Narrow straight sofas with a sleeping place for the kitchen

Narrow straight sofas with a sleeping place for the kitchen

The kitchen is a place where the whole family is going to the dinner table. The room should be organized not only from the point of view of practicality and functionality, but also as a cozy place where the hostess can relax after cooking. For this, usually put a small sofa in the room. In the article we will tell about the pros and cons of a narrow straight sofa for the kitchen with a sleeping place, consider the types of such furniture and give some tips on the choice and installation.

Advantages and disadvantages

The kitchen folding sofa will become an excellent purchase for any apartment. The subject can be an excellent addition to standard chairs if necessary. A narrow and direct model can be installed along the wall – it is compact and will not take a lot of space. This type of furniture is optimal for a small kitchen and has plenty of benefits. It can conveniently set up several people at once.

The presence of an additional bedroom in the apartment is always plus, since if necessary, you can always be able to place a guest left after night gatherings.

To all, such models are sometimes equipped with an additional storage location where bed linen can be folded or temporarily unnecessary kitchen utensils. Modern furniture stores offer a wide range of narrow kitchen sofas with a sleeping place. Models are produced in a variety of colors and designs, so every buyer will be able to find a product to taste, which will fit in his kitchen. Direct form allows you to put a sofa to any place, but with the angular models it will not work. Products mobile and easily move from one place to another.



The narrow folding sofa of the straight shape will be the best acquisition for a small kitchen: it will maximize the use of space. However, such furniture has some drawbacks. First of all, it should be noted a small width of the product, which in the assembled state will not be able to provide a comfortable sleep. Will have to spread it, and it is not always convenient.

If desired, buy a set of chairs together with a sofa of such a design will have to spend a lot of time and effort. As a rule, manufacturers produce sets with angular models, so chairs will be distinguished by design. Another minus direct product is the fact that it will take most of the wall, and with a small area of ​​the room, put a cooler or an additional cabinet will be problematic.


In furniture stores you can find a lot of narrow straight sofas for the kitchen, differing in functionality.

By layout mechanism

When buying a product with a sleeping place, pay attention to the type of installed mechanism. As a rule, the following types are used in narrow products.

  • Dolphin. To get a bed, you need only with the help of the holder, pull out an additional design from the seat.

  • Book. The product quickly turns into bed: the “Click-Click” mechanism in a matter of seconds allows you to push the seat slightly forward, and the back is laid like an open book.

  • Eurobook. This option is valid according to the principle similar to the previous mechanism, but only the retractable seat becomes on the legs, and the back falls forward to its place.

  • Cot. Models with a similar mechanism can turn into a full bed. Clamshell with a mattress is under the seat. It is enough to remove the upper pillows and pull out a bed.

Since kitchen models are not expected to use to sleep, so their mechanism is not enough durable and reliable.

If you are going to lay it out every night, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the design. You can choose a narrow option intended for use in the living room.

With storage box

The presence of a storage box is a large plus of any sofa, especially kitchen. Similar feature boasts the model “Book” and “Eurobook”. Capacious and comfortable, it gives an extra room for storing kitchen utensils, which not enough space in the headset. Similar model recommended for a small room.


    The dimensions of narrow sofas straight shape are mostly small. It is for this reason that they are so popular, especially in small kitchens, where every meter is important. Most often they do not equip them with armrests who give furniture loadability. Sofas without armrests are much more convenient and pacifier. They can be easily moved to the table if necessary.

    The optimal dimensions of a narrow sofa with a sleeping place are the following indicators:

    • Length – 1-2.5 m+
    • Depth – 40-60 cm (if this indicator is greater, it means that the model cannot be considered narrow)+
    • The width of the folding product varies from 70 to 90 cm, depending on the type of mechanism.

    In furniture stores, you can find a variety of sofas models with a sleeping place, but before buying it is recommended to pre-measure the space where it will be delivered. If necessary, you can contact the manufacturers who make sofas under the order.

    Upholstery material

    Since the furniture will be in the kitchen, the upholstery must be made from the most practical and non-smoke materials, followed by easy to care for. Especially this item is important for families with children and animals. If the sofa is expensive, it is recommended to purchase a cover for it that you can easily remove and wash in a washing machine. The most popular the following materials.

    • Leather. Expensive models look very presentable. They are easy to care and practical to use.

    • Artificial leather. Beautiful design, wide selection of color palette, simplicity in cleaning and wear resistance – all these pluses of kitchen sofas from this material. The minus is the possibility of deformation at frequent temperature differences and humidity levels.

    • Flock. This material has a lot of advantages: it does not fade, it has increased strength, easy to care and has a democratic value. The only minus is that the material absorbs odors.

    • Jacquard. Wear resistance, stability in front of the solar rays and an attractive appearance allow you to use such material in the kitchen. It does not absorb smells, however, it is impossible to use liquid tools.

    • Velours. The advantages are an attractive appearance, a pleasant surface and resistance before deformation. Unfortunately, it is difficult for the material to care and he is quickly engaged.

    Tips for choosing and placement

    When buying a narrow folding sofa, direct shape is recommended to take into account some details. Immediately before the acquisition, it is necessary to carefully measure the place allotted under the product so that it is optimally accomplished.

    Consider the space that will occupy the furniture in the unfolded form – it should not occupy the entire area of ​​the kitchen. You must have the opportunity to move.

    The more people in the house, the more practical the coating material should be. If there are children in the family, choose a model simple in care. In the presence of a large kitchen, you can choose a sofa with armrests that give comfort and can serve as a place of storing small things. If the kitchen is small, you should not load it with dimming furniture, but it is better to choose something easier. Models with storage boxes will be an excellent option for any room, since inside you can store large kitchen utensils.

    Pick the model that will fit into the interior of your kitchen as an appearance and color scheme. Coloring can be selected either neutral shade, or, on the contrary, bright, to give the indoors the highlight.

    Beautiful examples in the interior

    Spacious kitchen with original design accommodates a kitchenette, a dining table with chairs and a narrow sofa straight shape with a sleeping place. Painted in white color left wall combined with kitchen furniture of dairy shade. Right green wall is supplemented with soft grassy tone furniture. White pillows and plaid give the interior.

    The kitchen in a modern style is made in gray-white shades. Light kitchen set and dining furniture fit perfectly into the interior with gray walls, curtains and tabletop asphalt shade. A dark gray narrow sofa is unfolded if necessary, and in everyday life it serves as a replacement chairs. Blue tableware in a shop window and bright pillows on the sofa bring the highlight in the design of the room.

    Classic-style room performed in soft beige tones. Kitchen set, walls and bar rack with milk chairs visually increase the narrow room. The straight sofa with a sleeping place of light mustard colors gives the space a contrast and a more interesting view. Complete interior of painted apron, plates on the wall and olive curtains of a roll type.

    Provence Kitchen Looks incredibly gently and cute. Bright classic headset with gray table top decorated with blue apron in a cage. Rolled curtains, a simple lamp and a small table in the center of the room do not load the interior and look at the place. The working and dining area is delimited using a different flooring. The kitchen side is covered with gray-blue tiles, and living room – laminate. Complete design narrow folding sofa straight shape and comfortable gray chair.

    It should be noted that the sofa pillows and seat seats are made of the same material.

    Sofa review for kitchen with sleeping place. See next video.

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