Photocurtains and photographs for the kitchen: design options and selection tips

Photocurtains and photographs for the kitchen: design options and selection tips

Every year make repairs in the kitchen spending. If the soul requires change, change its design to trendy and stylish, buying new curtains. More and more often from transparent tulle refuse, evaluating the beauty of the options with the print. If you seriously approach the choice, they harmoniously fit into the interior solution.


Although curtains with a print and not new, but the demand for them is growing day from day. They are classified by type of tissue, method of fastening, size and surround effect.

By type of fabric

To make kitchen photos, use printer for printing. However, not any fabric is suitable for this.


It has good Thermal insulation properties, so kitchen does not heat up in summer and not cooled in winter. His inherent in him Full lightnessability.

Blackout saves the “vitality” and the contrast of the pictures depicted on it for years.


Unlike Blackauuta, the image printed on the atlas, the special shine and glows. In addition to excellent reflective properties, it does not cause allergies, does not accumulate dust and does not electrify. Photocurtains for kitchens from satin Drapery and serve for a long time, if you care for them correctly.


He has a special structure that allows good photo. Thanks to the matte surface, his color is revealed perfectly.

Gabardine absorbs moisture and passes air. Its distinguished high density, ease, practicality. Even after washing he does not mind and is not deformed.


This material made from polyester holds the form and serves longer than all of the above. Due to transparency of the image design curtainsInherent ease and airiness.


He has the same properties as atlas, but this tissue of polyester with satin weave of threads skips the rays of the sun and does not glare.

Curtains are usually searched for curtains from “unhappy”, wear-resistant fabric, resistant to temperature drops without loss of properties. Therefore, it is better to choose for their sewing materials such as Blackout and Gabardine.

By type of fastening

Curtains with a print attachment on:

  • Puverness+
  • loop+
  • hooks.

According to the type of volumetric effect

This effect depends on the type of fabric and the method of its fastening on the window.


In the manufacture of one or two canvas of opaque dense tissue, which is easily moving on the eaves. Graphics are transmitted in a three-dimensional format if you close them.


Their size repeats the size of the window. In the morning hours they are going to the shaft and in the closed state go to roll. Overlooking it, you can see in your kitchen Mountains, Garden or Still Life.


In contrast to the rolls, they are mounted on the sash windows.

In the closed, they look like a harmonica.

The static effect when opening / closing does not accumulate, because before applying the photo, the fabric is treated in a special process.


The material passes the sun rays, not depriving 3D brightness pattern.


The hard frame is stretching the cloth with a bulk picture. On the one hand, because of it The Japanese chart cannot be collected to fill the room with sunlight, and on the other, the folds will never appear on it.

Photo fellow

They can be both horizontal and vertical. The image is applied only on one side of the lamellae.

To size

Using modern technologies and equipment, produce domestic and imported 3D curtains of different sizes. They are made to order after measuring or sold in finished form with the same width as the standard window opening.

If the apartment has high ceilings and panoramic lighting, then it is better for the kitchen to choose long curtains. They will better pass the volume of the image and create a visual effect.

If the kitchen is small, then short curtains with a pattern is preferable, since it does not “harden” it over.

Design options

Ordinary tulle, unlike photocher, deprived of originality and uniqueness. The hostess with taste and fantasy will choose the curtains with one of the drawing type listed below.


Curtains with poppies, orchids and roses are bought in the kitchen, knowing that they will fit into the design and will not come out of fashion.


This design option in the kitchen is not found. If they are subject to Loft style, then buy curtains with the image of sea pebbles or stone blocks.


The kitchen will be cozy and mysterious if the window is hanging Roman or rolled 3D curtains with a view of New York or Paris.


Brightness and freshness will give the kitchen photo coat with the image of dawn, streams in the mountains, groves, apple, sea or desert.

Geometric ornament

If the kitchen area is small, curtains with abstraction in modern style will help with visual expansion of space.


This extravagant design option is hard to fit into the kitchen. It is more suitable for a bathroom with a jacuzzi or children’s.


From this design version, drawing up the kitchen, refuse, as photos on the curtains with the moon, heaven or constellations seek thoughts about a dream.

At least on the curtains you can portray anything, not always chosen looks harmonious. It is impossible to be guided only by fashion trends in choosing – without taking into account style, color scheme and the subject of particular cuisine they are lost in the interior. For style Provence The curtains will be appropriate with the image of grapes, vintage streets in France and wine still lifes + for Modern – Photocurtains with views of the night city + for Japanese Style – Curtains with Sakura, Bamboo and Hieroglyphs.

Whatever the kitchen, the photograph with flowers will fit harmoniously. The main thing is to come seriously to choosing a color scheme for them.

Their color may be in contrast or close to the interior already used. The curtains with fruits, vegetables, cakes look good in the kitchen, because it is prepared and eating.

The easiest way to update the kitchen interior is to buy or order photos. So that they do not look like a foreign detail in the interior, it is better to beat them with napkins, tablecloths or glass apron-skinned with similar design.

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