Ravak showers and fences: Features and seventures of choice

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Ravak showers and fences: Features and seventures of choice

Ravak shower doors and fences can be found in plumbing stores. The consumer who decided to use these products in his bathroom will help to learn their features, as well as seventures of choice.


The company was founded in the Czech Republic as early as the 90s of the last century. At the very beginning of its activity, she produced partitions, doors and other parts for mounting shower cabins. At the same time, borrowed technologies were used in production. However, over time, the firm gained momentum and introduced its own developments that could patent. The best specialists are involved in the development of new models. For example, In the creation of collections for the house, the famous designer Kristof Novzal participates in its circles, and the design for products intended for the auto industry is developing the Australian company Design a Storz.

Among the main features of the doors and partitions for shower can be noted as follows:

  • Diverse texture of materials – For the production of shower fences, Ravak uses glass and polystyrene (plastic of a new generation)+
  • High strength – glass thickness varies from 4 to 8 mm, by strength it is not inferior to the windshield stack of cars+
  • Protection against lime deposits – Doors and partitions manufactured by Ravak are covered with a special layer of Anticalc, it provides protection of the product from dirt, as well as from lime deposits that inevitably appear during operation+
  • Reliability of fittings – 5 years warranty+
  • The relatively low cost of products – with high quality it is significantly lower than on similar products of other European brands.

Review models

Ravak offers its customers about 200 different models, which are presented in 8 different collections.

  1. BLIX. Collection with a reduced profile size, which allows you to create an illusion of airspace.
  2. Brilliant. Here are presented both separate doors and ready-made solutions in the form of shower corners. They are distinguished by completely frameless design.
  3. Chrome. Models included in this ruler have from one to several elements and are made of highly durable glass.
  4. Matrix. Distinctive feature of this collection – strict concise design, correct lines and wide aluminum profile as framing.
  5. Pivot. Here are the doors of the turning type with an aluminum profile having three colors – white, black and satin.
  6. Rapier. Line of sliding doors from safe glass.
  7. Smartline. Characteristic product details – Clean glass, devoid of any decor, in the frame of a brilliant metal profile.
  8. Supernova. This collection is represented by products from durable aluminum, having two versions – matte metallic and satin.

All products of Ravak are universal and suitable for residential apartments and homes and public areas. They are installed in hotels, sanatoriums, fitness clubs and other facilities.

How to choose?

The range of the described trading brand there are partitions and full-fledged doors for both traditional rectangular or square shower cabins and for pallets of non-standard shapes with pronounced asymmetry. Incorned doors and partitions are used in great demand for completely round shower and with one rounded wall.

Doors for shower are divided into swing and sliding. The first type of doors is mounted directly into the wall or on another surface – the floor or ceiling. Sliding doors can be a piece of coupe or harmonica, t. E. folding. Also in the company’s assortment there are doors and fencing of radial type.

      By the type of door design and fence for shower cabins are divided into certain types.

      • With Rama. Linen mounted in frame. This type is fully prepared for installation, and the installation process itself is easy even for a non-specialist. If the walls are not smooth, you can install shower fences that have adjustable wall profiles.
      • Semi-graded structures have profiles only horizontally. They are especially recommended for small-sized premises. Size range from 80 to 170 cm.
      • Frameless partitions without a profile look very stylish, fashionable and modern. However, when installing on imperfect walls, some skills may be required.

      Possessing this information, you can proceed from your own preferences, room size, its design and make the right choice.

      RAVAK BLIX BLDP4 Shower Door Review.

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