Ready curtains for kitchen: Characteristics and tips for choosing

Ready curtains for kitchen: Characteristics and tips for choosing

Many hostesses love to sew the curtains with their own hands, but not always there is time and strength. To date, the selection of the curtain is truly huge, and the ready-made options are not always worse than homemade. Consider how to properly select ready-made models, and that it should be considered.

Stylistic directions

Kitchen curtain design can be absolutely different, And it is very important to combine the selected model with a common interior design.

  • Classic. Such a style will never come out of fashion. Curtains will look great if the room itself is made in a classic style, everything will be harmonized and combined. The advantages of this part in the interior include appearance and practicality.

  • Modern. In this style there is asymmetry and irregularity of lines. For the manufacture chosen bright fabrics, indoors are focused on them, they will be a “highlight” in the kitchen.

  • Retro. In this style, everything should be simple: saturated colors of fabrics, drawing in a cage, large flowers and peas.

Consider that the cost of the curtain will be rather big, since natural fabrics are used for manufacture.

  • Ethno. Here the curtains are also obtained bright, and the drawing can be with motifs or national embroidery. It is worth paying attention to the overall style of the interior, because such curtains do not fit everywhere.

  • Fusion. To date, this is one of the most popular styles used for interior design. Here you can choose different directions: Japanese style and lambrequins, there are even Ryushi and fringe. And you can make multi-layer curtains, but it uses different tissues.


Today there are many varieties of curtains for the kitchen. We highlight several basic.

  • Roman. Such curtains most often choose for kitchens where there is no specific style. They will help unload the room, they can easily be used with curtains or porters. Curtains are attached to the ceiling or wall, while they are regulated by a special mechanism.

For the manufacture, you can use any kind of fabric, such as cotton, transparent material or others that will not pass light at all.

  • Gardina. Such curtains can be of different lengths, but too long for the kitchen is usually not used. Most often the length should be before the windowsill or slightly lower. And also do not choose white materials for the kitchen, as they are easy and quickly contaminated.

  • Japanese panels. The most popular view of the curtains for the kitchen, such models are practical and easy to care. Most often have a width of 40-80 cm, length – to the floor. When interior design, you can combine different color and texture of the canvas. Similar curtains are attached with adhesive tape, you can usually easily fasten up to 10 pieces.

Japanese panels are recommended to be used in large kitchens, on a small area, they simply “stole” space.

  • Rolled. Represent blinds, only turn into a roll. Here you need to choose curtains with density, they can be transparent, dense and completely darkened, not missing light.

  • Bamboo. This species use those who love exotic. In the manufacture of bamboo models, specially treated sticks that are crosslined manually apply. Products possess good strength and do not absorb moisture.

  • Plisse. The product is a cloth of corrugated paper, assembly resembles horizontal blinds. You can choose absolutely any cloth. Such models are best viewed in modern, minimalistic designs.

Features of choice

The selection of curtains is not such a simple occupation, because here you need to consider many moments, for example, fabric of manufacture, the quality of sewing of the finished curtains, the type of fastening, as well as the length and width of the models.

Today, ready-made curtains for kitchens must meet certain requirements: be functional and with a minimum number of parts. It is best to choose the curtains for the cuisine an arch either to the windowsill, perfectly in the design will fit and rolled blinds. Of course, you can hang and long curtains, but you need to choose a fabric that will be easy to rub and climb. But in the kitchen, combined with the dining area, it is recommended to purchase heavy classic style curtains.

For a more luxurious interior, many choose Austrian drapery curtains in the form of festoons. Most often, such models are made of organza – it gives more chic. You can use cotton fabrics, but they look easier.

Great popularity today enjoy Roman curtains. They are very similar to ordinary blinds, but at the same time they create much more comfort and heat in the kitchen room. Pretty simple in care, dust do not accumulate on them. Similar models must be combined with other items in the kitchen. For example, tablecloth and curtains in one color or curtains and towels.

For the manufacture of Roman curtains, almost any type of fabric is used, which led to their application in a variety of stylistic directions.

The main advantage of the ready-made curtains for the kitchen is what you do not need to look for, and then give it to tailoring fabric. In most cases, it also does not have to attract designers, since many models are kept in a certain style. There are even special kits consisting of several models, as well as sets from curtains and tulle. Such sets are usually sold at a high price.

If ready-made curtains for the kitchen are purchased, then some moments should be taken into account.

  • Before going for the purchase, the measurements should be held at home. True, the exact fall in size is rarely achieved, usually the curtains have a little shock.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the drapery of the curtain – better if it is less than one. The coefficient in one will show just a smooth cloth curtains.
  • Carefully review all the accessories of the finished curtains, it must be included in the right amount, as well as to be made of reliable materials.
  • Pay attention to the seams of curtains, there can be no individual threads that knock out from the seam.
  • Examine the composition of the fabric, because many materials after washing can lose the form and color, and some curtains do not recommend erase at all.

Soviets of designers

    So that the kitchen interior was not spoiled, but emphasize elegant curtains, You can note a few useful designer tricks.

    • If you want the color of the curtains easily fit into the interior, they need to be selected with the general type of walls and furniture in the kitchen.
    • Properly selected curtains will help to increase the space in a small room. Curtains of light shades will allow you to add more light to the room, it will visually increase. But it is not necessary to choose monophonic curtains – better if they are decorated with lambrequins of another tone.
    • Light curtains will look good on the background of bright wallpaper, and vice versa.
    • It is recommended to buy curtains on large hinges in the kitchen, they will be easier to shoot and hang.

    Of course, the curtains are the main attribute in any kitchen, They will help protect against sunlight, as well as hide the room from prying eyes. You can sew some exclusive for your own kitchen, and you can buy a ready-made set of curtains. And the second option will be more acceptable, because you do not need to choose a cloth, make a sketch of future curtains, order or sew yourself. It will help keep not only strength and time, but also family budget.

    But even the finished curtains have its advantages and disadvantages that will also need to consider when choosing. Benefits include what Similar models will be an economical option: you will immediately bring them and hang them. But here there are disadvantages, for example, you can not choose something individual and original. Also, the colors of the tissues are not too rich, and in some cases the finished curtains will need to be customized along the length.

    About what curtains to choose for a kitchen, look in the following video.

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