Rolled curtains in the kitchen: Popular options and selection criteria

Rolled curtains in the kitchen: Popular options and selection criteria

The kitchen is a place in the house where the whole family is most often about. And because the owners seek to decorate it with maximum comfort, not forgetting to pay attention to the design of windows. Among the huge variety of curtains, buyers attention often stops on rolled models. In this article, we will look at what they happen, and we will also help the reader to decide on the main nuances of their choice.


Rolled curtains mistakenly refer to a variety of blinds or curtains-plize. In fact, this is a separate type of curtain, which is a woven fabric with a special chain-type mechanism and a retainer. These curtains do not hang on the cornice: their design is such that they have their own fastening system, which, depending on the model, can be located on the frame itself. When opening, textiles is wounded into a roll on a special shaft, located at the top of the entire curtain design.

The opening and closing mechanism provides adjustment and fixation of the curtain at any level. Some modifications are equipped with an electric drive, due to which automatically adjusts. Conditionally, all models can be divided into 4 groups: classic, cassette, mini and “day-night”. Each type of product has its own characteristics.


Products of this group provide fixation on the wall or window opening. This type of models is called open, the width of such a roll can be 0.5-3 m at a length of 1 to 3 m. These products are cheaper than other analogues, however, and in cleaning need more frequent. They make them from transparent and translucent textiles, as well as Blakeut material.

Material used in the production of classic roller roller can be one-photon or patterned.


Curtains with UNI system have external differences from classic analogs. Their design has a plastic box or a tube in which textile rolls rolls. Thanks to this model, the model looks on the kitchen windows very aesthetically, in particular, if the tone of the box coincides with a shade with the color frame color. For the descent and lifting of the cassette roller, there are special guides.

In view of this textile canvas in contact with window glass. There are such models about 500 rubles more expensive classic, suitable for cuisine shading, good for windows that often ventilate. They are perfectly combined with Tyul and Gardin. Setting the product data can be box up or down. The size of these curtains corresponds to the size of the window glass.


Rolled curtains in the kitchen of this category do not need a frame drumming. They are fixed directly on the window of the window, while the type of design can be both open and closed. The width of such models varies in the range of 0.3-1.6 m at a length of 1.4 to 1.8 m. Fastening mini-roller plastic, in order to exclude textile sagging, the metal bottom rack is attached to the frame with the help of magnets that are fixed by the stroke. To hang such shovers, you will need velcro or brackets.

“Day Night”

Another name of this category – Zebra. In essence, it is a curtain of two layers from textiles with different textures. One material in such curtains is transparent, the other is dense, not translucent. These curtains can be like blinds, however, their design is somewhat different. Two types of textiles alternate with each other, when lifting the curtains or its descent, the bands are shifted, which allows you to adjust the level of illumination of the kitchen.

Advantages and disadvantages

The roller curtains used in the kitchen, a lot of advantages. For example, they are in demand from buyers in mind:

  • aesthetic attractiveness and modern species+
  • small length and widths, which is practical in the cuisine+
  • conditional versatility because they are suitable for most windows+
  • ease of installation and compactness, thanks to which the design of the window from the massiveness is eliminated+
  • Abilities of visual increase in the kitchen space due to small sizes+
  • Quality of textiles and its density, fire-resistant structures+
  • Presence of protective water and dirt-resistant protective coatings+
  • wear resistance, fastenness to burnout and durability+
  • The widest range, not limited to the style or color decision+
  • ease of installation, with which you can cope without the involvement of a specialist from the side+
  • Simple care of the surface of textiles and box+
  • Acceptability of prices for different types of products for different circles of the buyer.

The obvious advantage of the Roll is the ability to use space under the windowsill, where you can install kitchen furniture or linked the dining area. In addition, the short length of these curtains allows heat to the heating season freely spread across the kitchen. Separate modifications are equipped with perforation, providing unhindered air circulation. The convenience of products is the possibility of accommodating not only on the entire area of ​​the window glass, but also for every sash.

but Along with the advantages of the roller curtains for the kitchen there are several drawbacks. For example, not all models can be combined with long curtains, not all of them are suitable for non-standard windows. In such cases, it is necessary to do with typical curtains or order a roller bar in private, and these are additional costs. Installation of these products is carried out strictly by the size of the window opening or frame.

Roots cannot be purchased, not knowing the exact dimensions of glass or frame (depends on the type of model and the fastening method).


In the production of roller curtains for kitchen trademarks use different types of textiles. The most popular materials today are nylon, polyester, cotton, flax, bamboo and fabric with blended fibers. In addition, jacquard is used in production. As for the bamboo, then today “matter” from it can have a wide variety of types of weaving, like color solutions.

The choice of one or another option for designing windows of the kitchen is based on the preferences of a particular interior style. In the process of production, the selected type of textile is treated with substances that not only prevent settlement on the surface of dust and dirt. These compositions do not allow tissue to deform during the entire period of operation. As for the material texture, it can be transparent, translucent, dim out and blackout.

Color spectrum

Color solutions of a curtain design obey the degree of illumination of a particular room, its stylistic choice and color background. At the same time, the color of the roller can be related to one of the shades used in the arrangement, be it wallpaper, tone headset or dining table. However, the selected color should not be 100% coincided with the tones used, as it deprives the interior of the multifaceous. In priority, bright monophonic paints: white, creamy, dairy.

In addition to them, The focus of fashionable design is tones: blue, lavender, pistachio, green. Popular contrasts of gray with white, brown with milk, orange with white. In the fashion pearl color of textiles and pearl tissue tissue, popular use of a rolls with a transparent background and white pattern.

Choosing a certain color, you can rely on the color of the upholstery of the chairs, tone tablecloth, kitchen apron, a specific accessory or even coloring dishes.

Design options

Rolled curtains offered by trademarks for sale may be the most diverse. For example, their control, depending on the design, can be located not only to the left or right, but also in the center. The first two types provide manual control, the third is based on the spring. Regardless of whether the Type Open Rollet is selected or closed, it is necessary to choose the design, taking into account the convenience of operation and aesthetic appeal.

For example, Option for a kitchen with a large window, consisting of two sash, you can beat by the Rollars for each sash. In this case, the box of structures may have a color to the tone of the print of wallpaper or tablecloth, chalves covers. In addition, the shade of the compartment under the folding cloth can be selected in the tone of the kitchen headset, as well as the coloring of the apron. The material itself can be reflective, translucent, dense.

For certain interior stylistics, you can use jute, PVC, beautifully look in the kitchen interior. Modern rolled rollers with drawing. However, if the basis is chosen with the pattern, it should not be difficult. It is better that these were small prints, so the curtains in the interior look better. If we talk about the best solutions, today it is white models without drawing. In addition to the fact that they balance the style of any kitchen, these rollers visually increase the windows of the kitchen, which is especially good for visual replenishment of the illumination of kitchens in apartment buildings of our country.

Curtains can be sold to single products and be the elements of the kit. For example, it can be options on the window and a balcony door, decorated in a single color scheme. In fashion design with the involvement of plant topics, geometric shapes, ethnic motifs, monograms of various colors. Also, find their buyer fruit and coffee themes drawings.

Among other design options are popular with photo printing, such as sea coast, world map, view at night city or resort islet.

How to choose?

Watching the rollers to the kitchen window, you need to take note of several useful recommendations. They will make it possible to choose your own option, which will last long and will approach a specific type of window. The first thing that matters is the type of curtains that can be enclosed in the cassette and freely hanging. If the buyer does not matter whether the curtains will hide in a roll cassette, you can take hanging, characterized by less. However, cassette are more practical, because the cassette protects the material of the curtains from dust.

When the owner has skills in repair, it is easy for him to hang rollers with any ways. At the same time, you can choose between three techniques: above the opening, on the window frame or on the ceiling. If you don’t want to drill the frame, you need to choose a separate mounting type rollt. It is important to pay attention to the degree of density of the adjustment of the curtainic cloth to the window glass. It is best that it turns out from models that are attached directly to the window frame. If you want to hang the curtains instead of the door, the acquisition of a hanging model will be an unequivocal decision. Size can be selected on window glass dimensions. If they do not match, tight fit will not be.

As for the best textile, it is chosen on the basis of the stylistics of a particular interior and the buyer’s preferences. However, completely natural fabrics are better passing to air, although they can burn out in the process of long-term operation. Artificial materials more light-resistant. If you need something exclusive, you can look at the options from jute, leather or bamboo.

When buying it is important to pay attention to whether the material has a role of impregnation from fire. These products are considered ideal in terms of security, they are designed for kitchens. If the buyer is important indicators of light-resistant, it is necessary to take into account the degree of density of the material.

From the point of view of practicality, products from bamboo are considered from all varieties: it is easier to remove fat and soot.

In the next video you are waiting for 10 errors when choosing and buying rolled curtains.

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