsy. The subject can be compared with the dressing room. Facades can be closed or open.

    Often people choose this model due to essential capacity.

      • Radius. Such options have a curved face. Rounded form attracts attention. Mostly similar furniture is placed to order. This adds the cost to the product.

      Choosing your ideal wardrobe for the hallway, it is worth paying attention to and filling it. Most often it can be chosen independently. Under the rods you can allocate two compartments: for outerwear and for light jackets and sweatshirts. In the lower shoe beds it will be possible to store all shoes. So you protect items from dirt and dust. The rest of the space can be filled with drawers, shelves, baskets.

        You can allocate separate places for household appliances.

        Materials manufacturing

        Modern compartment cabinets can be made of a variety of materials. For example, MDF. Wood-fibrous stove is pretty harmless and eco-friendly. Such material is considered the most durable and resistant to moisture. Similar furniture will serve for a long time. However, it will cost that the wardrobe is expensive.

        Chipboard (wood-chip) has high characteristics: durable, easy to operate, easy to care. This material is moisture resistant, it’s not terrible dirt. Such cabinets are usually available at cost.

        Natural tree. The cost of furniture from the massif is always the highest. This material is considered environmentally friendly, safe, attractive in appearance and durable. However, natural wood products do not tolerate moisture. Therefore, it will be necessary to closely monitor such a model.

        Color gamut and design

        It is important to choose a wardrobe not only in appearance or internal filling, but also in color scheme and design. Only then the composition will be fully completed, and the hallway will acquire a stylish modern view. As well as It is worth remembering that it is exactly the color affects the mental state of a person, his mood. Natural shades will always look.

        You can choose imitation under oak, nut, complement the facades with different inserts.

        Fashionable and demanded white color. Such furniture looks stylish and solemnly. In addition, bright shades visually expand the space, make the room lighter. The surface can be a glossy or matte based on the buyer’s desire. Pastel tones are relevant. Gentle options will look elegant, stressed the style of the room.

        Lovers of bright colors worth paying attention to burgundy, lilac, purple shades. But in the decor should not be motley details. Beautiful will look a photo printing. It is important to skillfully combine design with the stylist concept of the corridor. Facades can be decorated with mirror mosaic, stained glass windows, plastic. Everything will depend on your capabilities and preferences. Pictures are applied to the surface with sandblasting. These can be whole works of art that occupy almost all mirrors entirely or some separate fragments.

        You can find options with matte glass. Such furniture looks quite effectively and unusual.

        You can also combine facades, combining various materials. Radial rounded cabinets look original. They will be a highlight of any corridor.

        For which styles are suitable?

        Choose a wardrobe, which will be organically fit into the style of your room. It can be different options.

        • Modern. For this style, simple lines are characterized, a nonsense decor, modern materials. The surface may be matte or glossy.

        • Minimalism. Such furniture attracts its simple design, often light shades, lack of extra facades. Color is selected based on the tone of the hallway walls.

        • Classic. Many choose this style, which is characterized by the use of natural wood as part. And also modern materials imitating wood can be applied. Among the shades it is better to choose pastel tones. Lines and angles should not be too sharp.

        • Provence. This style is inherent in some romance. At the heart – effect of composition, carved parts, floral ornaments. A tree is applied as a raw material.

        • Loft. For this style, the impressive space is characterized. The hall itself will not be small, so the wardrobe can be of various parameters. The main thing is to be respected functionality and simplicity.

        Such furniture is rich in mirror facades, metal elements.

        • Country. This rustic style is notable for using a natural tree, as well as a warm palette of tones. A carving can be used as a decor.

        • High tech. You can find out this furniture by its monochrome. Style does not welcome the lack of functionality and availability of decor.

        • Modern. It is based on smooth lines. Such a wardrobe can be made of well-treated plywood. The surface will be smooth, with chrome metal elements.

        Among the set of styles, it is important to choose the one that really comes up with your dwelling. So you can competently enter the wardrobe in the room and pleasantly surprise relatives and loved ones.

        How to choose?

        Before you go to the nearest furniture store, it is worth considering the size of your optimal wardrobe in the hallway. To do this, define the desired length, width, the height of the product. If the room is too small, it is better to pay attention to the corner and radius models that will help save space and accommodate the necessary things. If the square meters allow you to purchase the option of any designer incarnation.

        Determine in advance what amount you are willing to spend on a purchase. It is worth remembering that good things will not cost cheap. If you want to choose a wardrobe of solid wood, then do not hope to buy it for the low cost. It is better to look after the option that suits you at a price and other important parameters.

        Pay attention to the appearance of the model. It must be successfully combined with the stylistics of the room. This also includes the choice of color gamut, decorating. Choose an option to your taste. Be sure to evaluate the quality of the design. Check if all the doors work are located, there is no dents and scratches, whether all the necessary elements come. See that the sash closes silently and firmly seized.

        Decide with the internal filling of the wardrobe. It may be the necessary drawers for you, shelves, hangers and others.

        The design itself must be convenient for use with the whole family. This is especially important. And the cabinet should not interfere with the passage. It is worth noting that the design made to order will satisfy all your needs. However, such options are more expensive than the furniture you can buy in the store.

        Successful examples in the interior

        Modern shops offer a variety of options for wardrobes from simple to creative models. At the peak of popularity wooden texture. Such a matte coating will be successful in any interior. The use of eco-tree also today in trend. Such a wardrobe will look original and fashionable.

        You can choose options with transparent glass. So you can immediately see that the closet is located. In combination with the original back wall, such a design will look attractive. I wonder the radius, built-in models. Those who want to emphasize their individuality, you can choose a wardrobe with a mirror surface. On the mirrors, experienced masters will be able to realize original drawings. Mirror can also be matte.

        There are interesting models with mounted hooks, decorated walls, as well as many others. It is important to select the option that impresses you.

        In this article we talked about the views and versions of the modern desk coupe to the hallway. Choose not only fashionable, but also high-quality models that will serve for a long time and delight our capacity.

        On the storage of things in the closet, look in the video below.

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