Options for combining curtains and wallpapers in the bedroom

Options for combining curtains and wallpapers in the bedroom

The spectacular interior of the apartment without properly selected curtains is impossible. Although the walls play a decisive role in creating a common stylistic composition, textiles contributes the final bar, adds a highlight room. Nearmonic selected curtains can completely spoil all the impression of the design, make it illogical. It is the curtains in the overall composition that emphasize the color, ornament, style. Bright textiles on the window will create a mood cheerful, energetic, dark – status, respectableness, pastel – freshness, ease. Therefore, it is most important to choose curtains, ideally suitable for wall design.

The combination of curtains and wallpapers in the bedroom must configure relaxation, rest. You can achieve this using a variety of original combinations.

Features of choice

Before walking through the salons and choose curtains, you need to decide which suitable, will be organic in the interior of your room. Incorrectly selected textiles dissolves on the background of the walls, is lost in the general picture. There is also an inverse situation when bright or dark curtains come into conflict with the design of the room. So that such a misunderstanding is not in your bedroom, you can contact the designer services. However, you can master the combinations of independently and create a unique, the right interior.

Designers recommend using the following rules:

  • No matter how you like the shade, focus on his compatibility with things in the room+
  • Ideally, when textures (walls and textiles) coincide: light wallpapers are perfectly combined with tulle, strong fliesline, vinyl – with heavier curtains+
  • The drawing always requires a special relationship, the stylistics of the ornament must be close, refuse to be too large, otherwise such walls and curtains will visually reduce the room+
  • Do not accompany the window with gloomy options, and if there are dark shades in the porters, they must be balanced by light.

Color curtains and wallpaper

First of all, they should not coincide the tone in the tone, although you can choose shades within one palette. For example, light pink wallpapers will serve a great background for dusty rose. Better, if the smoothness of the transition in this case will be observed when the whole room is cleaned. If your goal is emphasizing, still be retained: Do not connect shades that contradict each other.

Should not stop on too bright shades of curtains. Do not forget that the main purpose of the bedroom is a dream and relaxation.

Designers recommend using a duplication method when choosing Wallpaper and Textiles. It is enough to use one shade of the pattern so that the composition looks harmonious, holistly and beautiful. If different fabrics are used in the window design, then one of them must necessarily coincide with the tone of wallpaper.

Do not be afraid to combine different colors: with white varieties of Tulle, the blue curtains are perfectly looking at the background of the wallpaper in the blue gamma. Such a trio is quite harmonious and elegant.

Combinations options

There are three main ways combinations of different shades in the interior.

  • Emphasis. If the window is intended by you as the main emphasis, it should attract views. Saturated tones are suitable, intricate ornament, patterns. Be careful with this method in case the bedroom is small: bright colors, catchy patterns will visually reduce it. Can be taken for landmark decorative elements and furniture, not a wall.

You can pick up textiles with such accents to yellow or golden elements of the room. To olive – brown.

  • Monochrom. Perfectly suitable for optical increase in small bedroom. There are almost no bright contrasts, transitions of the tones smooth and minimally different from each other. The selection of the curtains here must rely on the wall palette. The difference of the tonality is small, can be lighter or darker.

Excellent in monochrome look neutral, pastel shades: peach, salad, pink, beige-cream, mint.

  • Contrast. Great for modern interiors. Here are tones of opposite palettes, for example: to brown-pole, saladovoy – lavender.

The most popular option for the bedroom is black and white, where white acts as a base, and black – as an addition.

It should be noted that the walls are made in the first place, as it is more difficult to change the color of the wall cover. In addition, the selection of wallpapers for concrete textiles is a difficult task. Often designers do not recommend connecting the tones of warm and cold gamps. This rule is conditional: different temperatures of shades of one palette can create the necessary balance in the composition. So, the combinations of warm and cold look great, like:

  • Gray + yellow+
  • Pink + blue.

They are pretty comfortable and restrained for bedroom.

Successful combinations

There are combinations that look perfectly in almost any variations. These are the so-called universal shades in the design of the walls.

  • White, beige. Under such walls, you can safely pick up almost any textile in color: dark, light, catchy. Here, great importance is the color framework of the style and your taste, the goal to which you strive. Want a lot of light – make up a window in pink, cream, beige, light blue and yellow palette. If you strive to accent, you will fit reddish, green, purple tones.

  • Grey. This common color, despite the nobility, may look too boring and restrained. Therefore, the purpose of textiles is to revive the situation. Curtains with blue, pink, green, violet fit well. Do not seek to look for gloomy shades: they will give the room sadness, incompetence.

  • Yellow. Walls in yellow tones will decorate the window, decorated in both catchy and restrained shades. Consider Beige, Peach, Light Rose, Milk and Other Warm Pastel Tones. Saturated shades of blue, greenery, turquoise, red will look good. If you want to darken the composition, choose textiles in gray, brown, purple gamma.

  • Green. This natural hue looks great in combination with natural palettes: blue, yellow, brown, olive, lavender, cream. It is on the background of green walls that looks great textiles with floral motifs.

  • Pink. It is best not to contradict with a common dreamy-romantic mood that creates walls in the pink gamma. Light textures, translucent fabrics of yellow, golden, blue, lavender, gentle-red shades are perfect.

  • Brown. Another natural shade, which is well combined with many palettes. However, in the interior it will be necessary to be careful with it. The room will be cozy and elegant if the brown walls complement the curtains of cream, yellow, turquoise, white tones. Best of all with brown pastels.

  • Silver and gold. Such a spectacular design of the walls should be played correctly, giving it status and nobility. Use deep, juicy shades: chocolate, gray, white.

Remember that gloss, metal and gloss on wallpaper require equilibrium in the form of matte textiles.

In addition to color, it is very important to properly combine the textures of materials, prints, pattern:

  • Relief wallpapers will perfectly look in tandem with organza and tulle with an unusual ornament+
  • If the wallpaper is made in the form of imitation for the material (stone, brick), it is best to limit the blinds, rolled options without print+
  • Combined walls from different types require a selection of curtains echoing with one of the shades, you can also place a mixed style window+
  • The vertical strip on the walls will be good in a duet with curtains, which also have lines or a cell+
  • Large ornament on the walls balance the curtains of a monochrome type or with a barely catching outline of the ornament+
  • Classic species of patterns on the walls are well combined with textile retrors, lambrequins+
  • Floral print on the walls can be both catchy and gentle, depending on this pick up the curtains: the expressive pattern on the walls, the calmer it should be on textiles+
  • Pictures-abstraction on the walls must be repeated on the curtains, one is also good for monochrome fabric.

In addition to the curtains themselves, pay attention to the curtains, eaves. In the design of the room, such trifles can play an unpleasant role and spoil everything. Therefore, their selection rules should also be studied:

  • Warehousing with classic pattern great curtains are excellent, smooth curtains, lambrequins+
  • Checkered wallpapers, modest patterns and images in the style of country, Provence looks well with curtains and light-type curtains tied to the side+
  • Walls decorated with hieroglyphs, organically emphasize rolled options.

About what wallpaper to choose in the bedroom, look in the following video.

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