Options for using gray curtains in the bedroom interior

Options for using gray curtains in the bedroom interior

All components are important in the harmonious bedroom interior. It is impossible to underestimate the role of textile components in the setting. So, the curtains are able to make the final notes in the design, making it more organic and attractive. In the article we will talk about neutral products performed in gray colors.

Color features

Curtains are one of the most important components of any interior. With the help of these components, the situation becomes more harmonious and cozy. You can find models of curtains made in a variety of colors. Today, in fashion, unusual gray options, which only at first sight seem boring and “twisters”. With proper use, such curtains are able to transform the situation in the bedroom.

Gray is distinguished by a wide palette of halftone. Due to this, people have the opportunity to use similar paints almost everywhere.

The main advantage of similar products is their style. They look solid, expensive and effectively, in a suitable setting will never be annoyed.

Gray curtains distinguishes versatility. They can be used not only in the bedroom, but also in the hall, office, children’s. Using woven scenery of this kind, you can release a fantasy to the will and embody almost any designer ideas. Against the background of gray curtains, many interior ensembles look expressively and stylish. Often it is gray background that is used to emphasize the brightness of the other components in the bedroom.

Many people are afraid to use gray curtains in the room, and so made in such gamma. This fear is not justified – such combinations are permissible, just need carefully approach to choose. Curtains should not merge with their surrounding surfaces.

Gray textile is ideal for bedrooms, because it is calm, neutral, pacifying. Decorations in such colors do not cause irritation, emotional arousal. They will not prevent the relaxation of households, interfere with rapid falling asleep and light awakening.

Thanks to these features, many people choose the curtains made in gray tones for their bedrooms.


There are many varieties of curtains that can be hung in the bedroom. In a large assortment, you can find options that will be appropriate in almost any interior style. Get acquainted closer with different types of curtains.

  • Rolled. Very popular currently, are in great demand. They are products, the basis of which is a roller in the form of a cylinder with woven material woven on it. Textiles is raised and again lowered with a special lace or thin chain.

Rolled curtains are universal – they look great in many styles. They are compact, why do not seem heavy and bulky.

  • Roman. Visually, these varieties resemble classic rolled options, but have a more complex mechanism. They are divided into separate, but stitched elements of woven material. Special horizontal rods are inserted along the same period with the same frequency, at the expense of which the web is not crushed, remaining smooth, and can be folded into a neat composition. Lifting mechanisms are rope or chain.

  • Standard Long. Such curtains are universal and found in the interior most often. The density of the material in such products may be varied. Long options can be hung in the bedroom, living room, large on the dining area.

  • Short. There are also shortened varieties of curtains, but they are usually not used in the bedrooms. These options are more suitable for installation in the kitchen or in the bathroom, if there are windows there.

  • Nieta. Curtains of this type look in the interior very original and interesting. There is a lot of natural light through them. They poorly protect the room from sunlight, but serve as spectacular scenery in the interior.

Often these models are applied for the purpose of separation, zoning residential space. Material can be used any: fabric, beads, threads.

  • With Labreken. Similar solutions look good in bedrooms. They are classic curtains with an addition in the form of horizontal drapery in the upper zone.

In the interior, the curtains with lambrequin looks expensive and luxuriously, but massively, that it is necessary to take into account if we are talking about the arrangement of a small spool.

  • On luphert. Pubertres are special attachments. In the upper part of the curtains are inserted rings between which the same distance is maintained over the entire length, and then wear on the prepared cornice. Due to this type of fasteners, the curtains always remain smooth, it is convenient to move on the basis.

  • Tweight. Tulle is a very air material that looks organically in the interior of any style.

  • French. The curtains of this type are a beautiful lifting composition of a cascade type. They look gorgeous in the interiors weathered in the classic style, as well as Shebbi-Chic style and Provence.


Bedroom curtains should be chosen, given the material from which they are made. Consider from which types of fabrics most often produce such products.

  • Cotton and Len. These are fabrics of natural origin. They look spectacular in a variety of stylistics, and not only in the eco-interior. Complex cut for cotton and linen canvases do not need. There is no need for additional decorations.

  • Velvet and velor. These fabrics differ in the composition, and on tactile sensations. Velory contains cotton and wool, and velvet makes out of wool, cotton and silk.

  • Veil. It is very gentle, air fabric. It has a matte surface. The interior of the curtains from the veil never takes up because they look unobtrusively and beautiful. Look organically in interiors of various styles.

  • Organza. Transparent tight fabric fabric shifts. If you make gray curtains from organza in the interior, they will resemble a silver shade or metallic.

  • Rogozhka. This is textiles, characterized by a special thread. It is made of cotton fiber or flax. Often the curtains from the rotogo can be found in fashionable ecostel.

  • Curtain fabric. This group includes many types of fabrics. They differ in the degree of density, and in composition. These are usually dense and thick fabrics that effectively protect the space from the penetration of annoying sunlight.

Variety of shades and combinations

Gray is rich in shades. It is worth highlighting such beautiful tones:

  • gray with silver tam+
  • Siren-gray+
  • Sina-gray+
  • gray-brown+
  • gray-blue+
  • Pearl-gray+
  • ash tint+
  • Chapel.

    A dense dark gray shade is considered noble and solid. It is effectively harmonized with light walls in a spacious room. This is the perfect solution for windows on the sunny side.

    Light gray tones are recognized as universal. They look spectacular in the interiors, where there is an abundance of silver fittings and chrome details. Light shades will be appropriate both for bright rooms and for those spaces that “watch” in the north.

    Gray on the curtains will be harmonized with pink, gray, blue, green, brown, beige, red, purple, turquoise, yellow and many other shades. You can combine the curtains of the specified colors, and you can bring listed colors in the interior. For example, in the bedroom with gray curtains will be harmoniously looked purple floor carpet or plaid on the bed.

    Color combinations can be very much, because gray is universal and non-peculiar color, easily combined with many gamma.

    Design and decor

    Gray curtains look spectacular in various interiors. So, in combination with wallpaper, supplemented with a small print, they are able to balance the situation by making it a calmer, not annoying.

    If a single ceiling will take place in such a tandem and the same floor, a bright sleeping place without patterns and drawings, the situation will be optimally comfortable.

    Dense gray curtains look more interesting if they echo with other textile components of the bedroom similar colors. For example, it can be linen. True, the surrounding finish is desirable to withstand in warmer colors, for example, beige or peach.

    So the situation will not be sullen, but cozy and hospitable. If the finish is also gray, it should differ from the listed components at least a couple of tones.

    In order for the interior to be more alive and bright, you can combine gray and red paints. It can be a combination of decorative curtains in such paints. The situation will turn out even more interesting if such woven scenery is installed in the bright room and supplement the bed with red decorative elements – pillows or plaid. As a result, it will be an expressive room without “overload” with paints.

    In the interiors overloaded with prints, patterns and patterns, it is worth hanging only one-photon gray curtains without such additions. If the situation, on the contrary, is withstanding in monophonic palettes, patterns and other decorations may be present on the curtains.

    The main thing is that all the components rejuvenate with each other and were withstanding in one way.

    Gray curtains in the bedroom interior will not pinch the longing, if bright details will be present on the shelves, couches and cabinets:

    • souvenirs+
    • Decorative pillows and blankets+
    • Live flowers in pots+
    • Bright furniture upholstery+
    • Colorful carpets on the floor+
    • Saturated painted lamps.

    How to choose style?

      Universal gray curtains fit perfectly into many stylistic directions. What style is better to choose for the bedroom, each owner decides.

      Consider several popular directions in which the curtains of the gray shade will look harmonious.

      • In classical interiors, heavy and tight gray shada curtains look spectacularly. In addition, it is worth hanging a neat and light tulle, which will be harmonized with the color surrounding it.

      • In the interiors of modern stylistics, gray curtains look especially harmonious. In the directions, minimalism and high-tech should not be present for unnecessary details and weighting the overall interior of the decorations.

      Gray curtains in such interiors should be strict and concise. Ryushki, lace garters and other similar details will be superfluous.

      • Interiors weathered in the style of Provence look gently and easy. They prevail pastel, calm tones and shades. On this background, it will be nice to look good gray or pale ash curtains. They can be decorated with floral prints of pleasant colors.

      • Sometimes people prefer the loft style, doing the bedroom. This direction is a bold and original, the owners are chosen, which wishes to bring something new, nontrivial in the dwelling.

      Gray curtains will harmoniously look in the ensemble with brick walls or minimal trim in the bedroom.

      • Especially appropriate curtains of a gray shade will look in the interior performed in Scandinavian style. Usually, this design is constructed in bright colors. It is desirable to give preference to light gray curtains of direct cut.

      • Not bad, gray curtains will look in country style. In such interiors, not only one-photon, but also supplemented with patterns and prints. Curtains can be bulk, decorated with small garters. Excessive seriousness in the village stylists adhere to optional.

      Survey gray curtains See next video.

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