Retro Bathroom Bathroom Options

Retro Bathroom Bathroom Options

Interior in Retrostil – Nostalgia for the left era, which became one of the most fashionable directions of recent years. The design and stylization of the decor of the premises under the antique combines the luxury and grace of forms. Retro style bath is a unique atmosphere, which is created from a variety of elements and trifles. In order not to destroy the special harmony of the antiquity, you need to know some secrets of creating this style.

Interior features

Retro direction is characterized by a complex and exquisite decor and the use of natural and expensive materials. The room must be sustained in one style, so the design, and furniture, and plumbing must be done under the old.

Requitable attributes of retrostil are:

  • Furniture and accessories 50-70s of the 20th century from natural wood with upholstery and decorations made of copper and gilding+
  • The bath is represented by oval font legs, without a soul+
  • Required a washbasin of ceramics or faience+
  • Cafe square shape, small sizes+
  • Mirrors in a wooden or copper frame+
  • Availability of textiles in room decoration.

The bathroom in retrostile allows you to solve two more complex tasks at the same time: create comfort and comfort and rationally use space. This style is ideal for small rooms. The peculiarities of this design include.

  • Universality. Decor is suitable for placing any shapes and sizes.
  • Free style. Vintage design does not require compliance with special rules and allows you to make a bathroom decor for every taste.
  • Economy. You can use almost any interior items, do not waste on the purchase of trendy special furniture.
  • Practicality and comfort. Free style allows you to decorate the bath favorite familiar elements of the interior.

The feature of the style is both the color gamut. It includes two main colors – basic and contrast.

Retrostil completely eliminates the presence of modern equipment or accessories. To disguise them, decorations made of natural wood and natural fabrics – flax, cotton.

Choosing a bath and plumbing

The central element of the room decor is a bath. When it is elected, it is important to take into account the material from which it is made. Retrostile corresponds to the following materials.

  • Noble Latvian. Zinc and copper alloy used for making expensive luxury baths. You can use the coating “under the brass”.
  • Acrylic. Stylized models will perfectly fit into the old interior. Originally stated font, trimmed with wood. The advantages include accessibility and ease of care. Cons: paint is quickly erased and is easy to damage.
  • Cast iron. An important parameter when choosing a bath is its form and quality of enamel. The benefits of material include strength and durability, the possibility of decorating special paint. Of the minuses of such a solution, we can note hidden defects, cracks in low-cost models.

Plumbing and furniture on it is selected in accordance with the overall interior decor. Items must match the style and meet the main rules of the design “Under the Starin”.

  • Oval forms. Furniture should be harmonized with a bathroom, so you should not install speck beds with acute corners.
  • The sink will look elegantly and exquisitely if you put it on a small tube or a table with curved or twisted legs. It must be made of the same material as a bath.
  • All plumbing elements – mixers, handles and hoses – should be from one type of metal round shape. Brass, acrylic with gilding or bronze.
  • Retro toilet toilet must also match the overall design. The tank is best attached on the pipe closer to the ceiling.

Do not use plastic accessories. Only ceramics, faience or metal.

Furniture & Accessories

Furniture in the bathroom should be not only functional, but also fit into the overall style of registration. Items should be made of wood manually and be the most simple forms – this will allow to extend their life. Countertops on the couchesters are performed from solid wood or marble. Stone will add luxury and strengthen the impression of reliability and strength.

Massive furniture is usually covered with a protective layer of varnish, but not paint. Special chic will give carved elements and forged handles stylized under gilt or bronze. Accessories are selected from one collection or different eras so as not to destroy the harmony and the atmosphere of the old.

The mirror is usually located above the sink and has large sizes.

Frame for the mirror is also made of metal or wood. For lighting the room will fit a large chandelier on the ceiling and small scaves on the walls.

Candles and paintings will complement the overall image and emphasize the cozy calm atmosphere of heat and comfort. You can split space into several zones. Backlit and 2-3 mirrors on the walls The room will seem visually wider and freer.

Decoration Materials

Special attention when creating the thematic interior is given to finishing materials. Walls can be saved with moisture-resistant wallpaper or coat of monophonic paint warm pastel colors. Near the bath, windows and other elements is allowed to use contrast patterns or large floral patterns.

Household appliances should be as hidden as possible. For this you can use niches or lockers, as well as textiles. Vintage style can be supplemented with knitted napkins or rugs. The original will be looked from the fabric.

Interior design rules

Retrostil is characterized by comfort and comfort. There are several simple rules that should be followed to embody your dream.

  • Refuse severe geometric shapes and pointed corners.
  • Does not tolerate the interior under the old minimalism and conciseness, but it is not necessary to force the items all free space.
  • Furniture should be functional. Small accessories are used for decoration.
  • Walls can be lined with tiles, but only in those areas where there is direct contact with water. The rest of the walls are desirable to peeling or salary.
  • The bath must be certainly on legs or stands so that between the bathing and the floor there is a place for a soft cozy rug.

If there is no possibility to use real antique vintage furniture, stylized or artificially used aged objects are used. In addition, used curtains, napkins and towels from natural fabrics.

Making the interior in retro style, it is not necessary to abandon modern household appliances and technology. Choosing natural materials for decoration and decor, you need to make a bathroom as comfortable as possible.

            For decoration, you can use various accessories that will hide all the flaws and give a special charm. The main condition is a common image and atmosphere. They must match internal mood and nature of the host housing.

            About the features of the bathroom design, see below.

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