Select the distance between the upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen

Select the distance between the upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen

Many kitchen utensils and technology are stored in the kitchen. In order not to search the entire room in search of the right thing, hinged cabinets and shelves were invented, as well as one-piece structures installed directly on the floor. For safe and fast access, the optimal height of both floor cabinets and walls is selected. Talk about how to choose the right distance between the upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen.

Growth in the inhabitants of housing

Start the calculation with the growth of tenants. The location of wall cabinets, suitable people with low growth, is not quite suitable for high, and vice versa. An option on an ambulance hand – position the shelves and mounted cabinets so that the top edge of the kitchen set is not higher than 25 cm from the head of the head. Apply another formula: the middle shelf of the cabinet is placed at eye level.

The distance from the lower to the upper shelves, not selected in height under the growth of the hostess, will deliver it inconvenience when cooking food. Kitchen area, location of the gas stove and refrigerator, the height of the ceilings in the house or apartment are also taken as source data for calculation.

According to the standard, the distance between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets does not exceed 60 cm. This is not a rule, but recommendation. Its corrections here makes the distance from the desktop to the top of the kitchen set.

Ceiling height

With low ceilings (for example, 270 cm), give up the purchase of a high headset. The minimum distance between them and the working surface will not allow residents to easily reach the upper shelves. Here are the cabinets of medium height – a universal and optimal solution. In Soviet times, most of the kitchen sets were made “under the copy”. Today you can order the headset “Under yourself”. The Rostovka manufactured as a collection of kitchenware sets the table of values ​​according to GOST. Here are the number of Tumbers and the size of each of them, recommendations for the location of the kitchen accessories and dishes, ergonomic requirements.

Height of Yarusov

Nizhny Yar

Lower kitchen cabinets in the depth of half can exceed the upper – they have a height from 30 cm. Embedded machinery (microwave, single-chamber mini refrigerator, toaster and t. D.) will increase this value up to 40 cm. With the further increase in the depth of the top cabinet, you will more often hit it head. The most common depth of the lower tier is 60-80 cm.

Upper Yar

To enjoy the kitchen was nice and comfortable, on average, the distance from the worktop worktop to the lower edge of the upper lockers is 50-55 cm. The height of the upper cabinets is set to the height of the ceilings and on average is 70 cm. If in the house or apartment ceilings from 3 or more, then the height of the upper cabinets can reach the meter and more. The width of the mounted tier is equal to 15-80 cm, it can be both shelves for spices and spacious storage cabinets.

The technique is not recommended in them. For example, a spacious microwave, weighing 10 kg, can sulk another 3, when it is heated or cooked one of the dishes for 5-8 guests. The same microwave during work would have made a buzz and vibration, adding the load on the already overloaded kitchen cabinet.

With a small area of ​​the kitchen in 5-6 square meters or with non-standard, for example, a polygonal room under the kitchen in a country house Try the original project. It costs more, but overpayment pays off over and free planning, creating the impression of a larger kitchen. And for small, and for spacious kitchens, the height of the upper and middle tiers should be the same.

Correct layout will improve a general view. Ignoring the rules of measurements will give the headset the effect of crowding, excessive cramped. If when installing the reference plank, the cabinets are outweighted, then the clearance is formed – the bar should also be raised above.

Effect of sizes of plate and hood

The main values ​​of distances are spelled out according to GOST, but its adjustments also make a hood with a gas stove. If there are no draws yet, the distance between the lower edge of the upper cabinets and the electric stove is at least 70 cm so that the cabinet itself does not break from the heat. But the hood is needed to eliminate inconvenience when cooking even in multi-line (up to 20 l) saucepans. All pairs and splashes she carries up due to powerful air flow.

The task of the exhaust is to remove the spent pairs and gases from the kitchen from any height indoors. For electrical stoves and cooking panels, the height of the hood suspension over the device is at least 70 cm. For cooking panels and gas tiles, the value increases to 80 cm. In both cases, with high growth of the cook, the hood over the stove is raised by 90 cm.

Height facing the wall

Plastic or tiled panels are used to protect the walls near the plate or hob. When using a tile as a protective apron of the wall, the need for a plank disappears. Tile or plastic apron are selected by the size of the planned kitchen in order to avoid gaps.

Which height to hang up the top cabinets and shelves?

For hostesses to 160 cm Top cabinets are suspended at a height of 165 cm from the floor. Women in women up to 175 preferred height – 175-180 cm. From 175 cm and above the height of the suspension can reach up to 2 m. The countdown of the height is conducted from the top edge. General formula – human growth and additional distance to 25 cm.

Hanging cabinets high to reach the shelves it was possible to hang on the chair, it is not recommended if there are no rarely used things. Even neighboring with drawing lockers or shelves do not lower too low. Most attached shelves are made from LDSP: under the influence of heat, a thin laminate (film) quickly dry and exfoliates. Chips itself, from which the chipboard plates are pronounced, swells from a couple and not less fuel than a natural tree.

The consequences of the wrong installation

Errors in the calculation of the height of the lower tier headset can lead to excessive and premature fatigue in cooking. The height that does not correspond to the estimated at least 5-10 cm leads to pains in the back – frequent and long slopes cause load on the vertebrae and the muscles of the back. The simplest rule – in the standing position bend the elbow at right angles and measure 15 cm from this point, at this level there is a tabletop.

For a family, the height is often determined by the growth of a person who is assigned to cooking. In the simplest case, the legs of the kitchen are changing.

Narrow work

For example, with a width of cabinets in 40 cm, the tabletop must be at least 60 cm. If you take a smaller size, then half of the review will overlap. The top cabinets also interfere with leaving: when working, a person will touch his head for the doors. Each of the sets provides a replacement of the top boards to a wider.

Low-hung cabinets need to be turned higher, but it is better to immediately take into account the possible mischief in order not to double work.


The main objects of the kitchen headset and the base are put on the floor. This washer, gas stove (or cooking panel with oven), dishwasher. Shelves are mainly used under pots and bulk products. The tenants of the middle growth will suit the height of the lower tier in 83 cm, this is the sum of the following values:

  • Cabinets legs – 10 cm+
  • Cabinets – 70 cm+
  • Workstation Countertop – 3 cm.

The legs are adjustable at a height of 10 to 15 cm – there is a possibility to slightly adjust the human height of the lower tier. The countertop stands for the total limits of the lower cabinets not more than 5 cm. In Khrushchev’s apartments, the depth of the cabinet is cut to 45-50 cm – it makes it possible to position a narrow washing machine or dishwasher. If there is a small TV or wireless monitor in the kitchen, then put it on the tomb of the plate or the cooking panel.

Remove all unnecessary items from her table top. Move all festive utensils to the mounted locker on it, which is extremely rare.

Clearly planned kitchen – the key to the fast cooking food without causing fair fatigue. Try to secure and simplify the storage of products, cutlery and kitchenware, and you want to spend more time in the kitchen not only to cook.

Even more information about how to make your kitchen comfortable, you will learn later.

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