Narrow sofas for the kitchen: types and tips on choosing

Narrow sofas for the kitchen: types and tips on choosing

Stylish, multifunctional and practical kitchen sofa provides home comfort and comfort. For a small room, it is necessary to choose a convenient model, take into account the length and width of furniture, color gamut and design, ask the material from which the product is made. An excellent choice in this situation will be a narrow kitchen sofa.


Most consumers prefer such furniture. She does not need much space. It is very convenient to sit at the table. Straight design is better even narrow corner sofa. The choice of linear model contributes to the following advantages:

  • On the sofa, several people can be comfortable+
  • The presence of a straight soft back creates comfort for sitting+
  • People located on the couch do not interfere with the kitchen moving+
  • Often the product has a built-in extensive sleeping place or a spacious kitchen utensil box+
  • A huge selection of colors color range allows consumers to purchase a model suitable for their interior+
  • The sofa moves easily in the kitchen, it can be positioned anywhere in any place.

There are some shortcomings:

  • Direct sofas most often occupy almost the entire wall of the kitchen, so next to them is not always possible to arrange an additional subject, for example, water cooler+
  • Ready-made angular narrow sofas for the kitchen are sold complete with a table and tabretes, and the linear design does not imply tables and chairs, and therefore its design can be very different from other items+
  • In a small room, it is not always easy to place a sofa.


Narrow models differ from each other with dimensions, additional elements and upholstery. The difference can be in the design of the product:

  • Unbelievable straight sofa It takes a minimum space+
  • Laying model Ensures daytime use of a sofa for a table and a sliding bed at night+
  • Mini-sofa – Excellent option for compact room.

Often, consumers choose a narrow sofa with a sleeping place. The mechanism of traditional “book” provides residents with a large space for sleep. The most common folding mechanism for kitchen furniture is “Dolphin”, which is a pull-out of a bed, similar to a pull-out drawer.

    If there are not enough kitchen squares to accommodate a multifunctional product in it, then the access is the acquisition of a narrow linear or angular sofa without a bed.

    Most people prefer to a straight sofa with a box for storing small-sized utensils: dishes, tablecloths, tools, cereals, pickles and jams.

    On the miniature area, direct products with an angular design, smoothing angle, as well as a refining kitchen design look. There are good angular soft models capable of transforming in a comfortable double bed. When transformation of the seating shop in a bed, the problem often arises: where to do the table. In the spacious room it is moved to the side, in close – they put in the room.

    In the case of the inability to push the sofa forward there are excellent models with a side back, which with the help of special sliding elements allow you to lengthen the design and make it suitable for lying.


    Kitchen sofas framework made of wood, metal, stainless steel. Occasionally aluminum alloys apply. Often use mixed materials. Careful framework processing prevents product cracking. Spring blocks made of metal compounds differ in high strength.

    Sofas with wooden frame easy to move and mount. Oak, Pine, Beeza – the most durable and eco-friendly wood varieties, most commonly used for the manufacture of kitchen sofas. Special lacquer protects the product from negative external influences on it.

    Less durable furniture from chipboard. It has a property crumble, break in overload. Tiles from which the sofa is made contain a resin harmful to health.

    Metal framework is very convenient for folding design. In order to avoid creaking and rusting, the details must be periodically lubricated with its machine oil and wipe the soft cloth.

    For the upholstery of kitchen sofas, most often used Durable and non-smack fabric. If there are animal and young children in the apartment, it is recommended to use furniture covers.

    The most durable and convenient care is genuine leather. Material is resistant to physical damage. Minus lies in a small selection of colors and a high price product.

    Narrow sofas, covered with artificial leather, look beautiful. But they quickly lose appearance due to instability in front of any temperature changes. The disadvantage is their exposure to rapid inflammation.

    Durable flock does not fade, But it has the property to absorb dirt and smells. Large selection of colors, lightweight care and affordable price attracts buyers.

    Jacquard Resistant to ultraviolet rays, wear, looks beautiful, but it is impossible to clean it with liquid solutions.

    Velours has a beautiful velvety surface, but quickly wear out. It is difficult to care for him, since the spots from the surface are difficult.

    Increased room humidity contributes to the formation of fungus. To prevent it It is recommended to choose furniture with synthetic filler. It is best to purchase a model with a padding material of which is Hollofiber or Polyurenter. These materials are environmentally friendly, fire resistant, durable and safe to people’s health. Elastic and air, they easily withstand any load.

    The most budget packing material is Porolon. It serves not so long and is not designed to fill the bed. Count on reliability of the foam rubber. It is best to give preference to a kitchen sofa with a more durable filler.


    Narrow sofas are characterized by small sizes. Their depth varies from 0.4 to 0.6 m, the width of the entire model is from 0.7 (assembled) to 0.9 (with a suspended bed), length – from 0.8 m to 2.5 m, Height – from 0.45 to 0.5 m.

    Main product can easily fit in a small room. The shallow sofa rarely equip the armrests with the purpose of location on it more people than provided by the standard.

    Design options

    Beautiful model can be chosen even for very small kitchen. It is important to carefully think about the design:

    • classic style The interior suggests the presence of a direct or angular sofa with a reflection in it with a common color palette of the room+

    • modern style Compared with compact products, the trim of which is decorated and harmoniously fits into the kitchen interior+

    • Scandinavian style Characterized by minimalistic design and naturalness: a beautiful narrow sofa functional and convenient+

    • Loft kitchen design Sometimes the presence of a sofa designed to relax.

    Light tone fit for small space. You can purchase removable covers that are easy to clean and wash. In addition, at any time design updated without much difficulty. In a monophonic room, a bright print or stripes look good. In trend purple color.

    How to choose?

    When choosing a model for compact room, it is necessary to consider the dimensions of the product. Need to choose comfortable furniture. For small kitchens are remarkably fit narrow straight sofas. Design and colors must necessarily harmonize with color palette of kitchen headset. It should be preferred by monolithic models.

    Need to take care of the right placement of furniture. Usually the sofa is located along the wall under the window. He should not interfere with the movement of people in the kitchen. The successful location of the furniture creates additional space. The optimal solution is not an appropriate backrest, screwed to the wall. Preparations without armrests and pillows provide additional places.

    For one-bedroom apartment It is recommended to choose a model with a sleeping place. The sofa with armrests contributes to the creation of comfort and convenience. Boxes located under the seats of the sofa allow residents to provide residents with additional storage.

    The product does not absorb any smells with a well-selected trim and makes it possible to easily care of furniture.

    Interesting examples

    • Beautifully looking two-color models. White combination with black, green, blue, blue or red tone gives furniture special piquancy. Interesting combination of orange and green coloring, gray and purple colors.

    • Elegantly looks retro sofas. Kitchen couches in the style of the 60s attach a special old atmosphere.

    • Original modern models of incorrect or geometric shape perfectly fit into the interior created in the style of futurism and constructivism. Such products are suitable for the fashionable setting in the style of high-tech, which is characterized by the use of metal, glass and other modern composite materials.

    • Deserves a very compact narrow sofa with a built-in folded bed, which is equipped with a comfortable thin mattress.

    Making an angular sofa for the kitchen with your own hands, see the following video.

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