Retractable tables for the kitchen: varieties and recommendations for choosing

Retractable tables for the kitchen: varieties and recommendations for choosing

Good when in the kitchen a lot of space. In this case, it can be equipped with furniture of any type. However, with a shortage of space, you have to think about, as well as due to which you can save the place, not infrainment of the functionality of the furniture and the convenience of households. Often, the problem of the problem is becoming a purchase of retractable kitchen tables. What are they and how to choose their own option, let’s understand.


Retractable kitchen table is a built-in type design, which is folded under the kitchen headset box. In essence, this is a transformer table, depending on the type of model having a different transformation mechanism.

Of course, a full-fledged table cannot be replaced, but its use in an apartment or house where two-three family members live, it is quite appropriate.

The symbiosis of the table and the extended drawer is equipped with a tabletop located inside the outdoor drawer. The product may have a different size, manufacturing material, as well as tabletop fastening. Some options more like the retractable panels, others are equipped with solid configuration supports. This directly affects the stability of the table and the ability to withstand a large weight load.

Pros and cons

At drawing tables There are your advantages, they:

  • Depending on the model, accommodate one, two and three users+
  • Can add workspace when cooking food+
  • Can be used as tables for child classes (drawing, modeling, designing)+
  • save space in small-sized kitchens+
  • equipped with convenient transformation mechanisms+
  • differ simplicity of operation and organization of order+
  • Made according to modern technologies, taking into account ergonomics+
  • Suitable for different stylistic directions of interior design+
  • can have a different number of countertop sections+
  • have a stylish appearance and an acceptable price.

Depending on the variety, the retractable tables in the kitchen are able to withstand weight in the range from 60 (on aluminum guides) to 100 kg (on beech versators). However, along with the advantages of drawn kitchen tables there are disadvantages. For example, products:

  • do not provide for moving to another place when it is necessary+
  • Due to the constant extension and closure wears faster than typical analogs+
  • need daily cleaning+
  • often break, and therefore need to be repaired+
  • not adapted for the location of several people+
  • There are not in all models of kitchen heads+
  • cost more typical kitchen furniture sets.


The kitchen table on the kitchen of the drawn type depending on the accessories can be different. For instance, It can be equipped with a Cocktail mechanism, in which the table has an additional part fixed on the springs. In such products, the guides are attached to the worktop and the headset module. Accessories can have roller or bearing mechanism, wood-based table tops. The table top can consist of several sections, the fastening system is often complemented by the closer.

Unlike the previous version of the double-tiered tables of multi-layer. Due to the telescopic structure here is it possible to create a full-fledged surface of the desktop. The connection of all sections into a single web table tops occurs by the lifting mechanism. Mobile dining table of hidden type is different from previous analogs. The presence of support wheels.

The table on the wheels is removed inside the headset when it is not needed. In comparison with other analogues, this type is not the most practical and economical, because for the location of the supports with wheels, the place under the tabletop is involved. But sometimes masters manage to make such furniture to order, performing it in such a way that the table with supports or wheels is located between the main table top and the floor cabinet with the storage boxes of any kitchen utensils.

By the way, there are such options that have a table of drawn type attached one of the sides to the base side.

In addition, retractable tables can be part of dining tables. More often it is the retractable panels without support, hidden under the main table top and equipped with roll-out mechanisms. And also they can be elements of desktops with sinks, which are installed instead of any elements headset. Such products are usually calculated on two or three users.

Materials and color solutions

In the production of drawn-in-style drawers, the same materials are used as for the main furniture. It can be wood, its derivatives, metal, polymer raw materials, plastic, glass, artificial stone. The best type of material is a tree, it can be combined with materials imitating a noble stone. At the same time select your option is necessary, taking into account the color of furniture used to arrange the kitchen.

For example, the color of the countertops can echo with a shade of wooden frames of chairs, a tone of the desktop surface, a kitchen finish. Apron, facades headset. Hitting the total background solution is one of the criteria for successful purchase. So the model will not be knocked out on a general background, and if at the same time it will still be supplemented with chairs in a similar style and color, then the effect of the furniture ensemble will create.

How to choose?

At first glance, buy furniture with a nominated table for a small kitchen seems difficult. However, with a more detailed approach to the question it turns out that this task is not as complex as you think. To take a good option, you need to consider a number of nuances.

  • It is important to choose the correctness of the overall headset, correlating them with the place allotted by its installation. At the same time, the furniture is bought in such a way that it corresponds to the type of planning specific kitchen.
  • It is necessary to determine the size of the countertop and manufacturing material. It is advisable to choose options without wheels, because they are more stable and less mobile.
  • It has a value of design. If the kitchen island is placed in the studio planning apartment, the ideal option of the headset with a drawn table will be a model with a retractable bar counter, equipped with a reliable support.
  • Standard built-in retractable type table range from 45 to 50 cm. It is able to withstand weight within 15-20 kg. If the fittings are bad and continuing, the table will be deformed by the weight of the objects on the table top.
  • Simple models The length of the extended part is comparable from the depth of the floor cabinet. However, among the analogs there are tables-transformers, the table top of which develops on the principle of blinds. These models are distinguished by a greater length and maximum convenience, but find them in the assortment of stores is more difficult.
  • When buying it is worth paying attention to the fitness of a particular product. The work of the mechanism should be smooth, and guides – durable and high quality. So that the countertop put forward softly and silently, it is better to purchase models with the closer.
  • Not all models have a countertop with a facade located perpendicular to the table. Other options include the type of discovery, in which the facade of the extended table lends forward, acquiring the parallel position.
  • Roller systems are not designed for a large weight load. In such models, countertops are made of lightweight material.

The type of mechanism in terms of practicality and power can be different. Prepare preferably between console type options, T-Able and OPLA TOP. They are telescopic, have quality certificates and obey strict strength and reliability requirements. As for the price, there are more expensive models from wood, cheaper – from chipboard and MDF.

        Sometimes furniture with retractable tables are bought for typical kitchens in which there is enough space. In such cases, it is better to look closely to the products made of array, equipped with not one, but two stable supports. Which side will they extend, the buyer will determine for himself, based on the place that took the installation of such furniture.

        In order to not think about a bad acquisition, it is necessary to immediately notice, at what height is the extendable panel with supports, whether the height of the panel with the height of the main table matches.

        What does the retractable table in the kitchen with the Cocktail mechanism, look in the video below.

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