Polyester Bed Linen

Polyester Bed Linen

Polyester – Comable synthetic material created from polyester fibers. Derivatives for it serve oil waste. The production process consists of complex chemical reactions, the polyester itself is considered toxic. But when adding natural components and a certain processing, it turns out a safe, inexpensive, soft and durable canvas.

Pros and cons

  • Matter with polyester fibers in the structure is distinguished by a characteristic beautiful glitter.

  • Polyester bed linen is produced in a huge variety of colors – from monophonic to the most colorful, designer developments.

  • Material well repulses dust and pollution.

  • Spain fabric is easily dispersed, and after washing quickly dries.

  • Good deformation resistance.

  • Polyester linen does not need mandatory ironing and sweeping.

  • Bedding sets from blended synthetic hypoallergenic.
  • Lingerie is practically not crushed.

  • It is pleasant to cool the skin with tactile contact, so this bed is especially pleasant to sleep in hot weather.

  • Natural Polyester rarely formed by kat.

  • The fabric is resistant to a large number of washes cycles, it is not inclined to lift and sit down.
  • Matter does not fade under the influence of sunlight, drying on the street is allowed, not in the shade.

  • Unattractive for fungal and other microorganisms.
  • Acceptable value.

But, like any fabric based on synthetic components, polyester has some minuses.

  • The presence of synthetics in the composition of the material makes it not so breathable and hygroscopic, like 100% natural fabrics.
  • Depending on the composition, such underwear can be felt like harsh and coarse. Help fix this problem is capable of high-quality air conditioning added during product rinsing.
  • Bed linen from synthetics is usually electrified, but the processing of the spray with antistatic solves this problem.
  • Fat generated by human skin, along with sweat particles accumulates in the fibers, so such a laundry has to be erased more often than what is sewn from natural components.

Taking into account all the indicated characteristics of positive qualities, the polyester has much more than negative.


The advantage of polyester consists in adding natural components. In itself, synthetic fiber is practically not found. Usually, cotton, viscose and elastane fibers are added to the polyester. As a result of this “interaction”, it is possible to get a wear-resistant, strong, elastic, and at the same time a pleasant tactile and visual fabric. Its advantages are the tensile strength, wear resistance and ease of care.

If the cloth is a pure polyester, it is largely similar to natural silk. But in its pure form, polyester is toxic, in connection with which manufacturers and dilute the synthetic by natural additives. The resulting microfiber is not harmful to health, and modern technologies give the blended fabric eco-friendly properties. Therefore, polyester is widely used not only for sewing sleeping kits, but also for the manufacture of blankets, covered and pillows. This is considered justified in order to save money.

Improve qualitative characteristics and attractiveness of bed kits are capable of such combinations.

Polyester and Viscose

Otherwise, the material is called artificial silk. Visually, it is actually indistinguishable from expensive silk sheets: a smooth overflowing surface, lightness and softness, pleasant to the touch. In this case, the material with artificial additives due to the viscose passes air and water. Polyvianism even heats up longer than a real silk. In summer, it is only him in a plus.

Polyester with cotton

Bed linen made of cotton and polyester mixture is distinguished by wear resistance, durability, dense fibers are not dissolved, firmly intertwined with each other, the fabric is not damaged during mechanical exposure, it is easy to care, it simply disrupts, almost never crushed, does not shrink, with a larger cotton percentage the composition well misses moisture and “breathes”, it is cheaper than completely natural linen sets, it looks attractive.

Typically, the cotton content happens in the following ratio: 15%, 35%, 50%, 65%. The last two indicators are as much as possible as a composition of a fabric designed for sleep and rest. If the polyester in the composition exceeds 75%, it negatively affects the water and air permeability of the fabric.

How to choose?

Along with other materials, polyester fabric can be different in quality. By purchasing a set of linen, it is desirable to evaluate it with the help of smelling. Feeling a strongly pronounced chemical smell, it is not recommended to purchase products.

Often, the illiquid quality of the goods can be identified only with short use. For example, after dyeing the body. Or after the original colorful set after washing pale and fades, and the water in the typewriter becomes intense color. Sleep on such a bed is categorically contraindicated.

As a rule, linen sets are delivered to the outlets tightly sealed. If the seller categorically opposes to open the factory packaging, oppresenting the careful inspection of products and feeling the fabric, better abandon the purchase. It is worth looking for such a product that is sold with pride and confidently demonstrate all his advantages.

How to care?

Polyester kits do not need special care, but it is necessary to familiarize themselves with the basic rules.

  • After buying a product, you need to wash with air conditioning without adding powder. Surplus the coloring and chemicals wash themselves with water, and the air conditioner will give matter softness and will show antistatic properties.
  • Before washing, all components are turned inside out, Buttons and lightning buttons.
  • Colored and white, as well as dark sets erase individually from each other.
  • For high-quality washing at one time Do not load more than one set.
  • Seat polyester underwear at temperatures up to 40 OS. In the absence of explicit contamination, the blended material is perfectly detained in cold water.
  • Preferred washing mode – delicate.
  • Not allowed washing with a chlorine content. Other bleaching adds in small quantities in exceptional cases.
  • It is recommended to wash with liquid. Gels are better penetrated into fibers of matter and wash out of them, better coping with pollution.
  • Air conditioner preferably pick up with antistatic.
  • Taboo on boiling or drying Near heating devices.
  • Wet underwear worth shove to dry out the street.
  • Iron Things need at low temperature in Silk mode or Synthetics.
  • Storing underwear. For convenience, you can put a set in pillowcase.

Review reviews

At the laundry with a polyester consisting of a lot of advantages. With a good cattle ratio or viscose from use will be one pluses and positive. Better to acquire kits from well-known manufacturers. If we compare prices for a bed of other tissues and on PBCs from polyester, then for the same cost you can purchase one set of bosities or a pair and more from synthetic blended material. The benefit is obvious.

After purchasing a new set of sleeping facilities, sewed from the mixed polyester, it is not recommended to retain them immediately. Previously need to wash products with air conditioning. The fabric will become much softer and more pleasant tactile.

Some people who enjoy bed linen from polyester can receive real problems. We are talking about those who suffer from asthma, allergic having diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Not shown like lingerie and the owners of sensitive skin, prone to dermatological irritation of different etiology.

    In general, sleeping sets from polyester will become an indispensable thing in everyday life. Will reduce the time for homemade troubles, because they can be covered after washing, not being stagnant. This item greatly facilitates life, because the ironing of large products is a very laborious process. It can be saved on hot water. Since everything is dismissed without problems at low degrees.

    It saves the budget and time for washing, significantly reducing its cycle and electricity and water consumption. Polyester kits can be inexpensive, but beautiful and practical gift.

    About how to wash bed linen, look in video.

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