Racks on the balcony: varieties, selection and location tips

Racks on the balcony: varieties, selection and location tips

Balcony space should be used as profitable as possible with furniture. Since the shape and size of large premises often do not allow storage of various things, the optimal option is to install the rack in this room. In furniture stores, such structures are presented in a large number of options, so it is difficult to stop the choice on a particular product.

Also, many buyers do not know about which materials this furniture is produced, how it can be its design, as well as, where it is better to place such attributes on the balcony. All these and other nuances will be discussed in detail in this article.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any furniture subject, the rack on the balcony has a number of positive and negative characteristics. It is worth considering the advantages of such a design.

  • She is able to keep a place on the balcony. Racks unlike cabinets do not overload space. Even the place that they occupy visually still seems actively used part of the loggia with proper decoration of the rack.
  • Store part of things on the loggia prefer many, and it is the rack that can be the place of their compact and convenient location. Taken as a storage site such an attribute will save you from a mess on the balcony.
  • With the help of such a shelter, you can easily add the interior of the balcony. If the design of the design corresponds to the selected interior direction, this element will create a real harmony on the territory of the balcony space.
  • The rack is such a piece of furniture that is easy to build even on their own. Some varieties of such furniture will be able to create even very experienced users on their balcony. Assembly directly on the balcony will save from the need to drag and drop heavy elements of the design or its solid housing.

    However, it should be remembered about the negative sides of the installation of such a piece of furniture on the balcony.

    • The capacity of the feeds is completely dependent on the dimensions of the loggia. Constructions capable of placing all the necessary items for storage, will not always be able to fit into the area of ​​your balcony. On small loggias, only small shelters are often acceptable.
    • Such furniture in most cases requires insulation on the balcony. Otherwise, both the shelves themselves and the things that are on them will be subject to the effects of temperature and humidity drops, which is why it may be faster to come into disrepair.
    • Color range of design of such products is usually limited Light colors, as well as design depends on illumination of the balcony room and its direction.

    Review of species

    The design of the balcony rack can be embodied in various kinds. Depending on how much the shelves are on the review, the shelves are closed and open. Closed designs are equipped with doors and side walls, due to which it is not seen that it is located on the shelves.

    Such models are good because less dust accumulates, as well as the facade, it is interesting to decorate. Usually closed models are prefabricated.

    Open products suggest the finding of the entire contents of the shelves on the review. Good similar models by the fact that due to the competent location on them of things, you can create a good composition that will complement the interior and give the room to the coziness. The need for dust cleaning the owners of such shears occurs more often, but due to the absence of side and rear walls Access to all necessary things will be easy.

    There is an angular type of balcony racks. Some of their compartments are perpendicular to each other, which allows you to place them on a wide balcony. Also, such accommodations can be represented as triangular shelves, which are located over each other, connecting two adjacent balcony walls. This case is suitable for small-sized loggias.

    There are also such options as Built-in stellags. They look like shelves, which are located in the arched space of the loggia. However, sometimes the racks of this type are masked by supplying the structure with rolling shutters. Omitting them, you can exist part of the space in which the rack is located, the very creating protection against negative impacts for him. This option is also appropriate if the shelf does not very harmonize with the common balcony design and it is necessary to disguise it.

    Racking products for loggias are also classified in height. There are models that occupy almost the entire wall in height, and there are low structures whose height is equal to the balcony partition.


    For the manufacture of rack structures use various types of raw materials, each of which gives the furniture a unique set of signs. There are materials that are considered the most popular.

    • Metal, For which the strength combined with simplicity and grace is characteristic. Boots of this type will be perfectly looked in industrial concepts. Most often, it is open structures that are made from this type of raw materials. However, the iron construction in the case of high humidity indoors may suffer from rust. However, there are varieties of aluminum products, characterized by their light weight, and stainless steel, less susceptible to moisture.

    In this case, the steel can be covered with paint polymer type, which will protect the metal structures from the appearance of rust.

    • No less popular raw materials are a tree. Massive is made of very aesthetic in appearance, strong structures suitable for many interior styles. But solid wood is a rather expensive material that requires the lack of humidity and temperature differences. More budgetary analogues of raw materials with wooden components in the composition are chipboard and MDF. They also do not carry the impact of humidity very well, but are quite strong and durable.

    • Very light and resistant to moisture are plastic racks. They can be decorated in various colors, very easy to care. However, such material is not particularly resistant to mechanical impacts.

    • In some cases, options are made from combined materials. For example, a metal frame can have wooden shelves. Such models are particularly appropriate if they are selected under a certain interior style, for example, Loft.


    How presented and harmoniously will look like a shelf on your balcony room, is determined not only by the functional side, but also design products. Interesting can be made design due to form. The angular option can be made more smooth, the shelves of the open construction will arrange in the form of a zigzag, supply metal products with suitive elements.

    The combination of materials can be thought out based on the concept of the room. Tree, glass and metal can be combined with each other, turning the shelf into a real work of art and giving the structures of weightlessness.

    Pay attention to the door decor of closed racks. By adding mirrors, patina or other decorative elements in them, you can emphasize the design style, as well as create a unique piece of furniture.

    You can adjust the rack compartments under the predetermined component of the location of the items. In such an ensemble, each element takes a certain shelf, which makes a general view of harmonious. And so that things on open models do not look bored, add such butchers with alive plants in pots.

    Features of choice

    Choosing the finished design of the shelving, you should remember about certain criteria, which will help you find the perfect model to your loggia model.

    • Sign up the dimensions of the product with a place area that in advance should be left under the sheer. If the balcony is narrow, please note that its width does not grind even more from an additional furniture item.
    • Plan in advance what exactly you will store on the rack. It is, based on this, the type of its design is selected. For storage of wheels or tools, for example, closed options are suitable, and to place plants to optimally select open shelves. Interesting options is to use such a shelving for storing books on loggia, as well as the creation of a dressing room along the whole wall of a long balcony.
    • Pay attention to the color of the product. It must be combined with the balcony finish, as well as the rest of the furniture, if there is present.
    • Better if the material is equipped with special impregnation layers or protective coating.

    Location options

    So that the rack brings maximum benefits and a minimum of discomfort when used, you should think about its correct location on the balcony. The main rules for placing the shelf are, So that it does not prevent the championship in the balcony, and convenient access to all its compartments was also provided.

    In addition, this design should not prevent the use of other balcony elements, such as linen ropes, windows should also be freely open.

    As options, you can consider such.

    • The most popular type of accommodation – along the end balcony wall. It is optimal for narrow and long balconies, the area of ​​which will not change due to the presence of a shelf. However, remember that by choosing a rack with swing doors, you will overlap part of the light when you open it, due to which the rack space will be shaded.

    • If the width of the balcony allows you to place a shelf design along the long wall. In this case, it usually stands near that section where there is no window connecting the loggia with a room.

    • If there is a niche in a balcony room, it substantially facilitates the choice of location. Shelves can be made directly in it, if it allows its depth.

    • On larger loggias can be placed Rack in the corner.

    Beautiful examples

    If you are still hard to choose a suitable rack for your loggia, Pay attention to the ideas of the design of such an interior item on the balcony.

    • Dark contrasting rack on a white loggia can be diluted with an abundant amount of plants, combined with light accessories and books.

    • On the shelves with rounded edges will be perfectly looking book composition. Due to the division of the Space of the shelves into two sections, you can position the literature and accessories in checker.

    • The rack located along a large balcony wall can smoothly move into the workspace, creating a selection of cabinet on the balcony.

    • In the openings, open compartments can also be combined with closed, due to which the space will be easier to organize.

    About how to make a rack with your own hands, look next.

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