Purple curtains in the bedroom: the variety of shades and the rules of the selection

Purple curtains in the bedroom: the variety of shades and the rules of the selection

Interior design using violet color is rare. Some consider this variant of coloring with gloomy or driven into depression, others say that the unusual combination of colors is very interesting, associated with elegance and sophistication. How to choose purple curtains in the bedroom, let’s talk in this article.

The effect of color on the mood

According to designers, the purple shade is well suited for the design of the bedroom, but it is important to work with him. The overabent can lead to an unstable nervous state and scattered, therefore it is desirable to use it as the main color, but as accents. In the design of the premises, this shade is added infrequently due to the fact that it refers to the heavy range of colors.

This color is obtained by combining blue and red – they also belong to the same color palette.

The use of a combination of warm and cold tones led to the fact that purple became dual color. With imperative use in the bedroom (the room where we spend most of the most important time) you can get certain unpleasant consequences:

  • Depressive condition+
  • Excessively flashing behavior+
  • Scattered.

And with a competent approach, such a color can turn into this “Doctor” to prevent simple ailments and favorably affect the health of the inhabitants of this room. The presence of purple color in the bedroom can help with mitigation:

  • Party heartbeat+
  • The effects of the cranial injury+
  • Tachycardia+
  • Eye fatigue.

This color can be suitable for people who wish to lose weight or keep themselves in a tone. Scientists even found out that the purple shade is able to even muffle the appetite. However, here, as in all other cases, measure and competent use of the koller are important.

If we talk about the psychological setting of households, then with the proper use of amethyst tones, creative deposits are activated, The attentiveness increases, the nervous system calms down, constant stress is cleaned. In order to change the design of the room and bring the shades in question, it is quite necessary to make repairs – it is enough to lead the curtains or curtains of such a tone.

This will immediately transform the room, will make it expensive and refined.


The multifaceted palette of the shades of purple color is able to transform the interior of any room, putting an emphasis on an unusual sense of style of its inhabitant.

The spectral division includes the following colors:

  • Violet+

  • plum+

  • Eggplant+

  • amethyst+

  • Blackberry+

  • lavender+

  • purple+

  • Charoitite+

  • Cyclamety+

  • purple+

  • grape.

Stylistic directions

When making the curtain purple tone to the interior, it is necessary that they fit the room. Different variations of this shade may be present in a variety of styles.

  • Bright tones are well suited for new-fashioned interiors: High-tech, fusion, pop art.

  • For such a direction of design, like Russian Modern, the shades of iris are suitable.

  • A good choice for a romantic and gentle style Provence will be a lavender color.

  • Baroque and Rococco. In this case, the curtains with velvety texture and a good draped lambrene will be appropriate. In such a situation, the use of gold elements, such as chandeliers, frame frames, framing mirrors.

Such a color can also be used in rooms where ethnic motives are present. They can be a good addition to Arabic and Moroccan styles. Can be organically look in rooms in minimalist or classical performance.

Combination with other colors

To obtain a good result, you can resort to the combination of purple with other colors in the interior. Combinations are considered permissible:

  • White color vividly emphasizes purple curtains and complement light textiles+

  • Gray – will help in creating a calm and measured atmosphere in the bedroom+

  • Orange and Yellow will help to give the Eastern Note Room+

  • Silver and gold – shade and complement darkened purple curtains, the use of light textiles is undesirable with silver – it will emphasize his fadness+

  • Beige – a combination with lavender color is welcome in any room, can approach the setting of any stylistry.

Options in the interior

When creating a room interior with purple window textiles, it is important to pay attention to the style and shades of this item. For example, it is undesirable to acquire curtains with the same color as wallpaper. Such a combination will be unsuccessful and spoil the whole picture. Tyson products plays an important role. Smooth textile from the floor ceiling is a universal option for a bedroom of any type.

With a black or dark brown bed with a carved headboard will be well combined with purple curtains from the same color pattern on the lambrene. A similar pattern or similar should be on the bedspread close to the curtains. So that the room atmosphere did not seem dark and gloomy, the walls should be decorated with light paints. Paul can be arranged by parquet or laminate of gentle brown.

Dark purple curtains are recommended to be used in the interior of gentle tones. Paul, walls and ceiling can be separated by any light shade materials. So that the curtains are not knocked out of the general ensemble, they must be complemented by the color schemes in the color scheme. It can be: a high-pile carpet, decorative pillows, bedspread on the bed. To make contrasts, the situation can be supplemented with a black chair and a black bedside lamp.

      Purple curtains can be the only color element of the decor in the bright bedroom. To implement such a designer solution, a high ceiling will be required, where the curtain will fall from the floor. Walls, ceiling base and flooring can be performed in any light colors. To dilute an excessive whiteness, you can lay the bedspread on the bed and put the same pillows. Decorate this interior of gorgeous chandeliers with crystal pendants.

      Complete the situation with live plants in small pots.

      Fashionable curtain trends in video below.

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